In those years, the baby recaptured from Yuting

Women at the age of childbearing may be pregnant after any protection of sex, including condoms, failure in safety period, or dry firewood, or uncomfortable in a hurry.Emergency contraceptives afterwards are an effective means to help women avoid pregnancy. Yuting is an OTC drug that does not need a doctor’s prescription to purchase in the pharmacy. However, if it is not used properly, the protection effect will be greatly reduced.

Remember to use medication:

1. The time limit for remedy is only 72 hours after the incident. After no protection of sex, the earlier the effect is better.

2. Individual women will have malignant and vomiting after taking the medicine. If you eat a small amount when taking the medicine, vomiting will be reduced. Once vomiting, you need to supplement them within two hours.

3. Yuting only has contraceptive effects on the previous no protective sex life, and is invalid for the next and later many times.

4. Any contraceptive method is likely to fail. Menstruation is postponed, and you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

5. Netizens often ask, is it bad for Yuting to eat Yuting?This question is good. I must tell you that Yuting as a remedy for contraceptive failure is not something that can be "always eaten."As an emergency, a remedy measures need to be used only under special circumstances such as contraceptive failure or rape.Occasionally use safety and effectiveness, and take it many times in a row. First, it is easy to cause menstrual disorders, and the other is that the failure rate of contraception has increased, and the effect of effective protection is not available.

Women with regular sexual life need to adopt contraceptive methods that suits them before sex, such as correcting condoms, regularly taking short -acting oral contraceptives, ask doctors to help placing contraceptive rings, using contraceptives, and so on.Women who have ran many times a year to buy emergency contraceptives, or women who often prepare this medicine at home must reflect, and contraceptive work must be done in front.

Remember: the man who bought a set beforehand is better than you buy medicine afterwards.

6. Important reminder. Once you are pregnant after taking Yuting, there is no significant difference between the birth defects of the newborn and the people who are not taking the medicine. This is supported by a lot of scientific and rigorous survey data.Therefore, don’t give up your baby easily because you are afraid of the fetal deformity after you get pregnant.Including the current short-acting compound oral contraceptives (such as Mom Fulong, Dain-35, You Siming, etc.), if unexpected pregnancy is found during the use, the proportion of newborn birth defects will not be increased.of.In the new era, obstetricians and gynecologists also need to update the knowledge structure in a timely manner to provide scientific and rational consultation and guidance for female friends who are pregnant.

Medical science can really help many people. This long Weibo has been posted before and has been read more than 9 million times. Many babies are rescued. They are all pregnant after taking Yuting.It has become the thickest and most precious gift of the family.Received by netizens or patients is the happiest and happiest doctors. Thanks to the mother’s love and ability to learn, and leave those babies.

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