Inventory of fish friends, in the reproduction of the fish, all kinds of urgent and unbearable problems

Hello everyone, I am the old fish farming. I have more knowledge about the knowledge of fish breeding and breeding. Please pay attention.Let us keep water together and raise fish happily together!

There are often some fishermen to ask the old fish farming, the breeding of various ornamental fish, such as::

My peacock fish belly is so big, is it already pregnant? Why is it not born? How many days do you see?

My mini parrot fish has been raised for two or three months, and pottery cans are placed in the fish tank. Why do they have no movement?

The color of my colorful Servant failed, when can they breed the next nest?

Wait, such as the above problems, there are too many, it feels like:

As long as you can directly produce small fish, I should see when they can give birth at a glance?

As long as the ornamental fish that should be paired and not produced, then the old fish farming road should be thrown into the fish tank and paired with them. Maybe they will give birth faster?

Unfortunately, I don’t know the feeding techniques of fishermen, new and old water quality, feeding density, and feeding, etc. There are too many details.

I wonder if you have discovered it?

Most of the ornamental fish I raised, such as the butterflier goldfish, mini parrot fish, and the current diamond king. Many of the breeding of them occasionally obtained by accident, not what I want to go.

Or we can also say that, the more we have no expectations, the accidental small fish or fish, the greater the survival rate, in fact, the words are ended: because the time is mature.

It is the ornamental fish that the time is mature, not where we think that the time is mature.

It is to watch the fish in having children, not we are having children. We must first understand this matter, okay?

In the previous article, I also mentioned that the Diamond King produced a few eggs from the beginning, and then stopped for about a week before laying the eggs again.Is it a question of mature timing?

I have repeatedly said this problem repeatedly. We should not always want to kill chickens and eggs on the breeding of fish, unless we eliminate the motherfish in order to get a small fish, such as picking up the leak in a fish shop.The big belly peacock motherfish.

In any other situation, it must be a honest, step -by -step normal change, and feeding to ensure that the ornamental fish is sufficient, good water quality, suitable water temperature, and stable environment.Sexual maturity will go to pairing or reproduction by itself.

What a simple truth is this?

The work we do is not to use new water stimuli, not to toss and toss all day, the more frequent tossing. The more unstable the water quality of the fish tank and the mood of ornamental fish, how can they breed with peace of mind?

Let’s make another example, such as goldfish. If it is not at the age of childbirth, if the small fish fry is relatively small, we will put an incubation prematurely.It can cause the death of females.

Another example is some mini parrot fish, red belly phoenix and the like, the small fish fry is still small, and I do n’t know how to talk about love and other things.Not big, they will always hide in the pots all day, and they can’t come out at all. When they see the owner, they are scared, and they become more and more nervous.

Not to mention the malachfish, as long as it does not reach the due date they agree, the new water stimulates to die, and it is not a piece of white eggs and dead tires.Open, how can such fish fry survive?This is congenital malnutrition or premature birth.

There are also medium and large cichlids ornamental fish such as diamond princes, and premature breeding of flower pots or rocks and other eggs. They may be overwhelmed and seriously injured. We finally have to go to cure the disease.

Douyu is too. When the female is not enough, if they are rushing to the tank, when the floating water plants are stimulated, the male fish may start to build the nest, and the female may be bitten by the male fish directly, that is, the division is dividedThe minute …

These problems above can directly lead to dead fish. It is more serious. Maybe a tank of fish will be sick. What are we anxious there?

Another situation is that the feeding density of ornamental fish is too large. Even if they reach the age they should have, they cannot reproduce for future generations.

Especially for some young cichlids ornamental fish, why do they continue to war?

In addition to competing for spouses, there is also a crucial reason that it is enough to leave enough living space for their offspring. In a higher density breeding environment, they have not occupied the territory that they think reasonable, and it is impossible to reproduce at all.

All of these situations, we can think with the simplest thinking mode, view the simplest observation, and then analyze and decide ourselves.

If we do not have a suitable space or a certain economic ability reserve, we will have a child blindly?

Why is the second child policy be so liberated, but the birth rate of newborns continues to decline?

That’s because we always think of ourselves too clever, and the imagination of ornamental fish is too stupid, as if they have no IQ, in fact?On the question of how the descendants and how racial continues, ornamental fish is much smarter than the present we now.

It is just that we always look at ornamental fish according to human first thinking. We dare not give birth under the premise of not allowing the conditions, let alone ornamental fish?

Perhaps, in the eyes of ornamental fish and any other creatures, poor humans are a group of fools. Even a second child dares not give birth. Looking at others, one nest is hundreds of thousands of years.The leaves are lush and endless.

And we are still here, the emperor is not urgent, and we will never know how to respect the choice of ornamental fish.

Her good feeding, changing water, and rearing at ease, at the age of their sexual maturity, and assisting them moderately, everything is natural and natural.

The last thing is that the problem of watching fish and small fish in the family of cichlids is also caused by the instability of various factors. There will be no other reasons. Go to find it yourself.

I am the old fish farming, so please pay attention to more ornamental fish, thank you!

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