In the early stage of pregnancy, in addition to vomiting, these 4 discomfort symptoms are usually accompanied by these 4 discomfort

Women’s pregnancy is very hard. In the early stages of pregnancy, there will be obvious pregnancy reactions. Many women think vomiting is the only symptom because of lack of pregnancy knowledge.In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, in addition to vomiting, there are four uncomfortable symptoms.

Today, I will take a look at the expectant mothers. I hope that everyone can fully understand and make targeted conditioning.

1. Fatigue and drowsiness

I believe that many pregnant mothers will find that in the early days of pregnancy, there was nothing to do for a day, but she always felt particularly fatigue and just wanted to go to bed to sleep beautifully.For those women in the workplace, it is really annoying to work as a list of worklessness, which seriously affects work efficiency.

Pregnant mothers should not panic. This is a very normal physiological phenomenon. Factors are changing, which will naturally affect the physical condition.It should be noted that if you feel tired, you must not be stubborn. You must find a place to rest quickly to promote the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen.

2. Poor appetite

After being pregnant, the pregnant mother really eats what is not fragrant. The appetite becomes particularly poor. Even if it is usually the most favorite, there is no idea at all.As a result, most pregnant women’s weight will be reduced, giving people a particularly embarrassing feeling.

The reason for this change is that pregnant women start to secrete a large amount of choric membrane to promote gonadotropin, and at the same time, blood progesterone will also rise. These two substances will cause swelling of gastrointestinal mucosa, and the peristalsis will gradually slow down, so pregnant women eat it.If you do not take things, lead to a decrease in weight.

It must be remembered that this has reached the key nodes of embryonicization, and a lot of nutrients need to be supplemented in time.Therefore, even if pregnant women have no appetite, for the development of the fetus, they must force themselves to eat more.

3. Very sensitive to odor

Many people will feel that there is no disadvantage of sensitive odor, so it is wrong to think so.The nose of a pregnant woman becomes more and more sensitive, and it can be smelled that ordinary people are difficult to detect, and they are sinned to them.Especially those unpleasant flavors, like cars and fumes, will make them feel very uncomfortable and will aggravate vomiting.And many odors contain chemicals, entering the human body will affect the development of the fetus.

4. Urine frequency phenomenon

Because the personal constitution is different, many pregnant women will have frequent urination in the early stage, but some pregnant women will postpone the middle of pregnancy.As for the problem of frequent urination, this is because women start a large number of congestion after pregnancy, and then slowly increase the volume, and the position of the bladder is close to the uterus.bathroom.

In the above four phenomena, pregnant mothers should also pay special attention to take different problems, take different solutions to the countermeasures, and condition their bodies.

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