In the event of derailment dragging the result, the result of the third pregnancy is to be superior. How can the original match be separated?

What should I do if I am derailed?

Many people’s comments are to give the derailed scum men to Xiaosan, withdrawn themselves, and watch the small and derailed men tortured each other.

Others said that dragging the non -handling, let Xiaosan and the derailed men live together, so that they can also experience the blandness of Chaimi oil and salt, and naturally fall into analysis.

In fact, Lan Fang knows what kind of mentality is, from the perspective of standing people, many people feel that it is not worth derailed men and Primary Three!

But if you stand at the perspective of the original match, you have worked hard to run a marriage for more than ten years, and accompany the derailed man from one article to a million -dollar life. Is it worth it to make a good day to Xiaosan?

Or I hope that the derailed men and the primary three are tired of each other. They can win without fighting, and even expect God to punish the derailment scum man and Primary Three. Is it true?

Lanfang has dealt with too many cases. The original dedication was dragged on, waiting for the derailed man and Primary Three to have contradictions and proactively separated.

For example, just after the previous period of time, this was the case with Ms. Hu. She has been married to her husband for more than 20 years.

Ms. Hu’s family conditions are good. Her husband’s house is poor. At that time, Ms. Hu’s parents did not agree with the two people to marry. Ms. Hu and her husband eloped.

There are nothing in two people. It really started from scratch. Ms. Hu said that when the poorest time, the two had experienced a few days without eating.

Later, in order to survive, Ms. Hu had to go back to her mother’s house alone, kneeling to ask her parents to ask for money, and the two began to do business.

Fortunately, both people can suffer, be willing to do things, and the business is slowly doing. Now two people have several houses in first -tier cities, cars, and deposits.

Ms. Hu’s two children are studying abroad, and one has also come to domestic university. Ms. Hu feels very satisfied.

Until she found her husband derailed, Primary Three was the general manager secretary in one of her factories,

Ms. Hu told me that she did not put the Primary Three in her eyes at first, and the man had a bad money. She knew it very well.

Her husband has not been ambiguous since the money is rich, but she dare not do too much, because her husband knows that he can’t afford it,

In order to prevent her husband from spending too much money on the outside, Ms.

She said that the two people have been married for so many years, and have long been full of affectionate drinking water, and now they have been tied together by various interests.

However, Ms. Hu did not expect that her husband was derailed this time, not only to maintain a relationship with Primary Three for a long time.

Also because Ms. Hu controlled the economy and Ms. Hu’s various troubles, and even used the company’s money to buy a house for Xiao San, Ms. Hu was so angry that they torn Xiaosan.

But there is no effect. Ms. Hu’s tearing Xiaosan will only make the derailed men feel more distressed, and blame Ms. Hu who makes sense.

Ms. Hu also went to find other agencies. The suggestion made by the organization was to drag and do not handle it, and then improved herself.

Ms. Hu did it according to the suggestion, and dragged the Primary Three years. As a result, the derailed man not only did not fade with the relationship with Xiao San, but also became better.

Moreover, the derailed man also moved over to live with Primary Three. Even if two people got along with each other, there was no dispute over the ordinary life of chai oil and salt, and the relationship continued to heat up.

Ms. Hu secretly paid attention to the circle of friends of Xiao San. Xiao San took her own cooking to make a candlelight dinner for the derailed man today. The derailed man was very moved.

Tomorrow derailment, in order to surprise Xiao San, when they bought two people shopping, they liked the high -priced jewelry that Xiao San liked but did not want to buy.

The circle of friends is the daily love of two people. Ms. Hu finally felt that she could not drag Xiao San to death at all.

However, when Ms. Hu gave up dragging to find Lanfang, the third was pregnant. Ms. Hu’s husband wanted to divorce and marry Primary Three, and even willing to give up some property and only wanted to divorce.

Ms. Hu and me, she didn’t care more about the derailed man. Even if the derailed man gave up some property, he could get a lot.

These money is her hard -earned money. She does not want to let her sweat money in the small three hands for Xiaosan and illegitimate children to squander.

So she asked Lan Fang to ask how to solve her current dilemma, how can she completely separate Primary Three and get back her own thing.

The suggestion that Lan Fang gave Ms. Hu was that by agreed to let the derailment man come back to negotiate with herself, the contradiction between the derailed man and the Primary Three

Xiao San is pregnant, and now the most anxious is actually Primary Three, but Xiao San will never show it, forcing the derailed man to divorce.

What the original match needs is to stimulate Xiao San, make Xiao San more anxious, and show it in front of the derailed man, and even forced the derailed man to divorce.

Therefore, what Ms. Hu needs to do is to let the derailed men go home many times in order to negotiate the divorce conditions, and even negotiate until late to return to the side of the small San.

Ms. Hu can first let the derailed men go home and talk about the conditions that can be accepted by derailed men.

Then turn the conditions into a harsh condition that the derailed men cannot accept, but don’t perform too firmly, so that the derailed men feel that there is a bargaining room.

In the process of negotiating with a derailed man, let friends come to your house to find you.

Finding a lawyer the next day, discussed in advance, and continued to drag the derailed man, making him feel that the original match was looking for a lawyer.

However, the conditions were too harsh. He couldn’t accept it. On the third day, or even the fourth day, the derailed man went home to discuss divorce every day, but he had no results. What would Xiao San think?

In fact, this is a psychological war. Xiao San saw the derailed man going to the original match to negotiate and divorce. What would he think?

However, the derailed man didn’t talk about success. Primary Three would feel that the original match did not cooperate, and the derailed man had to go to the original match the next day.

The next day can not be negotiated, and then go to the third day.

Xiao San will feel that there are any problems with the derailed men and the original match. The original match will take the opportunity to create the illusion of the derailed man intentionally return.

Primary Three will start to be anxious. It is better to ask the derailed man. Forcing a derailment man to divorce with the original with the original,

As long as Primary Three starts to find the trouble of a man, it is the opportunity of the original match to provoke the distance between the two people.

What is the derailment of a man?Especially in this case, Ms. Hu’s husband was too strict by his wife.

Xiao San coaxed himself everywhere, and he felt that Xiao San was good at his head for a while.

It was found that Xiao San was no different from his wife. His divorce and marrying Xiao San had to lose the property. Will he choose Xiao San?

In the end, Lan Fang wanted to say that there is no small three that cannot be separated, only the original match of the method is not used,

Most of the primary three will not be dragged away by the original match, and they are often dragged to the original match.

Derailed men and Xiaosan have been retributed, but there are also a few. You can’t expect the retribution.

You can only rely on yourself, to separate the primary three, and to retaliate against the derailment scumbag, you must rely on yourself.

If you are derailed and don’t know what to do, you can pay attention to Lanfang and talk about your situation privately.

I am Lanfang, an emotional mentor who tells the truth.

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