Is drinking chicken soup supplement or poison?

In fact, there are quite a lot of nutrition in chicken soup, but everyone knows that the practice of chicken soup is quite limited, so we must pay more attention to the practice of chicken soup. In factIs the chicken soup that helps you not be physically or poisoned with our bodies. We must pay attention to analysis!

Avoid taking ginseng

Some new mothers are anxious to take ginseng after giving birth, and want to self -cultivate.In fact, the new mother is anxious to use human ginseng to supplement the body.Ginseng contains a variety of effective ingredients. These ingredients can have a wide range of excitement for the human body. Excimination of the central nervous of the human body can cause adverse reactions to users, such as insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.The new mother has just given birth to a child, full of energy and physical strength.She needs to rest in bed.If she takes ginseng this time, she will not be able to fall asleep because of excitement, which will affect her recovery.

Ginseng is a drug that replenishes vitality, which promotes blood circulation and accelerates blood flow.This is very unfavorable to the new mother who has just given birth.During the delivery process, the blood vessels of the internal and external genitals are mostly damaged. Take ginseng may affect the self -healing of damaged blood vessels, causing bleeding more than bleeding, and even severe bleeding.Therefore, within a week after giving birth to a child, the new mother should not take ginseng. After 7 days of childbirth, the new mother’s wound has healed. At this time, ginseng will help the new mother’s physical recovery.But do not take too much.Ginseng is hot, which will cause new mothers to get angry or cause infant fever.New mothers eat a variety of foods to supplement nutrition is the best way.

Do not eat too much eggs

Medical research shows that within a few hours after delivery, it is best not to eat eggs.Because in the process of childbirth, the new mothers consume great physical strength, sweat a lot, insufficient body fluids, and digestive ability.If you eat eggs immediately after delivery, it will be difficult to digest and increase gastrointestinal burden.Within hours after delivery, it is advisable to eat semi -liquid or liquid diet.During the entire puzzle period, according to the state’s nutritional standards for pregnancy and new mothers, about 100 grams of protein are required every day. Therefore, it is enough to eat 3 to 4 eggs a day.Eat eggs will also increase gastrointestinal burden, and even easily cause stomach problems.

Avoid eating more brown sugar

Brown sugar is rich in nutrition, fast release of energy, high nutritional absorption utilization rate, and warm -up.After the new mother gave birth, due to the loss of some blood and weakness, she needed a large amount of trace elements and protein such as iron, calcium, manganese, zinc, etc.Brown sugar also contains the "motherwort" component, which can promote uterine contraction, excrete the congestion in the uterine cavity, and promote the uterus to recover soon.After the new mother gave birth, her vitality was greatly damaged and her physique was weak. Eating brown sugar was beneficial to nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach, dispel wind and cold, and promote blood circulation.However, the new mother should not eat as much as brown sugar, just eat more blindly, and thinks more, the better.Because drinking brown sugar water is too much, it will not only damage the teeth of the new mother, but also the brown sugar is warm. If the new mother drinks brown sugar water too much in the summer, it must accelerate sweating, making the body weaker and even heat stroke.In addition, when drinking brown sugar water, drink it after boiling. Do not use boiling water as soon as possible, because brown sugar is prone to bacteria during storage and transportation, which may cause disease.

Avoid hard and rough and cold foods

The spleen and stomach function of the new mother has not yet fully recovered. The food that is too frozen can damage the spleen and stomach to the digestion.In addition, the new mother should not eat the leftovers that have been stored for a long time.New mothers are also best not to eat foods that are easy to cause allergies, such as seafood, otherwise it is easy to cause allergies or bacterial infections, which will directly affect the health of baby who receives breast milk.However, fresh fruits are not included in "taboos".Fruits have the functions of promoting appetite, helping digestion and excretion, and do not have to eat because they are too cold.And the fruit that is generally placed indoors will not be cold enough to stimulate the digestive organ of the new mothers and affect health.

Avoid drinking a lot of boiling water

Generally, new mothers usually have edema in the late pregnancy, and confinement after birth is the golden period of physical recovery. During this timerecover.If a mother who is a cesarean section may need to take some drugs, they still need to drink an appropriate amount of water, but do not drink a lot of water at a time, but should drink it in order.

Sour food

Acid salty foods can easily accumulate moisture, which affects the body’s moisture exclusion. In addition, sodium ions in salty foods are more likely to increase the consistency of the blood, which affects the metabolism and causes blood circulation to slow down.It is best to avoid sour food during confinement.

Some new mothers drink vinegar to lose weight in order to lose weight quickly.In fact, this is not good.Because the new mother’s body is relatively weak, there is a recovery process. During this period, it is very vulnerable to damage. Acid food can damage the teeth to make the new mother leave the legacy of the teeth easily sore.About 3%to 4%of acetic acid in vinegar. If it is only used as condiments, it has a short contact with the teeth. It will not cause any adverse effects in the body, and it can also promote appetite.Therefore, it is not necessary to consume vinegar as condiments.Salted foods have the effect of recovery. Today, the new mothers should have a lighter taste.

Reminder: In fact, there are quite a lot of chicken soup, but the chicken soup and some things will affect the health of our body. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the practice and consumption of chicken soup. After drinking the chicken soupTo eat less sour and salty foods to avoid nutritional exclusion!

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