In addition to proved to be pregnant, HCG also hides these secrets

[Introduction] In addition to proved to be pregnant and hidden these secrets, do you know?

Blood HCG examination is to judge whether women are pregnant by measuring HCG values in women’s blood. The best examination time is 8 to 10 days after the same room, which is more accurate than the traditional urine HCG results.

What is HCG

HCG Chinese is called human chorionic gonadotropin. It is generally produced 6 days after pregnancy, and it is also at the time of fertilized eggs. More than 150IU/ml in the blood may be pregnant.After HCG is secreted, it will stimulate the mother’s body to produce progesterone, and progesterone can stabilize the internal environment of the uterine to avoid interference from external force in the uterine embryo.

How important is HCG and progesterone

If the embryo in the uterus wants to develop healthy and normal, it must be inseparable from the safety of sufficient nutrition and embryo itself.HCG generally judges the secretion through double the situation. The doubling situation is not good. The embryo obtains insufficient nutrition, and the development of development may occur.The progesterone is helpful for the stability of the embryo bed, the progesterone secretion is insufficient, the embryo is easy to bed, and abortion occurs.

HCG, progesterone and abortion love each other and kill each other

1. Poority of HCG and low level of progesterone

According to the previous article, the effects of HCG and progesterone on the embryo are very important. When both are low, the embryos are difficult to keep. Generally, clinicians will recommend preparation measures.abortion.Both HCG and progesterone may be that the embryo itself has problems. If forcibly preservation is performed, it may cause danger to pregnant women.

2. HCG doubles very good, progesterone levels are low level

Periations are stimulated by HCG, and the level of progesterone is simply low, indicating that embryo growth and development are in normal state, while HCG’s stimulation of progesterone is not enough.In order to avoid abortion in this case, pregnant women need to be restrained, and progesterone supplements can be appropriately carried out.

3. HCG has doubled, and progesterone is normal

This situation is rare in clinical, because HCG promotes the generation of progesterone, HCG is not good, and progesterone is generally not good.There are generally two cases: (1) Double HCG "Relative" is not good: the HCG value has increased, but it is not doubled. It is so bad that it is relatively bad.(2): HCG doubles "Absolutely": When the value is doubled in one range, if it doubles within 8 days, this situation needs to be excluded with ectopic pregnancy, and then consider whether there is a problem with the embryo.

In summary, HCG can not only simply judge whether it is pregnant, and the prediction of the growth, development and abortion of the embryo has certain clinical value.


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