In addition to menopause and pregnancy, women have these four symptoms, and they also expressed successful pregnancy.

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A colleague resigned a few days ago. She usually worked very seriously, and everyone wondered why she resigned.Later I learned that she was 4 months pregnant, but she never knew.Later, I found that the aunt hadn’t come for a while, and then I was pregnant.She felt that she owed her child some time ago, so she wanted to go home and raise her fetal.Later, some colleagues also said that how to discover how to get pregnant for 4 months is really great.Maybe most women find that they are pregnant and vomit signals. In fact, in addition to these, women have these four symptoms, which also means successful pregnancy.

1. The increase in the number of times to the toilet

If a woman is pregnant successfully, the number of times to the toilet during the day is significantly more than before. Even if you do n’t drink water, you will continue to go to the toilet.This is because after pregnancy, the uterus will become more congested, and the uterus and the bladder are closer, so they will compress the bladder.The urine volume of the bladder decreases, so it is easy to cause frequent urination.Therefore, women who are preparing for pregnancy should be more sensitive to this change. Don’t feel that there is a problem with your own urinary system.

2. Basic body temperature rise

Our usual temperature is relatively stable, usually around 36.5 degrees Celsius.However, the body temperature of women can change before and after ovulation. Usually, the temperature of the body temperature is relatively low before ovulation, and it rises after ovulation.If the pregnant woman finds that her body temperature continues to rise by 0.3-0.5 degrees Celsius for 20 days, and the aunt does not come, it is likely to be pregnant.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women should develop the habit of recording the temperature, so that if you are pregnant, you can find it in time.

3. fatigue and drowsiness

Many women may have such feelings when they are in the same room for about 10 days, that is, they often feel tired, sleepy, and a little like a cold symptoms.Women should never treat them with a cold, or even drink medicine. First, check whether they are pregnant.Because after pregnancy, the hormone in pregnant women changes in this situation.

4. chest pain

After pregnancy, the breasts of pregnant women will also change. Many people say that pregnancy is a secondary period for women’s breasts.Indeed, after pregnancy, pregnant women will feel the pain of chest pain, and the color of RY will also get darker, and the range will become larger than before.This is a normal phenomenon. This is the preparation of the pregnant woman’s body for postpartum breastfeeding. Pregnant women should also pay attention to breast care during pregnancy.

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