In 2017, the 70 -year -old man in Hunan "derailed and had children", excitedly appreciated the love woman 150,000, and cried in the family wife

In Changsha, Hunan in 2017, a 70 -year -old man held his mobile phone joyfully and showed off something with the villagers.The villagers shook their heads and looked helplessly watching this happy old man who did not know what his surname was. Is this a big event?

It turned out that the old man said that a woman had just gave birth to a child, and it was still a son.But this old man is 70 years old, who can give him a child?Wouldn’t it be deceived?

The story has to be told a few years ago. The old man is called Huang Wenren, and the original match is Tang Silan. The two have gone through 36 years.

The two have been separated, because the old man was derailed, a divorced middle -aged woman who was 24 years younger than him. The woman’s name was Zhang Fengbo.

Why does a 70 -year -old old man willing to give him a child?This woman is also a funeral family. With two children, such a heavy economic pressure, why not find a young and powerful man to live, but instead see this bad old man and willing to have children for him?

What is the cause and effect of this incident?You have to seek the truth from the parties.

Under the leadership of the village director, Tang Silan returned to Huang Wenren’s rented residence.As soon as he entered the house, he was tripped by the strong odor in the room and the garbage everywhere on the ground.I saw that Huang Wenren was sitting in the corner without turning on the lights, and packaged the material of the sweet wine.

It turned out that although Huang Wenren was 60 or 70 years old, with the good craftsmanship of winemaking, he could have a tens of thousands of dollars a year, which is a high -income group in rural areas.Didn’t you mean that the husband derailed with other women?Why is he only living in this small house, where did that woman go?

It turned out that Huang Wenren had only seen one side with the young woman, that is, when he saw that side, the two had a relationship.After that, the woman called Huang Wenren and said that she was pregnant.

Seven months later, the woman gave birth to a baby boy and told Huang Wenren that this was his pro -son.All of them were conducted through mobile phone chats, including production inspections, children, and confinement. Huang Wenren was not present.I haven’t seen it after the child was born. Only a few photos of Zhang Fengbo sent to Huang Wenren.

Even so, Huang Wenren saw that the other party had given birth to his son, but he was happy in his heart, and a total of 150,000 yuan passed.Tang Silan was in his old love and did not intend to divorce immediately with her husband. She just separated from her husband, but did not expect that her husband was still obsessed and took out the money at home to raise that woman and child.

I have come to her husband’s house today, Tang Silan was so angry that Huang Wenren’s table was overturned on the spot.Because she saw her husband eat tofu, steamed buns, and pickles. This was to make money for the woman, and all the saved were hard -earned money.

Tang Silan could no longer suppress the resentment and anger in his heart. Regardless of the obstruction of the village secretary, he overturned the table and scolded the husband’s nose:

"You are in his 70s, and you are going to bed with other women. I have been with you for so many years. When did you do housework at home?How can you be worthy of me? "

But her husband Huang Wenren was indifferent, and he still fiddled with the tools of brewing in his hand.The village secretary couldn’t stand it anymore, and took the initiative to persuade Huang Wenren to say:

"Uncle Huang, we have been in the village for so many years. I have watched you and Sister Tang for so many years. Now you are in his 70s. You should have cared for it at home.Is it worth making money for others? And have you seen your child with your own eyes? What if she lie to you? "

Huang Wenren finally said that he was moved. He stood up and said aggressively:

"You really treat me as a fool. I don’t see it. I am afraid to destroy her reputation. It is not good for the child, so I do n’t go, but I guarantee that the child must be mine."

Next, Tang Silan’s words made everyone present silent. Tang Silan pointed at her husband’s nose and cursed:

"You are old and immortal, you get it with her in May. She gave birth to a child in December. Are you really your species?"

Huang Wenren did not show weakness. He clicked the text message from the woman to the village director and said confidently.You think this is the news she sent me, the child must be mine.

The village director took the mobile phone and looked at the mobile phone:

"Our children cried very well. I took him to the hospital for examination. I didn’t expect that he had had a fever. Now it costs a lot of money. I already owe 11,000 yuan for others., I really can’t live, I want to die, can you borrow some money for me, otherwise I can only bring my children to die. "

It is all such text messages that ask for money, and there are dozens of times one after another.And Huang Wenren explained that after reading such text messages, as a child’s father, how could he not give money?He also said with his doubts about his wife:

"This time seems to have problems, but I dare to guarantee that my child is mine because he is premature. If he meets next time, I will definitely do parent -child identification."

This incident is getting more and more staggering, and there is no discerning a result, so the village secretary can only comfort Tang Silan:

"Sister Tang, you can rest assured that we will definitely stand on your side.

The seemingly strong Tang Silan could no longer suppress the grievances in his heart, and was so angry that he cried.Why do husbands who have worked together for more than 30 years are derailed when they are 70 years old?In fact, this matter has to be said a few years ago.

It turned out that Huang Wenren and Tang Silan’s two daughters were married. One married to Xi’an, one married Xiangtan, and his son was married to become a family.The two of them were originally authentic farmers, and they only made some money through farming.However, who knows that in 2016, one year ago, Hongqiao Village was demolished and the land was collected. This is a great event.

Huang Wenren had a total of 14 people in total, and was divided into more than 2.8 million demolition funds.As the master of a family, Huang Wenren was hit by millions of huge sums of money overnight. Now Huang Wenren’s life has changed dramatically.But it was a great thing, but it made them fragmented.

First of all, this money made Huang Wenren’s eldest son Huang Xingming.He quit his original stable job and began to follow the wine and meat friends every day.After listening to the confusion of a friend, he was introduced to the casino gambling.The husband and wife were disappointed and distressed. They were fighting and scolded, but they couldn’t hear the son.

Huang Xinming’s wife saw that her husband was so obsessed, and simply married him.After the marriage, the eldest son was even more unscrupulous, and it lost a lot of time.Even if he closed him, he couldn’t quit the addiction in his heart, and he wanted to bet again, reverse the wind.So he borrowed usury to go to the casino again, and this time he still lost a blood.

This is usury, not a small number!Huang Wenren’s husband and wife danced like a thunder, and what made them unexpected was that the eldest son after losing money began to go to the night scene to drink, and those fox friends and dogs were taking drugs.In three gambling poison, he occupied two items alone.

Huang Wenren thought that his eldest son was completely abolished, but what could he do?So the two husbands and wives reported it directly and sent their sons to the detoxification center.Money was out of half, and his son went in, which gave Huang Wen a huge blow to the husband and wife.

And what is Zhang Fengbo?The relationship is also long.

In 2013, Huang Wenren listened to the news of the neighborhood neighbor.I heard that the lecture on the town can send egg noodles. I do n’t know if it is a MLM organization.That is, in such an organization, he met Zhang Fengbo, who was in his 40s.

Zhang Fengbo is a offline of the MLM organization, and Huang Wenren is the offline that she wants to develop.After brainwashing, Huang Renwen was confused by Zhang Fengbo. Not only did he be trapped in, he also encouraged his son to invest in this project together.

In this way, the two stayed in the MLM organization for 4 years, and all the money was drifting.However, Zhang Wenbo was just a small offline in this organization, and he couldn’t afford any waves, so he left the MLM organization with Huang Wenren’s father and son.

It can be seen that at the beginning, Zhang Fengbo was a woman who was inappropriate, and it was no wonder that Tang Silan suspected that the child’s biological father was his husband.

So where is the child in Zhang Fengbo’s mouth?After many sides of the village secretary, they finally found Zhang Fengbo’s hometown: a town next to Yuelu District, Changsha City.He found the village deputy secretary in the local village and asked Zhang Fengbo’s current situation.

It turned out that Zhang Fengbo was a native of Ningxiang, Changsha City. He married his ex -husband in 2001, and then the husband and wife had been working in foreign countries.But two years ago, the ex -husband was arrested and imprisoned for participating in MLM.And he had cancer not long after he was in prison, and died in a few months. Zhang Fengbo was unknown until his husband died.

At this time, Zhang Fengbo’s family had already been abandoned, and there was no figure.How can I find her?Tang Silan found the brother of Zhang Fengbo’s ex -husband. He told the village party secretary that since his brother died, his brother -in -law had disappeared with his two children away from home. He didn’t know where he was.

And when Tang Silan said that Zhang Fengbo gave birth to a son for his husband, what Zhang Fengbo’s ex -husband’s brother said shocked everyone present. He said:

"How is it possible, it must be lied to you. Zhang Fengbo has already ligated. How can you still give birth to a child?"

As soon as this remark came out, Tang Silan’s speculation was directly confirmed.The village secretary was going to Zhang Fengbo’s call. After getting through, Zhang Fengbo explained: "I have always taken him as a concubine. The two of us have known each other for many years. How could I get him with him, how could I lie to him?"

At this time, Tang Silan couldn’t bear it directly and grabbed the phone: "Why do you lie to him? Say he gave birth to his child?"

Zhang Fengbo on the other side of the phone became carelessly: "I didn’t lie to him, I just gave birth to a child, but you can’t care about other things, don’t ask if you."

The village branch took the phone call and said to Zhang Fengbo: "Your behavior has been suspected of fraud. If you continue to deceive people now, it is you who go to jail."

After hearing this, Zhang Fengbo vomited the truth: "I did borrow a lot of money from Huang Wenren. The child is not his. I can only return that money slowly, and now it is not yet." It turned out that Zhang Fengbo was fancy.After Huang Wenren’s land acquisition, he had been deceived his trust and asked for money.

Zhang Fengbo’s behavior was suspected of fraud, so it must be alarming.However, the police demanded that they came forward to call the police in person. After knowing the truth, Huang Wenren, who was already shocked, still laughed, just like it had no effect on him.

Tang Silan was stunned: "Just ask you crazy? Why are you so happy?"

Huang Wenren smiled, and turned to tell the village secretary and said, "I know that this woman is very smart. This is to lie to you to lie to Tang Silan. The child must be mine. When the limelight passes, it will definitely take the child to see it with the child.Mine. "The village secretary was completely speechless.

After saying this, Huang Wenren continued to bury his head to make his own sweet wine.The facts of iron are in front of him. Why did he choose this way to escape and paralyze himself?There are all reasons for all.

Huang Wenren’s behavior is more like a mental illness.After talking with him, the psychologist finally told Tang Silan.It turned out that after the eldest son entered the detoxification center, all the deposits in the house were defeated, and this incident had a huge blow to Huang Wenren.

He had such a son who could raise them, but the son had completely destroyed, and he regarded Zhang Fengbo’s son as the only expectation in his life. He hoped that he could cultivate this child to become a talent and treat this matter as his life -saving straw.EssenceAnd Zhang Fengbo took advantage of this psychological weakness and seized the psychological dynamics, and then he continued to ask Huang Wenren to the living expenses.

He is already a paranoid disorder in medicine. He lives in his own world. The persuasion of the village secretary and Tang Silan cannot be listened at all, and it will continue to strengthen his views.

Is he in his fantasy?The police at the police station are in the special circumstances of the parties. They have no fulfilling behavior, so they directly file a case for investigation.If Zhang Fengbo is a scam, she will be punished directly.

It turned out to be like this!Tang Silan tears after hearing the doctor’s words.It is not easy to come for so many years. She wants to help her husband out of the predicament, repair the relationship between the entire family, take care of the grandson, wait for her son to leave prison, and start a new life.Do you agree with Tang Silan’s approach?

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