In 2014, the newlywed couple did not have the same room for three months, but the wife was unexpectedly pregnant. Husband: Don’t divorce

A newly married wife suddenly told her husband that she was pregnant, and her husband scolded: "How can you get pregnant without the same room?" The wife not only explained that she also asked to divorce, but did not expect that in the face of such a wife and husband, she begged hard: "Don’t divorce!"What exactly happened?

In 2014, a young guy asked reporters for help, claiming that his wife who had just married was still unwilling to have room with himself, and told himself two days ago that he was pregnant.Since his wife is pregnant, why is he insisted on divorce?Who is the child who is pregnant in the same room?

According to their stories that the young man told, the two people met with friends. When they first met, the woman worked in Guangzhou, and the man was in Xiangtan. The contact information of the two on weekdays were also text messages.

After half a year of getting along, both sides put forward the thoughts of marriage. Under the discussion of the families of both parties, the two went through the marriage formalities.But on the night of the wedding day, the wife did not let her husband touch himself, and bluntly said to the husband: "Why do you touch me?" Because of this, the two had a dispute that night.

After a month of life, the husband always thought that his wife was not suitable for life after marriage, so waiting for his wife to adjust his state, but on this day, he heard a clear news of the thunderbolt.

The wife told him that he was pregnant.The husband was instantly stunned: "From getting married to the present, I haven’t touched you. How can you be pregnant?" The wife bluntly said, "The child is not yours, let’s divorce."

For his wife before leaving, the husband could not be relieved for a long time. He begged his wife not to divorce, but he was kicked out of the door and could not see his wife.Divorce yourself, hopes to save your wife and not divorce yourself.

When the reporter saw this helpless guy, his face was lying on the bed full of sorrow, watching the dress when he got married, and the cabinet full of his wife’s clothing, now it has become empty, evenThe dressing table is also poor.

The young man told the reporter that on the night of marriage, he wanted to "husband and wife" with his wife, not only was rejected by his wife, but she even raised the stool on the side to smash herself. The reporter looked at the grievance in front of him.The young man who asked, asked, "Why is his wife this?

At this time, the young man refused to answer, and the mother on the side also wanted to speak. Finally, the mother saw the embarrassment of her son and couldn’t bear to say: "I only know a little.I don’t know, I chased afterwards, and I told me that they didn’t have the same room at all. "

In fact, the young man has never dared to answer his mother who always quarreled with his wife because he did not know how to explain to his mother that he had not been in the same room with his wife for three months.Very wondering why different rooms have to get married?

When the reporter heard his mother said this, he couldn’t help asking: "How did the two people sleep in different houses?" At this time, the young man on the side began to slowly tell the truth.

When he first knew his wife was pregnant, he asked: "Who is the child?" But at this time, the wife still said hard: "Why should I tell you?" The young man said: "We have no room in the same room.How can you have a child? Who do you have the power to know who the child is? "Then there was some disputes with his wife. The wife told him to divorce and packed up to leave the house.

Everyone knows that young people will take wedding photos and the like as a memorial.However, when the reporter visited, he didn’t see a photo of the whole family, so he asked the young man.

The young man said that when she was married, she would have a gift of 68,000 yuan, still holding in her hands, and there were no other wedding photos.Do n’t you like this? "The young man replied:" She said no, she refused. "Such a weird move made us feel a little strange. Is this marriage a scam?

Immediately afterwards, the reporter followed the young man to the place where his wife lived. When his wife opened the door to see the people and reporters, his mood became extremely excited. Not only did he shout out loud, he also pushed his husband out.

Looking at such an excited wife, the young man told reporters that she was such an emotion. When she didn’t see him, she let him go when she saw it. She kept saying that she was going to divorce. She couldn’t communicate at all.

With some disputes, the young man always asked his wife to explain to himself. Under the persuasion of the reporter, his wife came out of the house and said to the reporter: "The reason for divorce is? He hit me! You see me on me!The injury! "Speaking of the legs and sleeves for reporters.

The guy on the side kept saying: "I have been married for so long, and I do n’t let the same room sleep in the same room. This is the case every time.

When the reporter saw the scar on his wife, he probably understood the mood of his wife, and understood that his wife’s anger at this moment, and discussed with his wife’s good voice, "What are you grievances, you said." Then he asked the young man: "YouWhy do you grab her like this? Then you can’t hit her either. "

The young man explained to the reporter that he did not beat her, and those scars were also because of the "misunderstanding" of self -protection when there was a dispute.The wife also said, the more excited, the more aggrieved the more, and the more they had been arguing because of the problem of the same room and the child. The reporters saw this. Considering that the wife is still a pregnant woman, they quickly separate the two.

The wife in the house told his wife as he cried that when he was married, he didn’t know that he was pregnant. When he found that he was pregnant, he immediately proposed a divorce, but the husband did not agree, and he did not hide it.What happened.

Later, the young man also explained to the reporter that he knew that the child was not his own, and told his wife that he could forgive this, but his wife had to let him know what happened, and the two could continue.It’s not a child!Both of them have to be considerate of each other!

After listening to the man’s statement, the reporter couldn’t help asking his wife, why did the husband be so tolerated or divorced?The wife said that after marriage, she found that the two were not suitable at all. After receiving the marriage certificate, his disadvantages of his problems were constantly revealed. He always quarreled and had no effect.Different, his wife also blame her betrayal on her husband.

The young man who couldn’t listen to walked out of the room. He cried to the reporter about his grievances and told reporters that he owed a lot of money in order to marry her.One, I also want to take good care of her parents, but now there is such a problem, and it is also very sad for her wife.

But despite this, the young man still told reporters that if his wife is willing to apologize and kill the child, she can also forgive her and her.

The next day, the two were invited to the program team to negotiate about it. They also hoped that the two could be happy to settle down and solve this matter.Stubbornly pointed more spearheads to the husband.

The host felt a little angry and informed her wife’s problem. Her frankness was not her betrayal method of betrayal. She couldn’t regret her husband because she felt that she had told her husband.No, but you can’t face this incident without any guilt.

Faced with the accusations of the host, his wife also lowered her head, and when she shed it, she didn’t know if she was guilty or felt that it was exposed and felt shameful.

Husbands who have been silent on the side have been constantly changing. The host also considers that it may be because of her face, and the wife has been reluctant to speak, trying to ask her husband if she can not apologize in public.

The husband also bluntly stated that his grievances. Under the host constantly asking and enlightening, the wife still insisted on saying that he would not want to continue. At this timeWords and even behavior attacks.The host and the staff on the side stopped the husband’s behavior immediately.

The host scolded her husband’s behavior. At this time, her husband really couldn’t bear it anymore, so he wanted to know whether his wife would admit it, but the stubborn wife was unwilling to admit it because of her husband’s move.

Watching the scene seemed to get out of control, the host gave the husband to choose. If you want to be together, sit down and say it, but if you don’t want to say it, then leave.After hesitating again, the husband left.Looking at the disappointed back, people can’t help but feel sorry for this guy.

The show also ended as the young man left. After the show, his wife told the show team that he would not leave this child. When the show team asked why he was not said on the show, his wife said that because of her behavior letting her behavior allowed her behaviorI feel that the two can no longer go on, so I don’t want to say on the show, nor does they want to turn back.

This farce is an end to this farce. Seeing such a story, I can’t help but sigh, did the wife love her husband?Why do you get married if you do n’t love?

Each of us has everyone’s thoughts. Of course, we can’t fully understand what they are thinking and why they make such a choice.From a objective perspective, the betrayal of his wife cannot be forgiven, but the violent behavior of the impulse of the husband is also unable to learn.

For love or marriage, since the two people choose to be together, they must be frank and loyal., Can’t say inappropriate words and inappropriate behaviors for a while.

The giving in love is mutual, as is marriage.Only two people understand and respect each other, can love and marriage last long.

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