Is cupping suitable for everyone?What precautions?

Modern people have always been in a depressed environment, air pollution, environmental pollution, irregular schedules, poor dietary habits, etc. For a long time, people’s body is in a state of sub -healthy. Ask health is health and disease.between.

Many people now pay attention to health. Health is to maintain our body in a relatively balanced health state. It can enhance our own resistance and reduce the probability of the record. Therefore, focusing on health is a very important thing.

With the increasing attention of health care, there are large and small health museums on the market, and there are many ways to keep health, such as steaming health, massage health, traditional Chinese medicine medical care, cupping of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.Cupping.

There are various jars in cupping, including gas tanks, bamboo cans, and glass cans. There are many ways to cupping.Cupping is to pull out the air inside the jar through the combustion of alcohol or pumping the air, causing negative pressure and adsorbing the jar to the surface of the human body. For a long time, the pressure will cause local capillaries to rupture and bleed.Purpose of sickness.

Is cupping suitable for everyone?

Cupping is not suitable for people who are physically weak, because there is a method of cupping called leakage. If the patient’s body is originally false and the yang is insufficient, then the yang in the body will be pulled out of the body.It only occurs after serious illness, and injuries are not easy to recover. This will not only achieve the effect of health, but also make the body more false.

Relatively speaking, cupping is more suitable for empirical patients. There are cold evils or congestion in the body. The evil gas can be excreted from the body through the method of cupping. However, empirical patients cannot often cupping often. Frequent cupping can damage the righteousness in the body.

Generally, women are not suitable for cupping during pregnancy and menstrual periods. Pregnancy cupping will cause uterus to be stimulated. If you accidentally cause abortion, women should not cupping during menstruation.Women’s uterus affects, so cupping is needed during a reasonable period.

People with skin diseases are not suitable for cupping. Some patients with skin diseases are prone to allergies and blisters in the skin. At this time, if choosing cupping, skin diseases will become more serious, which is not good for health, so we must try to avoid this kind of thing.

What are the precautions for cupping?

After cupping, pay attention to keep warm. Do not take a bath. At this time, the pores belong to a state of relaxation. When bathing, the humidity may enter the body, causing the human body to infect the wind and cold, and seriously cause various diseases.

Cupping cannot be extracted every day in the same part. Cupping will cause damage to the skin of the skin. If repeated cupping in the same part will increase the damage to the skin.

Do not make a second cupping before the previous tank printing.The purpura formed after cupping does not need to pay too much attention. It can be eliminated by yourself. The long and short retreat of purpura indicates that the health state of the body should pay more attention.

It is not suitable for cupping in an empty stomach and full state. It is best to do it in an hour after meals after eating.The longer the cupping is better, the better the blisters appear in the place where the cupping is longer. If there is a small blisters, it can be automatically faded without it; if it is a large blistersWater, then disinfect with alcohol.

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