In the early pregnancy, the pregnant mother has these conditions, which may be unstable in the embryo …

When I learned that I was pregnant, when I was happy to go to the hospital to confirm, I was most afraid of hearing the words "fetal stop".The huge difference between the clouds falling to the ground like the clouds, making many women unacceptable.If you have these situations in the first few months of pregnancy, the embryo may be unstable, and the pregnant mother must not be careless!

Continuous pain in the abdomen, swelling

The pregnant mother is just pregnant, and the abdomen will have a slight tight or even painful pain. This is caused by the fertilized eggs that the uterus has just contracted in the bed, but the duration will not be too long and the symptoms are not obvious. Generally, it is not easy to notice.If the pregnant mother continues to feel pain and swelling, it should be paid attention to and go to the hospital for examination in time.

A large amount of bleeding for more than 2 days

When I was 5-8 days of pregnancy, some women in the embryo bed had a small amount of bleeding. The bleeding color of the embryo bed was sometimes pink and sometimes brown.At the same time, the amount of bleeding is very small, and the pads are sufficient to cope with, and the time of bleeding is very short, about 1-2 days.If there is more than 2 days of bright red bleeding, or when the amount of bleeding on the same day is as large as the menstrual flow, you need to go to the hospital to check whether the embryo is normal.

Early pregnancy reaction disappears

When a big pregnant woman is pregnant, there will be a lot of reactions, such as vomiting, physical weakness, etc.These reactions generally disappear until 3 months later.But there are also different people who cannot be generalized.But if you have a serious response in the first few days, it will be fine, and it is not three months later. It is better to go to the hospital at this time.

The first three months after pregnancy is the most important period of nerve development of fetal baby. In addition to the usual dietary nutritional balance, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to the following items:

Folic acid

Pregnant mothers should supplement folic acid from the first three months of pregnancy to pregnancy.In addition to eating folic acid tablets, you can also eat folic acid through dark green leafy vegetables, asparagus, citrus, and nuts rich in folic acid, to prevent fetal nervous tube deformity.Prohibit the same room

Because the development of embryo development in the first three months after pregnancy (especially about the previous month) has not yet stabilized, the prospective father and mother must avoid the life of the husband and wife, so as not to cause the pregnant mother factor to contract and cause miscarriage.

Pay attention to rest

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, avoid strenuous exercise, etc., which cause abortion. Pregnant mothers can listen to music and read books to alleviate anxiety during pregnancy.

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