In the year of pregnancy, how much do I fight for formaldehyde to remove formaldehyde?Teach you to fight formaldehyde with actual combat experience

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In early October 2016, shortly after I was engaged with my lover, we got a surprise, I was pregnant!At that time, our wedding room had just begun to be renovated. The arrival of the good news of pregnancy allowed us to invest more enthusiasm for the decoration of the wedding room.At the same time, in order to allow babies to be born in the near future to live in a safe and comfortable environment, we must pay more attention to the pollution problem during the decoration process, and we must as much as possible to reduce or eliminate harmful substances headed by formaldehyde.For this reason, we all used all kinds of tricks, and we also saved a lot of experience in decoration to remove formaldehyde. Today I will share with you!

Regarding formaldehyde, I want to do some simple popular science for readers and friends here: What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a kind of colorless, odorless and irritating gas, and formaldehyde aqueous solution is the Forma that we know.

Formaldehyde can stimulate people’s eyes and respiratory tract mucosa, leading to symptoms such as tears, pain, sneezing, cough, and dyspnea, and can induce asthma; for pregnant women, they may cause fetal malformations.

The pungent odor that is usually smelled at the decoration site is aromatic hydrocarbon gas, such as toluene, two olene, etc., not formaldehyde. These gases are generally volatilized for half a year. HoweverThe release time can be as long as 15 years.Where does formaldehyde exist mainly?

Most of the formaldehyde is basically in various materials used during decoration, such as artificial plates, adhesives, paint, chemical fiber fabrics, etc.What standards do formaldehyde superbies exceed?

According to the "Indoor Air Quality Standards" promulgated by the state, the formaldehyde content should not exceed 0.1mg/m³.Any value exceeds this value is excessive formaldehyde.For the environment where pregnant women and infants live, the formaldehyde content should be lower than 0.05mg/m³.

Basic decoration, as the name suggests, is to lay the foundation for the entire house decoration. Personally, I think it is very important. On the one hand, it should be carefully designed to avoid worries after appearing; on the other hand, various raw materials, such as plate materials, latex paint, glue, etc., etc.Safe and environmental materials should be used to avoid damage to health.Given that my lover and I have limited time and energy, we choose the best decoration company in the local industry to do all -inclusive services.

The contract signed with the decoration company clearly stipulates that we must use non -toxic and harmless raw materials. At the same time, we also added the company’s "model house" plan, that is, the model of our family construction site is used as a model.Observation.Joining this plan is undoubtedly beneficial to us, so the decoration company will pay more attention to construction quality.This is indeed the same. Every time we go to the scene, we basically cannot smell the pungent smell. The construction items are placed in an orderly manner, and waste waste will be cleaned in time.Under our close supervision and actively communicating with the leaders, the quality and effect of the ultimate basic decoration are very satisfactory.

He Guo’s Mother’s warm reminder: Basic decoration part, whether it is self -installation, finding baggage or all -inclusive for the decoration company, be sure to ensure the use of regular brand materials, especially plates, paint, wallpaper, adhesive and other things with high formaldehyde content.Be careful to choose.

The picture is from the real shot of He Guo’s mother’s house

Do you know what is the most effective way to remove formaldehyde?The answer is actually very simple!Just keep ventilation!However, it is unrealistic to open windows and ventilation in the whole house for 24 hours.For example, in Dalian, because it is a coastal city, there are many winds and winds throughout the year, and the winter is long and cold. The time period suitable for opening the window is not long.In this case, installing a fresh air system is extremely necessary!

In fact, we were also unfamiliar with the fresh air system at first. This is a product that has gradually been known in the country in the past two years.When we decorate the wedding room, the interior decoration designer suggested that we install a fresh air system, because the pipeline new air is hidden in the ceiling, so we must install it at the beginning of the basic decoration, and it cannot be installed until the ceiling is completed.

In addition to helping indoor ventilation and ventilation and eliminating formaldehyde, the fresh air system can also filter the household air to ensure the clean and fresh indoor air, which can be described as two birds with one stone!Friends who have not yet been renovated are strongly recommended to install this "artifact".So what should I do if friends who have already renovated also want to use the new air system?You can’t disassemble the ceiling!At present, a new wall -mounted style has been launched in the market. It does not need to be embedded pipelines. It can also effectively create a good ventilation environment when closing the window.

Since the fresh air system was installed at the beginning of the decoration, we immediately put it in use after the installation.In the decoration phase of the decoration until we stayed in the new house, the fresh air system was operating every day, and it made a good job for my family to quickly reduce formaldehyde!

He Guo’s Mother’s Warm reminder: Keeping open windows and ventilation is recognized as the best way to remove formaldehyde, but it is limited to families that are unable to open the window throughout the day.Stable and significant effects of removing formaldehyde.

Picture from the official gallery of Shiyou Floor

After finishing the basic decoration, it is time to enter the household material and furniture.The main materials and most furniture should be selected to purchase while doing basic decoration, because the earlier the selection, the more help to release formaldehyde as soon as possible.When we choose finished furniture, the furniture of the same style will choose furniture that is already placed in the furniture shop or in the warehouse for a long time, and try to avoid buying "freshly baked" furniture that has just made from the manufacturer.Some.

Our family is an American retro decoration style. Compared with Japanese, Nordic, Hong Kong -style simple styles, basic decoration is more complicated, and it is basically wooden main materials and furniture. Therefore, the accumulated formaldehyde content is relatively high.Even if all furniture and plate are used to use environmental protection EO -level products, it will still exceed the standard due to a lot of use.Therefore, it is not enough to choose a large area of materials, such as cabinet plates, wooden floors, etc. Only choosing to meet the standards. You should also choose a "aldehyde -free" product.

For example, every family may laid a large -scale wooden floor, and I am a more environmentally friendly and healthier floor of the world.In 2020, Shiyou’s floor "Calcin -free added floor" -the three -layer solid wood composite floor and the new five -layer solid wood composite floor were listed heavy, and the newly upgraded "aldehydes -free" environmental standards with Eɴf⁺ ≤ 0.020㎎/m³The environmental protection standards of users’ green homes have been greatly improved.I sincerely hope that there will be more and more home improvement brands like this.

He Guo’s mother’s warm reminder: Even if all products that use environmental protection standards and even the European Union meet the EU environmental protection standards, once they are added, the formaldehyde content in the family may still exceed the standard. ThereforeHe should be the first choice.

During the renovation of the new house, we lived in renting a house. Because of pregnancy, we deliberately remained from the old house that was closer to our company and has been renovated for ten years from the house that had been rented out.Although the old house is not worried about formaldehyde, whether it is indoor living conditions or the overall environment of the community is relatively poor, we still want to move into our own new home as soon as possible.In order to achieve the desire to move early, you must do a good job of removing the new home.For this reason, after all the decoration and the furniture were placed, we found a professional formaldehyde company for purification treatment.

The company mainly adopts the method of negative oxygen ionic catalyst for aldehydes.The main component of the optical catalyst is nano -grade titanium dioxide. This is a catalyst that catalyze the water or oxygen in the air under ultraviolet line to make it a active gene with a strong oxidation ability.Water, carbon dioxide and other harmless substances.In the actual application effect, the photocatalyst will initially decompose a part of the formaldehyde released from plates, furniture, etc., and then gradually form a protective film that can seal formaldehyde.However, with the aging of furniture materials, formaldehyde will begin to release slowly.It can be seen that this is a method for treating the standard and not the root cause. If you need it in the future, you can spray the light catalyst again. After the makeup time has been removed, it is a reason to make makeup.

He Guo’s mother’s warm reminder: The purification method represented by the optical catalyst can decompose or close the formaldehyde, mainly to decompose the release of formaldehyde, and this part of the formaldehyde can actually be eliminated through the ventilation method; the closure of chemical reagents is closed;The role is not permanent.In addition, the cost of professional formaldehyde companies is not low. Therefore, the mother of He Guo suggested that everyone make a choice according to her own needs.

Phenol reagent optical lighting method to remove formaldehyde instruments real shots

After finishing the optical catalyst, the formaldehyde company contacted the professional testing agency to test it, and promised that if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it will be sprayed with the whole house light catalyst for free.Before testing, the whole house needs to be closed for 24 hours.Before closed, we customized one tiger chair sofa and two sofa stools had just arrived and placed in the living room.I thought these things would not have much impact. However, when testing for 24 hours, the formaldehyde content in the living room exceeded 0.1 mg/m³.We are not sure whether it is the exception of several new small furniture. Except for the formaldehyde company, we have kept the promise of formaldehyde, and we did not say that we made a photocatalyst purification for us.

Because third -party testing agencies are contacted by formaldehyde removal companies, it is still doubtful.At that time, some people in our owners proposed to purchase a high -end formaldehyde measuring instrument for several owners. Everyone used it in turn.So we bought a tester worth thousands of yuan with our neighbors.Here, the mother of the Guo Guo is popular for everyone. There are two types of more authoritative testing methods: one is the optical lighting method of the phenol test, and the other is the optical chemical testing method.The detector we buy is the former.Fortunately, this measurement result is satisfactory. The formaldehyde content of each room is less than 0.1mg/m³. It seems that all previous efforts were effective.

He Guo’s mother warmly reminds: To test the formaldehyde content, either ask a professional appraisal agency for testing, or buy high -end, authoritative detectors to test it by themselves.Most of the formaldehyde testers on the market are basically unreliable. The errors are large and there is no reference value. It is recommended that you don’t have to spend this money anymore.

The picture is from the real shot of He Guo’s mother’s house

As mentioned above, for the environment where pregnant women and infants live, the formaldehyde content should be lower than 0.05mg/m³, so it is not enough to reach the standard.So we continue to work hard to take multiple measures and make multi -pronged approach.At that time, my mother -in -law brought us a few bottles of air purifiers recommended by friends, known as the US White House royal!Regardless of whether it is true or not, just use it.However, I checked the relevant information in the later period. The main component of air purifiers like this is actually activated carbon and coconut shell ash. The main effect is to adsorb the odor, and the effect of formaldehyde is not obvious.

Although the fresh air system has been installed, her husband still insists on buying another more than 10,000 yuan of air purifiers that can adsorb formaldehyde, which contains high -efficiency activated carbon, which is completely different from ordinary activated carbon bags.One of the advantages of the air purifier is that we can move freely. When we are in the living room, we push it to the living room; when we rest in the bedroom, we will promote it to the mute mode, which will not affect sleep at all.We tested the formaldehyde removal function of the air purifier: first closed the master bedroom for 12 hours, and measured the formaldehyde content of the master bedroom with a formaldehyde tester of about 0.09 mg/m³; then open the air purifier, then measure one hour before measuredThe formaldehyde content has fallen to 0.05mg/m³.This is still very amazing, showing that the role of the air purifier is very significant!

He Guo Mother’s warm reminder: The air purifier is the intercepting and adsorption of pollutants in the air in the aircraft, and the purified air is discharged into the room. It is not like the fresh air system can exchange indoor air airThe effect is better in the case.In addition, the air purifier needs to replace the filter element regularly, otherwise it will not achieve a good aldehyde removal effect.

It took a lot of money to spend a lot of money, and small money would not be distressed!Since everyone has rumored that activated carbon bags and green plants have a role, then all are used!Husband bought a large box of active carbon bags and 30 pots of green dill, which is really hard!We distribute the activated carbon bags in various cabinets and drawers in the house, and put the green dill in all corners of the house. Although we know that the effect is very small, it can be considered to comfort it. Anyway, there are more green plants in the home!

He Guo’s mother warmly reminds: The active carbon bag has a weak adsorption amount, and does not adsorb formaldehyde, and will also adsorb other pollutants, so she will be saturated soon.After saturated, the activated carbon bag will be released for formaldehyde, so it needs to be replaced in time.It is recommended to put the activated carbon bag to the deadly area of not breathable.The adsorption effect of green plants is not as good as activated carbon, and it can almost ignore it.If the indoor formaldehyde content is too high, it will cause damage to plants.

Finally, the mother of He Guo summarizes the method of decorating formaldehyde to remove formaldehyde. From the root perspective, it can be divided into two categories: First, decoration materials and furniture should choose green and environmentally friendly, and even reach the "aldehyde -free" levelSecond, use various methods such as ventilation, purification, adsorption, and other methods to reduce indoor formaldehyde content.Here He Guo’s mother deliberately made a form for everyone to see the advantages and disadvantages of each method at a glance.

The dangers of formaldehyde pollution cannot be ignored, especially for families with pregnant women and babies. One more vigilance threatened. I know that not everyone can fight like me, but at least it pays enough attention.I hope everyone can do a good job of "aldehydes" to protect the health of their families!

I am a mother of He Guo, a second -born mother in the post -90s, and I like to read and share.Stay tuned for my headline@Mother’s warm heart, watch Mengwa video and learn childcare knowledge ~

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