In addition to pregnancy, there are also hydatidians in addition to pregnancy?

In addition to ectopic pregnancy, there is also a situation similar to pregnancy, which will also make the pregnancy test stick display two bars, but it is not the pregnancy that you think, but "hydatidal".

Maybe you will ask, what kind of disease is hydatidifier?Is it related to eating grapes without spit seeds?

What is a hydatidifier?

As early as AD, there was a record of 600 women’s births.Later, people knew that this so -called "bleeding" was an abnormal human pregnancy.

During normal pregnancy, before the fetal formation, the placenta is composed of countless fluff tissues. When the center blood vessels of the fluff disappear, the velvet edema deforms, and it will form a variety of blisters.A bunch of grapes, so it is named for hydroma.

At present, it is generally believed that hydatidal is mainly caused by the abnormal expression of chromosomes from sperm. Surgery genetic substances are the main causes of nourishing cell proliferation.

Of course, it may also be associated with nutritional status, socio -economic factors, age (the probability of women over 35 years old is 2 to 7.5 times that of young women) and previous history of hydatidal fetus.

Therefore, please take it back to the ax of the husband and continue to look down.

What are the performances of hydatidus?

Portex tires are also a pregnancy, which also has menopause and early pregnancy reactions. When the following situations occur, they should be alert to hydatiditic tires.

1. After menopause, vaginal bleeding

Most patients with hydatidia will occur in vaginal bleeding at 8-12 weeks of menopause.

But do n’t bleed, first put yourself on a hat of “pregnant”.Don’t panic and anxiety. What you need to do at this time is to go to the hospital to do serum human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) measurement and B -ultrasound examination. When the results come out, it will naturally conclude.

2. Pregnancy

The uterus of some hydatate patients will increase abnormally, which is full of hydatidal tissue, and the serum HCG level is abnormally increased, which leads to their early pregnancy reactions more serious than ordinary people and longer duration.

Therefore, please note that if the pregnancy vomiting is particularly powerful, even if it is not a hydatidifier, you should go to the hospital obediently.Otherwise, severe vomiting will increase the ketone body of pregnant women and disturbing hydrolysis, which is not conducive to fetal development.

3, lower abdominal pain

Due to the rapid growth of hydatiditic tires, the uterus expands rapidly, which is a paroxysmal lower abdominal pain.Generally, it is not severe and tolerate.But occasionally there are acute lower abdominal pain, which is more common in the time when ovarian cysts are reversed.

Due to the advancement of modern medical levels, many patients with hydatidum were found and diagnosed in the early days.Therefore, after pregnancy, you must find a reliable hospital to receive regular and regular inspections.

What should I do if I am pregnant?

Once the hydatid patients are diagnosed, they must clear the palace in time.

The Qing Palace and artificial abortion are almost the same.Portuguese patients are often relatively large and the texture is very soft. When the palace surgery is cleared, the uterine perforation will be dangerous when they are not careful.Therefore, the clear palace surgery of the hydatidal needs to be hospitalized, so as to ensure that the danger is lifted in the safest situation.

For the obvious uterine enlarged, it is necessary to cure the palace multiple times to ensure that it is completely cured.

Must review regularly

Many patients will not come to the hospital for review after the operation.Here we must knock on the blackboard!Patients who have undergone surgery must take a closer look at the review time, and then review them regularly in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.

Some girls thought that the operation was done once, and the result was not the case.Some patients with hydatidum have to perform several Qing Palace surgery, and even some of the Qing Palace surgery have to perform chemotherapy.

In addition, after seeing the following words, don’t cry: If the first treatment is not thorough, and the hydrophilic tires occur again, it is an invasive grape tire.This belongs to malignant nourishing cell tumors, do you say that scary is not scary?

Therefore, the following content is particularly important: After the Qing Palace surgery, please go to the hospital once a week to check (check for 6 months), and then change it to check every two months (6 months to check). A total of one year needs to be reviewed.Nothing can be less at a time.

When can you have a child again

Portuguese patients should be contracept for at least one year after healing!If you are anxious, you have to wait for the serum HCG to be more than half a year before you can get pregnant.Regarding contraception, the in vitro ejaculation and safety period are all ghosts. The upper ring may lead to irregular bleeding and easily affect the judgment of the doctor.It is recommended to choose condoms or oral contraceptives to safe contraception.

In daily life, patients with hydatidia should eat high -protein, high -dimensional vitamins, and digestible foods.Proper activities to ensure sufficient sleep.Sexual life should be prohibited for a month after the curettage, and the vulva is kept clean to prevent infection.Remember to follow up regularly.

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