In the early pregnancy, stomach pain should be treated differently. Some pains do not need to be protected, but surgery should be performed.

After pregnancy, as soon as the wind blows grass, the expectant mother is like a bird of shock, and she is scared all day.Especially when the lower abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding occurred, they were even more panicked, and quickly took out their mobile phones and went to Baidu to search.It’s okay not to search. I can’t sit still, and the words "miscarriage, fetal preservation" are deeply engraved in my mind.So, hurry up to the hospital.

"Doctor, I am pregnant, but I always feel stomachache in the past two days. Will it be a sign of miscarriage?

"I will not bleed underneath, but my stomach pain. It should not be an ectopic pregnancy. I will give me a B -ultrasound. I confirm whether it is an internal pregnancy.

"My menstruation this month was postponed for 3 days. I felt a hidden pain in my lower abdomen since last night. I took the pregnancy test stick to test the urine was two bars. Should I get pregnant? Does this pain indicate that the child has a tendency to have a miscarriage?"

Abdominal pain in the early pregnancy, will abortion?

In the outpatient clinic, the expectant mothers who were pregnant in the early days of pregnancy were visited because of lower abdomen pain. When they asked if the child was going to flow away, he asked to treat the tire.Generally, we will appease them first, let them check to determine whether they are really pregnant, whether it is normal internal pregnancy or abnormal ectopic pregnancy, and then determine the treatment plan.

Rather than abdominal pain, it is better to say "mild spasm and soreness", and some expectant mothers may feel the waist soreness.This kind of abdominal pain is generally caused by sperm and eggs 6 to 12 days after encountering sperm eggs, which lasts for 1 to 3 days. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. It does not need to be tire. Pay attention to rest.

But why do you feel sore in the bed with fertilized eggs, and some feel like muscle soreness after severe exercise?This is because after the fertilized eggs land on the endometrium of the uterine, it will choose a fertile soil for itself, and then slowly penetrate the surface of the soil, bury itself into the fertile soil (endometrium), and be covered by the soil, Wait for the rooting and germinate to give birth to a new life.The process of this series will cause the inner wall of the uterus to move and shrink, and the prospective mothers who are sensitive to the pain can also feel slight spasm or soreness.

Fertilized egg bed

After pregnancy, the uterus will also change. It is gradually growing up. In this process, it may cause abdominal pain due to the pull of the round ligament of the uterus.Generally, 3 to 5 months of pregnancy is often common. Most of the pain are located on one side, bilateral or non -fixed on the lower abdomen uterus.When walking or posture changes, the expectant mothers do not have to worry too much. This is not a sign of miscarriage. It does not need to be protected or special treatment. It can be relieved when bed rest.

Here you need to remind the mother -in -law: abdominal pain caused by the pulling of the ligament, generally continues the entire pregnancy, especially with the growth of the gestational week, when the uterus becomes larger, it can also stimulate the lower edge of the ribs of the expectant mother, causing the upper abdomenDull of ribs.However, these pains are also normal physiological abdominal pain. Proper posture changes can help relieve pain and do not need tire protection.

As the gestational week increases, the uterus will grow, causing dull abdominal pain

Indeed, what was most worried about expectant mothers in the early pregnancy was abortion.According to the development of the disease and the severity of the symptoms, it can be divided into threatened abortion, inevitable abortion, incomplete abortion, complete abortion, and retention abortion.The main feature is that the abdominal pain is paroxysmal or persistent. Some expectant mothers will obviously feel that the lower abdomen is swelling or pain in the back of the back, the vagina is bleeding, and it is accompanied by a meat -like tissue.

In this case, expectant mothers with vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain can go to the hospital in time.

At this time, most expectant mothers will be nervous and ask for tire protection.In fact, for whether to protect the fetus, I have always adhered to a point of view: the survival of the fittest, such as the embryo has already occurred, abortion, incomplete abortion, complete abortion, and retention of abortion. It is no need to keep the fetus at all.

For a small amount of vaginal bleeding and a threatened abortion of lower abdomen pain, if the expectant mothers do gynecological B -ultrasound and test blood HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), there is no problem, then children in the palace can be healthy regardless of whether they are used or not needed for fetal medicine.Growth and development.But for the prevalence of a threatened abortion that has not found obvious causes, we recommend that expectant mothers do not blindly protect the fetus, because the children who should not be kept can not be kept.Essence

Remember not to blindly protect your fetus!Knock the blackboard.

The aura abortions are aborted, the doctor reminds: Can’t blindly protect the fetus

Another case of vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain in early pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy is the place where the embryo grows in it. Obviously, the uterine cavity is its best health field, but it can run into a narrow and barren fallopian tube. If it is allowed to grow, it will break the fallopian tube.

In general, we recommend that expectant mothers do gynecological B -ultrasound and check blood HCG.The value of B -ultrasound and blood HCG can be well identified whether it is ectopic or internal pregnancy, but it is difficult to accurately identify intrauterine pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy in early pregnancy.To the HCG value is very low, it is impossible to judge at all.

Shortly after conception, I can’t see the gynecological B -ultrasound.

What should I do?You can only go home to take a good rest and observe without special treatment.If you continue to bleed, the amount is more than the menstrual period, there will be a hidden pain or pain on the lower abdomen, and you will go to the clinic when you are accompanied by anal swelling.Select conservative treatment or surgery for specific circumstances.””” “””

Pregnancy itself is an adventure. If expectant mothers are worried about various "obstacles" during pregnancy, they should be checked during pregnancy and pregnancy and prepare for all psychological preparations.But do not appear nervous and suspicious as soon as the "obstacles" appear. These negative emotions can affect the growth and development of the fetus.Remember, do n’t scare yourself when you encounter problems during pregnancy. There are still doctors behind you. If you have any doubts or suggestions, welcome to private messages or leave a message to Dr. Zeng in the comment area."Pregnancy"!

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