In order to build a file, you will not be busy with pregnancy!

The establishment of obstetrics in obstetrics refers to the process of establishing your pregnancy file in the hospital to record the results and health status of the prenatal examination.If you need to have children in first -tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, you must choose a hospital to build a hospital after pregnancy and check in in order to give birth in this hospital.

However, the population density of large cities, insufficient medical resources, coupled with the opening of the second child policy, the number of senior expectant mothers has increased, and such high -risk groups tend to be a better medical environment.In this way, the beds of obstetrics hospitals or three hospitals are tight.

Born in a big city, the establishment of the file has become a troublesome thing that makes people compete.Don’t panic first, Dr. Dudu combed the construction process for everyone, let’s take a look.

Family early pregnancy confirmation is the first step from the transition from pregnancy to pregnancy. Most pregnant mothers know that they are pregnant from the pregnancy test stick.Regarding the specific content confirmed by family early pregnancy, you can view this article in preparation- "Stop contraception and start creating people": "Confirmation of Early Pregnancy -Family pregnancy test" (return to the Raiders interface, you can easily switch to the pregnancy preparation stage.oh!).

The time to use pregnancy testing tools to test pregnancy, it is best to predict the day when the next menstruation is coming.Starting from the first day of the last menstruation for the first day of pregnancy, measurement on the fourth pregnancy week+1 day, the effect is better.

If you want to build a file in a better hospital, a very important strategy is "early"!Therefore, once you test your pregnancy through the early pregnancy test strip, you should go to a nearby hospital for blood test.The inspection of this step has the following attention.

① Time: After the family’s early pregnancy is confirmed, the sooner the better.

② Location: Near.

③ Materials: ID card, medical insurance card, if there are medical records, you can also bring it.Due to blood drawing, it is best to go on an empty stomach in the morning.

④ Step: The same step as the general consultation.

First, hang the obstetric number (you can hang the gynecological number). After the doctor asked, the blood test will be opened, and the blood can be tested after paying.Go in the morning, and usually get results in the afternoon.After the test results come out, ask the doctor to confirm whether you are pregnant.

In this step, in the second and third -tier cities or small cities, there is no competitive pressure. It is a relatively relaxed step. Pick up the hospital, and it will be fine when it will go directly.If you don’t know the idea of choosing a hospital, you can check this article ☞ "Hospital Selection".

However, in the first -tier cities, the hospital has not yet ended, and it is necessary to make an appointment for registration.There are many people in first -tier cities and scarce sources. If you wait until the day of the appointment, it is too late.Therefore, reservation registration is the first step in selecting the archives of the hospital, and it is also a key step in success.

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After confirming pregnancy and determining the delivery hospital, you must make an appointment for registration.Depending on the city, the registration time for appointments is different.

There are many ways to make an appointment for registration, such as telephone appointments, online appointments, WeChat appointments, etc. At present, there are many apps with appointment registration. Pregnant mothers need to find more methods and try more to improve the success rate.

Some hospitals are too popular to reach the number. They can only be counted as the date and queue up one day in advance.For the sake of children, Bao Ma Bao had to work hard.

After confirmation, register in the streets and communities in the place where you are in a designated hospital or community service center.After the inspection is completed, the relevant unit will issue a registration manual.This process is called "Book" or "Card Card".

"Books" have the following attention:

① Time: Different regions have different time.

② Location: Community Health Service Center or designated hospitals.

③ Materials: The original ID card, marriage certificate, residence permit (residence permit), and hospital examination certificate of both husband and wife.According to the differences in the area and the differences between the husband and wife, and the identity differences, the specific materials are different.

The process of "built a book" is relatively simple, according to the staff instructions.It is best to contact the relevant units in advance to confirm the working time of the other party, the required documents, etc., and bring the required materials at one time to avoid waste of time.

After making an appointment or hanging up the day before, you can go to the clinic to make an appointment to build a file.The appointment is actually confirmed to be pregnant again in the hospital you chose.

With the "Health File" (small card) and the hospital confirmed that pregnancy is confirmed, some hospitals need B -ultrasound fetal heart buds.Doctors will help you calculate the due date. The date of pregnancy and file construction in your medical records is generally around 12 weeks of pregnancy.

After the appointment is successful, you can go to the hospital to complete the corresponding examination at the hospital around 12 weeks of pregnancy, and set up files at the construction file.

This is the whole process of archives. Depending on the region and time, there may be small differences in details.In short, if you want to set up files in the popular hospitals in first -tier cities, prepare for preparation during pregnancy, do full homework, and find pregnancy earlier, the higher the success rate.


1. Popular hospital places are limited. Some hospitals are calculated on a monthly basis. Pregnant mothers who are expected at the end of the month will suffer a little bit, and the competitive pressure is greater.

2. Pregnant mothers in first -tier cities should not only stare at one hospital, it is best to prepare two hands or multi -handed preparation.Before you make an appointment, you can ask the hospital where you still have a file. If there are no places, you will be re -elected as soon as possible to avoid the unable to build the file.

3. If it is not an elderly pregnancy or a high -risk pregnant mothers who have diseases, there is no need to compete for the places of the production expert, which will cause waste of resources.

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