Is breast pain a sign of breast cancer?The pain of these seven situations must be paid attention to

From entering adolescence, most of them will encounter the problem of breast swelling and pain. Many women have had breast pain. Due to the particularity of the location, and pain often appear in nodules and lumps, many women will produce.Fear, worry about whether you have breast cancer.Does breast cancer have pain?What is the problem of breast pain?Is it a sign of breast cancer?

1. Breast pain during physiological and pregnancy -hormone changes

Some young women, before menstruation comes, always occurs with bilateral breast tenderness, but as menstruation comes, the phenomenon of breast pain has disappeared again.

This kind of breast pain that occurs with the changes in the menstrual cycle, which causes this condition to be more complicated, which is related to hormone changes, high -bacon -bleeding, and water sodium flowing edema.

This kind of breast tenderness that occurs with menstrual periods, if only 4 or 5 days before, the pain is not violent, and generally does not require special treatment.If the pain is more than 7 days and affects daily life, you can also conduct reasonable medical care physiotherapy or drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

There are also women in the pregnancy stage after pregnancy. With the increase of hormones in the body, the breasts will also develop for the second time: deepening the areola color, the expansion of the breast ducts of the breast, etc., and it will cause minor pain.Change is mainly prepared for the secretion of milk to feed the baby in the future. It is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, and it is not too nervous.

2. Adolescent breast tenderness -development changes

Breast development is a physiological change before adolescence. At this stage, due to changes in hormones in the body, there will be a slight pain.After the beginning of the tide, the entire breasts gradually matured, and the feeling of pain gradually disappeared.Including boys, adolescence also occurs in areola pain.

When girls develop their breasts, they need to buy proper sizes and try to avoid eating too many foods or health products with high hormones. Of course, they must also control a high -fat and high -protein diet.

3. Postpartum breast tenderness -increased blood and lymph fluid

Postpartum breast tenderness is clinically divided into physiological and pathological. The physiological breast swelling manifestations are the breast fullness or mild pain, mainly due to the increase in blood and lymph fluid caused by hormone secretion.The second day of childbirth or the third day of a cesarean section.

The pathological breast swelling manifests as breast pain, hardness, and redness, sometimes accompanied by fever, and it will appear in one week after delivery or even 1 month after delivery. It is mainly due to the accumulation of milk.Not timely may cause mastitis.

For physiological milk swelling, early contact, early sucking, and early milk.Those who are more severe in breast pain should seek the help of a professional doctor to achieve the dredging of the breast duct as soon as possible, reduce the pain of breast pain, and minimize the damage.

In the early stage of breast cancer, some women have a feeling of breast pain. Generally, the continuous pain or tingling of the breasts on one side, and the part is relatively fixed.Of course, not all breast cancer will cause pain symptoms in the early days. If breast pain occurs, it is accompanied by the following situations, then it is recommended to see the doctor as soon as possible.

1. Axillary pain is the manifestation of breast cancer. Everyone should pay special attention to it;

2. Breast tumor compression catheter, causing spasm. This pain is often over -power, and it is fleeting;

3. Breast tumors invade chest walls, ribs, and important nerve caused by compression of important nerve pain. This advanced tumor is rare;

4. First -level relatives (parents, children, siblings) have breast cancer;

5. Women if they are not pregnant or stopped breastfeeding for more than half a year, and milk flows out, accompanied by breast lumps or nipples/hemorrhage;

6. The early menstrual tide is as early as 14 years old, and menopause is later than 50 years old.

7. Middle -aged and elderly women (greater than 40 years old).

Most of breast pain is actually not much problem, but it will affect the life of every woman. In addition, we cannot ignore it. Timely consultation to eliminate these possibilities in time is the real reasonable solution.

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