Is it easy to have a miscarriage when eating seafood?Get this strategy, how to eat seafood once during pregnancy

After women’s pregnancy, in addition to regular pregnancy examinations and appropriate exercise, they also pay special attention to their diet. Those who love to eat peppers and barbecue will also avoid their mouths during pregnancy.It is in the early pregnancy. When the fetus is not very stable, the diet of pregnant women is more careful, and the cold seafood is a taboo for pregnant women.

Xiao Li lives in Qingdao City by the sea. Seafood is a specialty here, and Xiao Li also grew up with seafood. It can be said that seafood is her love.But recently, Xiao Li is pregnant. Everyone tells her not to eat seafood and is easy to have a miscarriage. In the early days, Xiao Li has also controlled herself not to eat seafood, but the seafood fragrance floating from time to time on the street is too attractive.Xiao Li’s ravioli was restless, so can you eat seafood during pregnancy?

In fact, you can eat seafood during pregnancy, but you have to choose from. Some seafood should be taboo, and some seafood can be eaten.There are rich and rich seafood and rich DHA and calcium, low calories, calcium can promote the development of the baby’s bones, and DHA will promote the development of the baby’s brain, nerves, etc., which can enhance the baby’s memory and make the baby healthier.Very good food.So which seafood pregnant women can eat?

Pimple shrimp

The growth and development of the fetus requires a lot of nutrients, including calcium, so many pregnant women will appropriately supplement calcium when they are pregnant to avoid calcium deficiency, and shrimp is rich in calcium, as well as zinc, potassium and other elements.Eating shrimp can not only supplement calcium, promote the baby’s development, but also promote the baby’s brain replenishment. As long as the pregnant mother does not allergies, you can eat some shrimp appropriately.


Scallops are rich in zinc, calcium, vitamin E and other substances, which can supplement multiple nutrients for pregnant women. These nutrients can promote the development of the baby’s brain and body. At the same timeIt is even more shiny, and scallops are still high -protein foods. They are always a food with high nutritional value, but the scallops are cold. Pregnant women can eat a little and not be greedy.

Pregnant women can also eat freshwater fish such as oysters, fish, sea bass, etc. Some substances in seafood are very low in other foods. Therefore, it is helpful to develop some seafood to develop some seafood. However, there are some seafood.Eat, what seafood can pregnant women eat?


For those who love seafood, crabs are essential, especially the delicate crab yellow, which makes people want to stop.There is a saying in nutrition, "By disconnecting doses and toxicity is a hooligan."

In fact, crabs can be eaten for ordinary pregnant women, but some pregnant women with weak constitutions, because crabs are cold foods, and pregnant women eat too much, which can easily cause discomfort. Therefore, for these "special pregnant women",During pregnancy, you should still avoid your mouth.

Contaminated sea fish

Golden tuna and sardines belong to seafish. Although seafish are rich in protein, zinc, DHA and other rich nutrition, sea fish are easily contaminated. There are more toxins in the body.wonderful.

Salted fish, pickled fish

Everyone knows that pickled things will contain nitrite. This kind of substance is carcinogenic, hurts the human body too much, cannot eat too much, and is even more so for the fragile fetus, so pregnant women should not eat it.

Cold seafood

There is a dish in Japan called sashimi, that is, some seafood cut into slices, and dip it in sauce. Some people prefer this way of eating seafood.Worms, for pregnant women, must not eat raw seafood. If you like seafood, you must go through high temperature and eat cooked seafood, so as to ensure that your baby is not infringed by parasites and bacteria, and the baby’s health can be guaranteed.

Appropriate amount

Although seafood is rich in nutrition, most of them are cold, so they still need to eat less.

Cooking time

There are also a large number of parasites in seafood, so you must master the time when cooking to ensure that the parasites can be killed in seafood. At the same time, it should not be too long. For a long time, high temperature will also destroy the nutrients in seafood.

Choose a living seafood

The freshness time of seafood is limited. Dead seafood not only reduces nutrition, but also produces some harmful substances. These harmful substances may cause stomach or even poisoning, so pregnant women try to choose fresh seafood when choosing seafood as much as possible., Cooking home to ensure the nutritional value of seafood. The most important thing is safety and health.

There are many matters that women need to pay attention to when pregnant, especially food. After all, they need to be imported. They still need to be cautious, especially the cold seafood need to pay special attention. In the early pregnancy, pregnant women should try not to eat seafood.Take some proper consumption, but be sure to cook and choose the appropriate live seafood, so as to ensure that supplementing nutrition and ensure the health and safety of the baby.

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