In this part of girls, boys try not to touch it!


When Xiaomei was shopping with her boyfriend, she accidentally punch her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s nose flowed down instantly.

Normally, Xiaomei is very gentle, and Xiaomei’s physique is very petite. So what causes Xiaomei to have such a stress?

The reason was because Xiaomei’s boyfriend touched Xiaomei’s waist, which caused Xiaomei to have such an emergency response.

Why can’t girls be touched by boys?In fact, there is also medical knowledge.

To understand why girls’ waist cannot be touched casually, to understand a new term, that is, a copy of perception.

Perceived copy refers to the internal representation of human or animals in their brains to the external environment.

When we perceive the external things, scenes or events, the sensory system will receive various information and pass it to the brain for processing and explanation.

The brain will generate an internal copy or model based on the receiving sensory information to help people understand and perceive the outside world.

Perception copy can include various sensory information, such as visual, hearing, touch, taste and smell.These sensory information are integrated and explained in the brain to form awareness and understanding of the outside world.

Perceived copy allows us to perceive and understand the surrounding environment, so as to make appropriate reactions and decisions.

The formation of perception copy is a complex process, involving the interaction between multiple areas of the brain and neurons.

Through the processing and integration of sensory information, the brain can create an accurate and internal model to make us have a deeper understanding of the environment.

The most obvious manifestation of perception copy is that others touch their necks, ears, underarms, waists, and feet. It will feel very itchy, as if there are many itchy meat.

In fact, these places have abundant lymph nerves, and the lymphatic nerves are connected to the brain nerves, so that when these parts are touched, there will be a great stress response.

Lymph nerves are an important circulatory system that forms a circular system of the human body with the blood circulation system.

The lymphatic system includes lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, lymph organs and lymphs.

The main function is to remove excess liquid, waste, bacteria and other harmful substances in the body, and participate in the immune response.

During sleep, the human cerebrospinal fluid will increase and enter the gap between brain cells to clear the metabolic waste in the brain.

This process is very important for keeping the brain clean and normal function.Therefore, the lymphatic system will cooperate with the brain.

But it is worth noting that the lymph nerve is an nerve that is almost all over the body.

Because it is similar to blood vessels, through the entire body distribution.The lymphatic vessels are divided into primary lymphatic vessels and cell lymphatic vessels.

The primary lymphatic vessels are located in the tissue gap of the body, collecting liquid, waste, and cell fragments in the tissue to form lymph fluid.

Cell lymphatic pipes are a larger pipeline formed by the junior lymphatic pipes, and the lymph liquid is finally transported back to the circulatory system.

Lymph nodes are important organizations in the lymphatic system. It is distributed in all parts of the whole body, such as necks, armpits, groin, etc. Among them, lymph nodes are key sites for lymph fluid flow.

Lymph organs include spleen, tonsils, and tonsil rings, which play an important role in immune response.

The spleen is the largest lymphatic organs, located in the left upper abdomen, and is responsible for removing waste and bacteria in the blood.

The tonsils are tissues around the mouth and throat, participating in the infection of the respiratory tract and digestive tract.

When the lymphatic nerve and the perceived copy are combined, a small beauty reaction is formed.

That is, when others touch their own body’s neck, waist, etc., there will be a great stress response.

This reaction is uncontrollable, so some boys who want to touch the waist of girls are best to dispel this idea.

Or touch it after obtaining the consent of the girl, so that the girl has a psychological preparation to avoid the situation of hurting her boyfriend like Xiaomei.

All in all, the lymph system not only includes some lymph organs, but also various lymphology, lymph nodes, and lymph liquid. It can be said that the lymph system is spread throughout the body.

However, in some special positions, it will be very sensitive, that is, underarms, feet, and neck.

Everyone’s sensitive points are different, but they are probably these parts.

It is worth noting that these parts will not only have a strong stress response.

If you touch it properly, maybe girls will agree with boys to touch themselves.But remember not to sneak attacks, otherwise boys will suffer.

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