In order to hug the grandson, the mother -in -law asked her daughter -in -law to drink Chinese medicine. She found that she was a girl in 6 months of pregnancy and was complained by her in -laws.

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According to common sense, the Chinese people are now generally high in living, and they are even more open to boys and women. Most of them say that no matter whether boys and girls are the hearts of their parents.

However, I saw a female netizen on a social platform for help yesterday, and she said that:

I was pregnant last year. After pregnancy, my mother -in -law was looking for someone, and taking Chinese medicine can have a boy.

So I got a bunch of Chinese medicine for me.Now I am 6 months pregnant, and my belly is bigger. Every time my mother -in -law looks at my belly and says, "The sharp one must be a boy."

However, two days ago, I secretly did a B -ultrasound, a girl.

After discussing with her husband, I decided to tell her mother -in -law. I did not expect that after I told my mother -in -law, she complained that I came. What did I say?

Fortunately, my husband was more clearly affected. He directly refuted: Born boys and women are actually determined by men’s sperm, not determined by women’s belly.The gender of the fetus was determined at the moment of fertilization.You let Chinese medicine, we also eat it too, don’t you use it?Don’t listen to these soil methods in the future, it’s useless at all. Besides, girls are also fine!

To be honest, the girl’s mother -in -law is really the best.What time is it? I still have to hug my grandson, and I have no throne to inherit?I really take myself seriously ~~

In fact, the matter of having boys and women has something to do with men, and has little to do with women.

The chromosomes that determine gender are X and Y, women are XX chromosomes, and men are XY chromosomes.The Y chromosome comes mainly from men.

In human cells, there are 24 pairs of chromosomes. The genes on these chromosomes determine the height, complexion, and appearance of human body … Among the 24 pairs of chromosomes, 1 pair of chromosomes, called sex chromosomes, determine human gender.The sperm produced by a man contains X or Y chromosomes, and only one X chromosome is in the female eggs.If X sperm combined with X eggs, the fertilized eggs of XX are formed, and the baby given is a girl. If Y sperm combined with X eggs, the fertilized egg of XY is formed. The baby born is a boy.—— From the network

At present, some technical means can be used to interfere with the gender of the child.

For example, the diagnosis of embryo before planting is also an in vitro fertilized IVF. Before the embryo transplant, the embryo chromosomes are xx or XY, and then transplant according to the gender required.Before planting embryo diagnosis in my country is strictly restricted to the screening of congenital genetic diseases, and pure gender identification is illegal.—— From the Internet.

The natural reproduction of human beings is in line with the laws of the development of the biological world.

With the development of science and technology, many people in the countryside have seriously emphasized the thoughts of men and women. In order to want boys, they do B -ultrasound after 5 months of pregnancy in pregnant women.Respect, and now China’s gender ratio is already seriously imbalanced. Boys have tens of millions of more than girls, and they must be paid attention to.

It is understood that in 2020, Chinese marriage and men with age are 20 million more than women.

As parents, boys and girls are the same. With the improvement of cultural level and people’s cognitive level, girls have more room for development than boys.Many boys now lack masculinity, but girls dare to say that they are enviable.

Especially many adolescent boys around them are very restrained and restrained, giving people less brave than girls.

Today’s topic: Do you think boys are good?Or is it better?

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