Is 8 changes in breasts after pregnancy?Be sure to understand in advance

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers have found that their breasts have changed, such as becoming bigger, darker, secretion of milk, and pain, etc., which are mainly related to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy.Faced with these changes, everyone must learn to care for breasts.

Eight changes in breasts during pregnancy

Breast pain

From about 5 weeks of pregnancy, many expectant mothers will feel that the breasts have become sensitive, have swelling, itching and even tingling.This is a normal phenomenon. Don’t worry. The pain is generally reduced after three months of pregnancy.

Big breasts

Due to hormonal effects, most expectant mothers will find that they are "secondary development", and their breasts have increased by one or two cups.


Many expectant mothers will find that the color of the nipples and areolas becomes darker, and even looks dark. This is caused by hormone changes and pigmentation during pregnancy.After giving birth to the baby, the color of the nipple and areola generally recover slowly.


During pregnancy, the surroundings of areolas are due to the formation of sebaceous gland hypertrophy.This is normal, don’t worry.

Green tendon

Some expectant mothers found that there were some blue "blue tendons" on the breast. This is because after pregnancy, the blood supply to the breast increased, and the veins of the chest became more obvious.This phenomenon will slowly disappear after giving birth.

Stretch marks

Some expectant mothers have stretch marks on the chest of the chest, showing red or purple -red lines. This is the result of thin skin stretching and thinning, elastic fiber breaks during pregnancy.After giving birth to a baby, stretch marks will gradually fade into white stripes, and many postpartum mothers will be restored to hardly see.

Pay attention to proper exercise and balanced diet during pregnancy, and control weight in a suitable range, which will help prevent stretch marks.

Vertical milk

It is not necessary to wait until the child is born, and the breast will secrete milk.Some expectant mothers will secrete a small number of colostrum in the middle and late pregnancy, and they look light yellow thin liquids.

The expectant mother just dry the milk at this time, so be careful not to squeeze the breasts.If the amount of milk is large, you can put two slices of anti -overflow pads in the underwear to keep your chest dry.

Milk milk becomes obvious

After pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, expectant mothers’ paragraphs will proliferate or increase.

Some expectant mothers will find that there are hard blocks under the armpits on one or both sides. Pressing it may not feel, or it may hurt a little. At this time, you need to find a doctor to check to confirm whether this is a side milk.If it is a pair of milk, there is generally no major hindrance. The expectant mother does not have to worry too much. Pay attention to observation.

Care for breasts during pregnancy

Do breast care during pregnancy to avoid some postpartum breast problems. So what should expectant mothers do?

Wear a suitable bra

After pregnancy, breasts will become bigger and sinking. The right bra can provide reliable support for the breasts to ensure that the blood circulation of the breast is smooth.

The bras are suitable and supportive. The shoulder straps and the buckle bands behind must be wider. In addition, it is guaranteed that the bra can fit the breasts tightly and has no sense of compression of the breast.As the gestational week increases, the breasts may grow longer and larger, and they must replace the proper bras in time.If the material is better, you should not choose the chemical fiber bras that are not breathable or not absorbed.You can consider buying breastfeeding bras directly, not only you can wear it after giving birth, but also very suitable for wearing during pregnancy.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the breast

When you take a bath, wash your breasts with water. Do not wipe with shower gel and soap.

Do not clean it too often, because the sebaceous glands in the isola gland will secrete a large amount of oil and grease, covering the nipple and the onopher surface, and play a role of lubrication and protection. Frequent cleaning will take away natural oils on the nipple and the surface of the areola, but make the breast losing the breasts to lose the breasts.Protect the barrier.

Specific mothers who secrete the collapse can apply milk to the nipples and areolas to let it dry naturally, which helps protect the breast.

Relieve breast tenderness

In the face of breast pain, you can try to relieve. In addition to the appropriate bra mentioned earlier, there are also the following methods:

Eating diet: Eat lighter, reduce the intake of salt, and eat less foods containing caffeine, such as coffee, black tea, green tea, cola, chocolate, etc.Put the breasts hot or ice -applying: The effect of each person is different after applying it. Some people have the pain after the heat compress, and some people are alleviated after ice applied. You can try it.

Other precautions

Do not scratch when the nipple itching is tickled, so as not to cause skin damage.Try to avoid stimulating the nipples when the husband and wife are in the same room, otherwise it will promote oxytocin secretion and cause contractions, and frequent contractions may affect the baby’s baby.Some expectant mothers found that they were sunken and worried about affecting postpartum feeding, so they tried to pull the nipples out.In fact, it is best not to pull the nipple during pregnancy, so as not to cause excessive irritation.Specific mothers can pull the nipples after giving birth and use auxiliary nipples in order to better breastfeeding.Some expectant mothers find that the chest has not become very large, and she is afraid that the milk will not affect breastfeeding. Such worry is not necessary, because the amount of milk has nothing to do with the size of the breast.Doing breast care during pregnancy and allowing your baby to suck more after delivery is the key to ensuring the amount of milk.

Some expectant mothers have diseases such as breast hyperplasia and breast fibroma before pregnancy. They should pay attention to observation during pregnancy.If the breasts are found to be red, hot, hot, and liquid with abnormal colors or unpleasant smells, then find a doctor for examination as soon as possible to eliminate breast diseases.

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