Is it a good thing to dream of a loved ones who died?After reading these 3 points, you understand

"Last night, I dreamed of grandma again. Grandma in the dream was like alive, and instructed me to go home and go home quickly. Don’t play outside."

"The scene in the dream feels so real, just like her grandma is still alive, wake up this morning, only to find this is a dream."

Girlfriend Xiao Qin, excitedly said to me.

As the saying goes, there is something in the sun and dreaming at night.

It is because you miss them too much, and your body feels it, so those who think about it will appear in your dreams and fill the regrets that are difficult to calm down in life for you.

Today is the annual Middle Yuan Festival.

The emotions of missing rolled over, and tears poured down.

In this world, none of the deaths of a person should be forgotten.

If you are a dead relative, dreaming about you, it means that he is also thinking of you, guarding you silently in another space until you forget him.


Seeing things, thinking about people, thinking about

The wardrobe at home has a gray turban so far. My mother told me that this was the only thought left to her.

The headscarf is obviously old. The original gray, after several years of wind and sun, is now gray -white.

But the mother is still like a baby, and it is neatly stacked and placed on the bottom of the wardrobe.

Mom said that the headscarf was secretly bought to my grandfather when she was young. At that time, the family was poor and her life was tight.

Every time I make a good meal, I am tightening the old people and children at home first, and then the grandfather.

Every time I am the last person to eat, sometimes she is not enough to eat, so she adds some boiling water.

"Whether it is water or rice, you can fill your stomach."

I told my mother.

At that time, my mother was still young and naturally didn’t understand.

But Grandpa looked in his eyes every time, and his heart was in his heart.

In a north wind whistling, Grandpa took out a pack of things from his arms and handed it to his uncle. He opened it and opened it. A gray turban. At that time, his grandfather touched his grandfather and touched it with his hands.

Although he complained on his mouth, he was very happy.

This headscarf was wearing a lifetime, and I cherished my life.

Now, every time my mother takes out the headscarf, she always has to sit for a long time, maybe she wants her mother.

Mom said that it seems like you are in a heart. I miss her one day, and I will dream of it at night.

I am interesting, not you look at the headscarf.

Probably, people who miss the ultimate will meet in their dreams.

Because, if you do n’t forget, there must be an echo. For the dead relatives, when you meet in the dream, there is a time to meet.


Inner depression, want to talk

When the uncle died, Dad started to lose weight at the speed of visible to the naked eye. He did not say a whole week, and often sat in the corner.

Dad said that after the uncle left, his heart seemed to be missing, and it felt empty, as if the spiritual pillar had been gone.

I can understand this feeling of Dad.

Uncle is 10 years older than his father. For Dad, he is also a teacher and friend.

From an early age, Dad has been the "fart" of Uncle’s uncle.

He was bullied by others, and he would always protect him in front of him.

After the disaster, the uncle was beaten back.

Dad said that his childhood happiness was given by uncle.

Later, even if they got married and had children, their dad always liked to discuss with the uncle whether it was work or at home.

In the words of my father, when I was in trouble with my uncle, my heart seemed to have eaten a peace of mind.

For a while, Dad often dreamed of his uncle. In his dreams, they talked and laughed as usual.

Actually, my father wanted an uncle.

Dad was not good at saying, and the most trusted uncle around him was gone. He could only pin his mind in his dreams, and the uncle was the one who interpreted his dreams.

When the person you want to talk about has passed, when you are at a loss, you often dream of him.

In your dreams, you can tell me that the distress in your heart will disappear with the dream of dreams.

Therefore, the person who dreams of your relatives may be a person who wants to find a heart, and talk about it.

When people reach a certain age, they will understand that not all grievances can be said.

Some words can only be said to the person in the dream.


Sorry, want to make up for

Colleagues Daqi said that the most regrettable thing in this life is that he could not meet his grandma’s last side.

At that time, the family called at home that grandma was not as good as before.

At that time, Daqi was very busy and was driving a project. I thought that I would go back to watch my grandma after finishing the project.

However, he is not willing to be on the heavens.

One morning, the aunt hurriedly called:

"Daqi, grandma is afraid that this time it will not be able to pass, you hurry up."

Da Qi, who was far away in Shenzhen, hurriedly hung up the phone, and bought a ticket to the home without saying a word.

Da Qi actually regrets it, and he should go back earlier.

On the car back, Da Qi held his head with both hands and pulled his hair, with a heartbreaking pain in his heart.

What should I do if I can’t see the last side of my grandma?

Daqi’s mother walked early. Since the age of 10, he lives with his grandmother, and his grandma worked hard to pull him up.

Among the many juniors, grandma was particularly painful and always felt that the child was suffering, so he wanted to give him a little more care.

However, when Daqi returned home, grandma had rest.

My uncle said that her grandmother kept thinking about "Da Qi is back" before her dying, and she never closed her eyes.

Hearing this, Da Qi had already burst into tears, and he kneeled in front of the grandmother’s hall, regret.

In the few days when Grandma just left, Da Qi could dream of grandma almost every day, and Da Qi said, just like an appointment with grandma.

Seeing it with grandma in a dream, it can be regarded as a kind of compassion for him.

Unfortunately, we are always lingering in our minds everywhere. With regret, we always want to make up for it.

At this time, dreaming of your loved ones can give you a spiritual comfort to the greatest extent, and teach you to let go slowly.

Therefore, this regret that has not been filial will take you to dream to pay back.

At the end

Yu Guangzhong once said, "Zhongyuan belongs to Huangquan, another space."

All the lives and deaths in this world will eventually meet in another space.

Those who can’t see can meet in their dreams.

Those but not concerns can be relieved in dreams.

Some people say that the ultimate proposition of life is not confrontation, but reconciliation.

Connect with the world, settle with death, and regret reconcile, until the time of getting out.

May the loved ones who died in the dream be forgotten the sufferings of the past and peace in the heavens; I hope that the people in this world will live well, love well, and be safe and complete in their lives.


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