In autumn, eating sweet potato pumpkin is better to eat red beans. It is extremely nutritious.

Introduction: In autumn, eating sweet potatoes and pumpkins is better to eat it. It is extremely nutritious.

Hello everyone, I am a silly sister’s food. The hot summer after Bailu’s solar terms has been replaced by the autumn wind.Cold air is coming, and most areas have significantly cooling the climate. People often say: "One autumn rain and cold."It is cold. In addition to eating some foods such as chicken, duck, fish, and other foods to enhance your physique and resist the cold, we also need to be matched with vegetables, such as some seasonal vegetables, fruits, grains, and grains.

The old saying: "Eating beans in autumn is better than eating meat."In addition to the cold, you have to eat more beans. Today we recommend the food of red beans, and red beans are a highly nutritious grain food.It is often used for drinking porridge. Its nutritional value is extremely high. Red beans are also called acacia beans and small beans, which contain high protein, low calories, dietary fiber, trace elements, rich vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and various minerals.EssenceIn the autumn, some red beans can be appropriately supplemented by nutrition and enhance physical fitness in time.Especially for female friends to eat more, it can improve anemia and alleviate the cold hands and feet in autumn.

In autumn, eating sweet potato pumpkin is better to eat it. It is extremely nutritious.Today, I will share with you the delicious methods of red beans. Simply steaming, sweet and soft.

[Red Bean sticky bean bag] The prepared ingredients are: red beans, jujube, white sugar, glutinous rice flour

The specific method is as follows: The first step: First of all, when we buy red beans, we have to choose the bright color and look full.The red beans I bought are cleaned. We need to soak it for one night in advance, because the red beans’s shell is relatively hard. It can save time and cooked easily when cooking in the evening.Come to cook red beans, so that the red beans can be cooked for about 1 hour.Put the soaked red beans in the ordinary pot and cover the pot, add more water, and cook for an hour.

Step 2: The cooked beans will be crushed with their hands. After cooking, they will be dried into the large bowl and sprinkle the appropriate amount of sugar. According to their own taste, you can put more to eat sweet. Stir with chopsticks. Stir with chopsticks.At first, while the beans are hot and sugar, it is easy to melt.Wash the red dates, remove the dates, cut it into small pieces and put it in the beans, add an appropriate amount of glutinous rice noodles, stir with chopsticks, so that the beans and jujube are covered with glutinous rice flour. If it is too dry, you can put a small amount in a small amountStir until it sticky.

Step 3: In order to prevent sticking hands, put on disposable gloves with both hands, take a dough, make a ball in both hands, put it in the pot, and put a layer of drawers at the bottom of the cage drawer to prevent sticking to the pan, under the water, cook, cook a large heat, cook on high heatAfter opening, steam for another 15 minutes without having to simmer.

The sweetness of a red bean and red dates is really good. Take a bite, full of red beans and red dates, each bite is soft and glutinous and sweet, and it also retains the taste of jujube and red beans.Too satisfied.Friends who like to eat sticky bean bags can make some, simple and delicious, you will learn!

Cooking tips: Friends who like to eat barley can also put some barley. According to their own taste, the grains and glutinous rice flour can be steamed together. The taste is soft and sweet!

Have you ever eaten red bean sticky bean bag?What other different food methods do red beans?Welcome to leave a message to share your cooking experience and make more friends learn to benefit. If my sharing is helpful to you, remember to like it, collect, and pay attention. Today’s sharing is here. Thank you for your reading and support. WeSee you tomorrow, goodbye!

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