International research confirmed: I don’t get pregnant without drinking and drinking

Don’t get pregnant without drinking drinking

An international research team discovered evidence of brain biological changes in patients with fetal alcohol syndrome (FASD).

The paper published in the magazine published in "Chaos" revealed that the teenagers in the uterus showed a brain connection change, which was consistent with the damage to the cognitive ability.Their research is obtained by measuring the reaction of brain magnetic imaging (MEG) technology, and then analyzed by tools developed by chaos theory.

Facial alcohol syndrome facial features

Fetal alcohol syndrome is one of the main causes of intellectual disability in the world. It is also known as fetal alcoholic scoring dysfunction. It is the inherent abnormal abnormalities caused by the mother’s alcohol during pregnancy.Symptoms include abnormal appearance, short body, light weight, malformed small head, poor coordination, insufficient intelligence, abnormal behavior, as well as hearing and visual damage.Among them, the most serious is fetal alcohol syndrome, which may cause children to learn and standardize cognitive obstacles, cannot participate in high -risk activities, or be completely unable to eat alcoholic beverages.

Although the previous popular theory associates the amount of drinking of pregnant women with the cognitive obstacles of children, the exact degree of influence still exists.Despite the known connection, researchers are still not sure of the exact mechanism of alcohol to change the brain in development.

The latest research marks the impact of medical scientists for the first time to quantify alcohol exposure on the brain in development.

The author of the paper, Julia Stephen, a professor of neuroscience at the University of New Mexico, said: "This paper provides an important comprehensive result for the field of fetal alcohol syndrome.Brain defects provide sensitivity. "

Because it is difficult to conclude from the complex MEG data, it has previously tried to study the difficulty of the brain circuit of the influential individual.

In order to solve this problem, the researchers have developed a complex computer technology, called the leather starting time and space analysis. It can identify which areas of the brain when the research object is in the MEG machine is active.

After collecting data from patients with 19 fetal alcohol syndrome and 21 subjects without such diseases, the calculation method showed that several areas of the brain showed that the connection of FASD was damaged.

The red area is the brain

A subject who is in contact with alcohol in the uterus is more likely to have a problem of connection through the body.It is reported that patients with schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, autism, depression and sensory abnormalities have defects in this field.

Another author Lin Gao said: "This study provides important evidence that children who have been exposed to alcohol before delivery have the risk of being damaged and other factors. Our research shows that during pregnancyThere is no safe drinking or safe stage. "

Fetal alcohol syndrome is caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The previous research in the United States found that 10%of pregnant women had drinking in the last month of birth, and 20-30%of them were drinking at a certain time during pregnancy.Fetal alcoholic syndrome can be avoided by prohibiting pregnant women from drinking alcohol. Therefore, hospitals and related organizations strongly recommend that pregnant women are prohibited from drinking alcohol.

The disease can cause permanent damage to the fetus, but treatment can improve symptoms.Interventional therapy contains parent -child interactive treatment and behavioral correction, and drug treatment may also be performed.

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