In 2019, the 67 -year -old lady in Shandong was naturally conceived and gave birth to a baby girl. Someone came to ask for a secret recipe

On October 25, 2019, Huang Weiping, a 68 -year -old in Zaozhuang, Shandong, became his father for the third time.

His wife, Tian Xinju, gave birth to a baby girl at a 67 -year -old age, and was considered "the oldest naturally conceived mother in China."

Nearly 70 years old, this small "accident" was ushered in. Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju believed that this was a gift from Heaven, so he named his daughter "God".

But in the early stages of pregnancy, in order to leave this child, the couple and children who had been 40 years old had almost cut off their relationship. Huang Weiping said directly and said, "Don’t need their consent, our own children, we must raise it ourselves!"

How does Tian Xinju conceive this child?What kind of story is there?How do they live with their children now?

Tian Xinju (left) and Huang Weiping (right) and their daughters

Speaking of pregnancy, the old couple said it was completely an accident.

The two never planned to have a child. They found that they were pregnant when they went to the hospital when they were unwell.

"If you want a child, you have long been required, and you don’t have to wait until you are so old now, it is purely unexpected."

In 2018, Tian Xinju was unfortunately suffered from a cerebral infarction.

During the treatment, the hospital prescribed some medicines for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Tian Xinju found that the regular holidays had stopped for a long time after taking the medicine, and it came every month since then.

Such an abnormal phenomenon made her very worried. She also went to the hospital for examination, but the doctor told her that everything was normal.

When I went to the examination in January 2019, the doctor said she was pregnant!

"I’m so old, how is it possible?"

Tian Xinju didn’t believe it, and felt that the doctor had a wrong diagnosis. As a result, she went to the examination after more than 2 months. The doctor said that she was really pregnant and the fetus had been 4 months.

Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping had a daughter and a son. When she was pregnant, Tian Xinju had some pregnancy reactions, but there was no reaction in this child. She was so stable that she thought it was an illusion.

If the child is still young, the couple will definitely not want it, but the 4 -month fetus shows that there is a shape on the B -ultrasound.

And in such a large month, children can only induce labor and cannot have a miscarriage.

Tian Xinju was a pediatrician doctor at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Zaozhuang City before. She had seen the process of induction of labor. That picture made her unforgettable for a lifetime.

Let her kill a child, she really can’t do it.

The old couple had discussed it, and went for a pregnancy test first. If the fetus had problems, it would induce labor; if it was healthy, then worked hard.

As a result, it came out soon, the fetus was healthy, and the test results were very good.

And Tian Xinju has no adverse reactions since pregnancy, and other indicators of the body are normal.

Both were very surprised and determined that the child was a gift given to them by heaven, so regardless of the doctor’s opposition, he decided to give birth to the child.

Such a decision is undoubtedly very risky. Pregnant women over 35 years old are already pregnant women, and Tian Xinju is 67 years old. If she continues to be pregnant, she may bring her unimaginable danger to her body.

But the couple are determined and insist on leaving this child.

But this kind of thing is not acceptable to everyone, especially their sons and daughters who are already 40 years old.

The old couple had previously raised a pair of children, and they were married and had children.

When Tian Xinju was pregnant, her youngest granddaughter was 14 years old, in junior high school, and her largest granddaughter was 18 years old.

The two originally agreed that no one should tell. Even her son just thought that his mother was getting fat and did not take care of it. It was not until the child was reported by major media after the child was born. Then he knew that his parents added a sister to him.

But Tian Xinju and her daughter were intimate, and it didn’t take long for her daughter to tell her daughter that her daughter could not accept it at all.

"Resolutely oppose, if you are born, you will cut off your relationship!"

The daughter couldn’t accept such "unusual" things, and she was worried about her mother’s body. She tried to persuade the old couple to give up the child, and even "threatened" with the relationship between mother and daughter.

But the two were lonely and resolutely to be born, so the daughter never came to the house, and when the child was born, he did not appear in the hospital.

Huang Weiping can also understand his daughter’s thoughts, but he said: "Don’t need their consent, our children, we raise it ourselves."

Huang Weiping became a lawyer after leaving the unit in the early years. Now he is about to have a daughter. He takes care of his pregnant wife while working, and is often busy.

Tian Xinju is a pediatrician doctor at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Zaozhuang City. After retirement, he returned to 10 years. He just retired in the first two years.

The economic conditions of the two are pretty good, and the pension is more than 10,000 yuan together. They said that they will not drag their children, and they must rely on their own efforts to give a good educational environment for children who are not born.

At 36 weeks of pregnancy, considering Tian Xinju’s age and physical condition, the doctor decided to give her a caesarean section in advance.

Wang Xietong, the dean of the Shandong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, personally performed the surgery in just half an hour. He successfully received a 2560 gram baby girl, and his mother and daughter were safe.

After his wife was pushed into the operating room, Huang Weiping had been hovering at the door. There was a layer of sweat on the head, and he was happy to be his father and worried about his lover’s body.

Fortunately, he didn’t wait too long. When he saw the little baby tightly wrapped in the red veil, Huang Weiping was so excited that he was shaking.

Tian Xinju was quickly transferred from the ICU to the general ward, but the child was still observed in the neonatal intensive care unit because of premature birth.

Looking at the daughter who slept sweetly with Xiaofen’s fist, the old couple felt very happy: "We named her named Tianci, which means that God gave us a gift. I hope she will also like this name in the future."

The news of "God is born, mother and daughter safe" immediately spread throughout the Internet, which put a lot of pressure on the couple.

Some people support them, and some are worried about their children’s future life, and many people want to know, why can Tian Xinju be pregnant at the age of 67?

Since giving birth to Tianci, there are many couples who have been troubled by infertility for many years to find the old couple and want to ask the "secret".

But the husband and wife couldn’t say one reason: "We are not deliberately prepared for pregnancy, nor have no secret recipes."

Huang Weiping told people who came to "ask for advice" to believe in science, go to the medical department, go to the infertility center for inspection, and use scientific methods to solve it.

Tian Xinju emphasized that the love of husband and wife is the first one.

Tian Xinju met Huang Weiping when he was 19 years old. The two were free to fall in love. In that era, it was a "rebellion".

At that time, she was still in the health school. Huang Weiping had already worked in the institution unit and rode a bicycle to pick her up in the eyes of others every day.

In order to be together with Hetian Xinju, Huang Weiping also gave up the opportunity to promote, but he never regretted it.

In 1977, the two entered the palace of marriage.

For 42 years, both of them were as sweet as they were in love. Huang Weiping took care of her meticulously. Housework was also all -inclusive. In addition to love to drink drinking, spending money, he was an impeccable good husband.The Gu family is a good man. "

After entering middle age, the couple pays great attention to health. They never eat condiments such as chicken essence and monosodium glutamate. Huang Weiping never smokes. At most, drink small wine, and his body has always been good.

After retiring, Huang Weiping will take his wife everywhere, as if returning to the appearance when he was just in love. Tian Xinju’s face was full of smiles: "In addition, his physical condition is not bad, everything will be successful."

However, in 2015, the two mentioned that Tian Xinju gave birth to a great anger in a quarrel with Huang Weiping. The next day, dizzy and blood pressure came up.

The two went to the hospital to see. Traditional Chinese medicine told Tian Xinju as qi and blood stasis, and prescribed some Chinese medicine for her to adjust her body.

After drinking for a while, Tian Xinju felt that her body was better, and her complexion was also good. The people who saw her said that her face was rosy.

Later, during the treatment of cerebral infarction in 2018, the medicine of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis came with a holiday, which may be related to these experiences.

Zou Liying, an obstetric expert of Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital, said that after menstruation, menstruation needs to be achieved through hormone replacement. The drug that promotes blood circulation and stasis can not achieve this role.

The obstetric director of a three -in -hospital hospital in Beijing said, "This is not a problem that can be solved by taking some medicine. If she can get pregnant if she takes some promotional blood blood stasis, it is the discovery of the Nobel Prize level."

Experts are also surprised to Tian Xinju’s natural conception, but pointed out that this is only an individual difference. It is believed that the latest childbirth age should not exceed 45 years, otherwise it is not good for mothers and children.

The voices such as amazing, doubt, blessings, and ridicule of the outside world are constantly, but the mentality of the old couple is very optimistic.

They just want to raise great heavenly and escort her growth.

Huang Weiping said: "This child was given to me God, I have to raise her well, what others say, let them go."

After her daughter was born, Huang Weiping invited a moonlight, and the children began to raise the child by themselves after the full moon.

Because Tian Xinju often hurt her knees and hurt her vitality in production, so she took care of the child’s burden on Huang Weiping.

Huang Weiping took care of his daughter and cooks for his wife, and his housework did not fall, and everything was handy.

Godci is more obedient. The old couple is not struggling to take care of it, because she has raised two children and has more experience. Xiao Tianci grew up day by day and is very healthy.

The retirement of the two is more than 10,000 yuan per month. Huang Weiping, who is working as a lawyer, usually responds to the case, and the economic pressure is not great.

And there are many kind people who care about small heavenly gifts. From time to time, some diaper and milk powder will be sent. There is also a company that a company promises to bear all diapers of Xiaotianci, which greatly relieves the pressure of the couple.

The couple also fulfilled the original promise. In the process of raising God, there were no trouble over the other two children.

And a pair of children also slowly accepted this new sister, especially her daughter. When holding this little sister, her face was full of love.

Slowly, the children were willing to come back to visit the old couple, and they also proposed to help the two of them with their children, but they were rejected by Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping.

They know that children are busy at work, as long as they can take care of one day, they will not bother their children.

The granddaughter of the old couple knew that there was a aunt who was younger than them. She was very surprised. The granddaughter Xuan Xuan (a pseudonym) went to the hospital to visit once when he was born.

I wanted to see the "little aunt", but Tianci was still in the guard room and could not do so.

Compared to the indifference and entanglement of his parents at the time, Xuan Xuan calmly accepted the fact: "It’s not happy and unhappy, just feel okay. My grandma gave birth to her aunt."

The old couple also recognized 4 daughters and two sons. They would come to visit them during the New Year’s Day.

One of the elder sister of God

The couple also opened on the social platform, sharing the happiness of the little daughter’s God’s god -free, and they were very happy every day.

But after all, they are older. When they are adults, they have been nearly ninety years old, and many things have to be planned early.

In the early stages of pregnancy, Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping checked various materials, of which the harm to the older child was the most understandable.

Most elderly maternal children will have innate deficiencies. Although their daughter’s physical examination results are not bad, the two still dare not take it lightly.

When he was born, Huang Weiping stored her germinated stem cells between umbilical cords: "I know some situations, and know that the accommodation germinated stem cells are good for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and degenerative joint diseases."

The couple pays more attention to exercise and health. In their hometown, it is not new to the elderly to live to the age of 90.

They also want to live until the age of 90 and be able to watch Tianci adults. It would be better if they can still set up a job, so that the old couple will be relieved.

On the seventh day of the birth of God, Huang Weiping went to his daughter to a hukou

Tian Xinju also intends to teach her to cook after 8 years old, at least she can take care of her own.

The two also bought insurance for Tianci and made some savings.Tian Xinju even considered that in case her and her husband died first, then found a good family who had no children to adopt a good family to ensure that she could live well in the second half of her life.

There are rumors about the distribution of property. Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju said that they would never be eccentric after a hundred years.

"Which child is the meat dropped by his mother!"

Before the death, the couple will make a will and arrange all the problems, and there will be no trace of eccentricity.

Now Xiaotianci is more than 2 years old. A big family likes this little girl very much, and gets along very well with each other.

However, Tian Xinju’s old -age production child is still very dangerous and is not worth promoting.

Although her mother and daughter are safe, they are just an example. Not everyone can do it. I hope everyone can have birth at the appropriate age group. Do not take their own health and the safety of the mother and child’s life to take risks.

No matter what, Tianci has come to this beautiful world, because of the particularity of the family, her future may be full of unknown difficulties and challenges.

I just hope that the outside world can pay more care and less controversy to Xiaotian, so that this unexpected miracle can have a beautiful ending.

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