Internet celebrity breeder "head hoop grandma" was exposed to sleeping powder.


Nowadays, in addition to frequent melon in the entertainment industry, the net red circle is also very chaotic. After the popularity of ordinary people, ordinary people will harvest fans.The evil odor is endless.

On July 15th, some netizens broke the news that the net red breeder "head hoop grandma" was exposed to sleeping powder. What is even more outrageous is that the fans are pregnant, and the talents of the parties will not find the news online.Breaking the news.

First of all, the net celebrity breeder "hair hoop milk dad" is a panda breeder. Because he himself is meticulous, it is very ways to take care of the giant panda, and the giant panda also likes this breeder.After publishing to the Internet, it caused many netizens to watch, and the "head hoop grandma" has also become a small and famous Internet celebrity.

Just a few days ago, the "Daddy of the Board" also interviewed and interacted with the giant panda. Dialogue, bluntly the giant panda is his own child.Essence

But on July 15th, a netizen named "Mei Show" broke the news online that he was pregnant with a "head hoop grandma", and his stomach became bigger every day. He was confused about the future.let it go.

It is worth noting that on July 4th, the netizen issued a post saying "What to do if you are pregnant."

In addition, I also showed the chat records of "hair hoop grandma", and brought the latest topic of "hair hoop grandma", saying that it was "God’s hidden."

In the chat record released by the netizen, it can be seen that she and the man did not know it at the beginning. The two contacted in May and then had a relationship.

Afterwards, the woman asked the man if he liked himself, and the man did not respond directly, annoying the woman.

The woman scolded the man to do whatever he wanted to use his likes, and also said that his wife hated that he was reasonable, and there was a problem with character.

Judging from the chat records of the two, the woman knew that the man was married, but he still had a relationship with him, but he wanted to talk to the man afterwards. The man was unwilling to communicate too much, and the two were unhappy.

No matter who is the active party, a derailment of a marriage and breeding, a marriage between others, these two are simply a hills.

After the female net celebration broke the news, it caused netizens’ onlookers and other people who knew the inside. They broke out more melons about the "head hoop milk dad".

It is reported that the "hair hoop grandma" was exposed to the black material because she was sleeping in Macau, which caused the woman to be pregnant. The old fans could not bear it. They gathered all the black history of the "hair hoop", and a brain shook out.

One of the netizens said that the "head hoop milk dad" was a criminal. In the past three and midnight, he gave a fan to praise others to be beautiful. Think of her, actively asked the other party’s views on himself, and invited fans to see his training.

Another netizen said that the "head hoop grandma" went to Japan with fans during her wife’s pregnancy. During the daily training, she added a lot of contact information of the beautiful girls.During the camera, the giant panda is also rough.

After the incident was exposed, the Weibo account of "Daddy Dad" was canceled, and now I can’t find anyone.

Regarding this incident, the "hair hoop grandma" sleeping powder is morally corrupted. It is also necessary to stand up for the belly of big fans, but the wife of the "hair hoop", the husband is derailed, the third is pregnant, badThe heart came out.

Finally, I advise those Internet celebrities who have a little fame. If you do n’t love feathers, rollover is more violent than celebrities. It is also thorough.The "head hoop grandma" lost not only work, but also the halo of myself.

The end of the article is mentioned, I hope that when you chase the stars in your life, you can polish your eyes and chase the stars rationally. At the same time, keep a suitable distance from your own idol, especially girls.Essence

Like pandas, far from the breeder!

[On the way to grow, thank you for your attention]

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