In August pregnancy, the belly suddenly "harden", the pregnant mother cried directly, but the doctor laughed after the examination

During the pregnancy, every expectant mother hopes that the fetus in her stomach can be peaceful and healthy.Because there are many uncertain cases during pregnancy, the health problem of the fetus is a problem that every parent cares about.During pregnancy, there may be many physiological reactions that you have never encountered in your body. Once these reactions occur, there is no experience in pregnant women.Today, I will share with you a very interesting thing: a pregnant woman has eight months of pregnancy, and her belly suddenly becomes very rigid. I only know the truth after the hospital for examination.

Xiaoqin is just 20 years old this year. She is a pregnant woman after zero. She has been married for less than a year with her husband. Now she has been pregnant for eight months.Although Xiaoqin is not very old, since her pregnancy, the mother’s halo on her body is very prominent.Xiaoting likes to touch her belly every day, looking forward to the moment when her baby is born.It feels like his baby is definitely a very beautiful and cute baby. I believe that many expectant mothers have such psychology.

When Xiaoqin was eight months pregnant, Xiaoqin was ready to sleep on a weekday night.Before going to bed, Xiaoting touched his stomach and the fetus in his stomach.However, this time he obviously felt that his stomach felt different from the previous feel, very hard, so he also let her husband touch it, and her husband felt something wrong, so the two immediately became nervous.

After all, there is no such phenomenon during the whole pregnancy. What is going on?So she also shouted her mother -in -law and looked at it. As soon as her mother -in -law found that her daughter -in -law’s belly really became very hard and very nervous.And some time ago, there was a pregnant woman on the town. She had a miscarriage when she was seven months pregnant. I thought that the piano was very scared, so I immediately went to the hospital with my family.

On the way to the hospital, Xiaoqin was so anxious to cry, because since she was pregnant, she has been paying very much attention to the fetus in her belly. Now such an urgent situation has made him unacceptable for a while.Her mother -in -law and husband have been comforting her, saying that there is nothing wrong with the fetus, and soon arrived at the hospital.

The doctor saw that the group was very nervous and scared, so he immediately checked Xiaoqin.After the examination, the doctor said with a smile: You can rest assured that the fetus in the stomach develops very well, and the belly is caused by pseudo -contractions. This is a normal physiological reaction during pregnancy.Many pregnant women will have such a reaction.

When I heard that the doctor said that the family was relaxed, it turned out to be a stunned. Xiaoqin, who was confused, still felt very strange, so I asked the doctor: Why did the pseudo -contraction belly suddenly hardened?The doctor explained to Xiaoqin that because of the third trimester, the uterus will continue to shrink regularly. The more it is near the birth of the fetus, the more this situation will become.Mom reminds me that I will come out to meet you soon.

Hearing the doctor’s explanation.Xiaoting finally smiled.In fact, in addition to false contractions during pregnancy, pregnant women will also cause frequent urination or even leakage, and lower body edema. These are normal physiological reactions. Do not panic when you want to give birth!

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