In 2013, pregnant women are convenient to help their daughter at parking spaces. In order to stop, a couple will abortize a pregnant woman.

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On October 27, 2013, Ms. Ou, who was pregnant for two months in Shenzhen, was preparing to drive home. Daughter who was more than 5 -year -old suddenly said that she was anxious. Seeing this, Ms. Ou had to bring her daughter to solve it nearby.

Due to the tight parking spaces in the parking lot, as soon as Ms. Ou’s car was launched, the surname of Wang Wang, who had been looking for parking spaces, stared at the upcoming parking space.


But the couple surnamed the Ms. Ou did not drive out after the launch of Ms. Ou’s vehicle, which made them wait a little impatient, so she got out of the car to find Ms. Ou to check the situation.

And Mrs. Wang is also a temperament. From the car, Ms. Ou yelled at Ms. Ou: "You are obviously driving away, but now you stop again. You are the nausea, right?"

Ms. Ou felt that the other party was somehow. Seeing that the other party was still scolding herself, she naturally responded to the other party.

However, the friction on the corners of the two sides has become an irreparable fuse.


Mrs. Wang felt that she had nothing to say, that was, Ms. Ou occupied the parking space and wasted her precious time. She dared to scold herself again when she saw the other party.

At this moment, Ms. Ou, who was bearing the other party’s fist, shouted, "Don’t hit me, I have children in my stomach!"

Pregnant women’s photos (pictures are derived from the Internet)

Because Ms. Ou did not expect that the other party was so hot, it was okay to hit herself, but she was pregnant for two months. If the other party accidentally beat her belly, the fetus in the abdomen was likely not to be guaranteed.Intersection

After hearing that Ms. Ou was pregnant, the couple of Wang also immediately recovered her fist.

When Ms. Ou thought that the matter would end, the next move of Wang and his wife completely made an irreparable ending.

The couple surnamed Wang heard that Ms. Ou was pregnant, and she stopped her fist ready to fall, because they also knew the seriousness of beating pregnant women.

But Mrs. Wang looked at Ms. Ou’s belly, and she was no different from ordinary people. She felt that Ms. Ou was holding the term "pregnant woman" as a shield, and she felt that the other party was teasing herself.

So Mrs. Wang continued to add to Ms. Ou’s feet, and played harder than before. She also kicked a few feet towards Ms. Ou’s stomach.

The pain in the abdomen made Ms. Ou crying on the spot.

Women cry (the picture comes from the Internet)

Because the couple surnamed Wang was getting bigger and bigger, and quickly attracted a lot of crowds, but none dared to step forward to persuade, for fear of causing trouble.

As the saying goes, "Why do women suffer a woman?" One of the enthusiastic citizens, seeing Ms. Ou desperately protecting her belly, and the crying of crying, which made her unbearable and reported to the police.


Before the police arrived at the scene, Mr. Wang heard that after the crowd reported the police, he immediately stopped his wife’s scolding behavior, fearing that his wife would enter the game because of hitting people.

After a while, the police rushed to the scene of the incident and asked about what happened to Ms. Ou and Wang.

When Ms. Ou saw the police’s arrival, she seemed to see her life -saving straw. She talked about her experience in tears, and Mr. Wang also admitted that his wife first hit Ms. Ou.

When the police heard that Ms. Ou who was beaten was a pregnant woman, the expression on her face became serious.


Because pregnant women belong to the vulnerable groups in society, if pregnant women suffer physical attacks, it is likely to cause irreparable consequences.

Even if Ms. Ou did not get pregnant, she was a victim in this physical conflict, and the people police knew the consequences of beating her.

Pregnant women (pictures are derived from the Internet)

No matter what the victim is treated, the perpetrators will be punished accordingly. The circumstances will be lighter or 500 yuan for 5 days or a fine of 500 yuan, and the fines of more than 10 days are 200-500 yuan, and even seriously to a certain degree of criminal responsibility.

But the police looked at Ms. Ou’s belly, not like a pregnant woman, so she asked her to go to a nearby hospital for a examination to prove her identity of her pregnant woman.

However, this move laid a crisis for later.

Hospital color ultrasound room (picture derived from the Internet)

At that time, Ms. Ou was only two months pregnant. Naturally, her belly was not particularly large. In addition, Ms. Ou was usually a person who paid attention to her figure.

So in the eyes of outsiders, she is an ordinary people, but she heard the police say that she had to go to a nearby hospital for a check to give a relevant certificate.

In order to prove that she did not lie, she went to a recent hospital to make a B -ultrasound. The results showed that the fetal heart was temporarily good, and the baby’s heart beating was normal.

But women and gynecologists suggest that Ms. Ou is hospitalized, otherwise babies may not be guaranteed. Why?

B -ultrasound

Because the B -ultrasound report said that the baby was okay, but Ms. Ou’s uterine cavity had bleed. If she did not rest in time, the fetus in the abdomen was likely to have a miscarriage.

We also know that the first three months of pregnant women is a high dangerous period. If the pregnant woman is overworked, or suffers from the outside world, the baby is likely to disappear.

And Ms. Ou’s abdomen was kicked several feet by Mrs. Wang, so she also wanted to be admitted to the hospital for treatment.

But the police and Wang surnamed Wang was still waiting for her inspection report to make an execution of the accident.

Therefore, Ms. Ou decided to go to the police station to send a "pregnancy" certificate before returning to the hospital for treatment.

Shenzhen Police Station

When Ms. Ou rushed to the police station, Mrs. Wang faced the B -ultrasound report given by the hospital, but she posted a doubtful attitude. It was expected that Ms. Ou was to get a proof of proof to get compensation.

At this time, Ms. Ou also understood that Mrs. Wang was an unknown and entangled woman, and she stopped saying much. She just wanted to return to the hospital for treatment for the fetus in the abdomen.

However, the police in charge of the incident also proposed on the spot after seeing the hospital’s hospital certificate issued by Ms. Ou, and asked Mr. Wang to accompany Ms. Ou to Tongren Gynecological Hospital for further relevant inspections.

Obviously Ms. Ou has provided the hospital to prove that she is a pregnant woman. Why should the police ask her to do a check?

Shenzhen Tongren Gynecological Hospital

It turned out that the police provided by the provincial -level hospitals could accept the provision of the police, and the first time Ms. Ou went to the hospital did not have this qualification, so the police asked Ms. Ou to do another inspection.

Seeing this, Ms. Ou could only go to the Police Gynecological Hospital with Mr. Wang for another examination with Mr. Wang.

At more than 8 pm that day, the hospital gave the diagnostic results: the blood accumulation in the uterine cavity of Ms. Ou once again increased, and the fetal heart of the fetus became very weak. Babies were likely to be non -guaranteed.

But after seeing the diagnosis results, Mr. Wang repeatedly insisted on returning to the police station to solve the problem, and finally made a tragedy.

Ms. Oh ultrasound

After the hospital learned about the things between the two, she did not dare to let Ms. Ou leave easily, and said that it can only leave a guarantee for giving up treatment.

Originally, it was the guarantee agreement that Ms. Ou could only sign the relatives, but Mr. Wang solved the work of the matter. He directly signed the agreement, and Ms. Wang had a twists and turns to ask herself to ask for a statement.Back to the police station.

This time, Mr. Wang, accompanied by Mr. Wang, or a report made by the hospital designated by the police proved that Mrs. Wang had to admit that Ms. Ou she was beaten was a pregnant woman.

After the police coordinated from it, the couple of Wang wrote an agreement to Ms. Ou: they will bear all the medical expenses of Ms. Ou.

However, things are far from over.

Agreement on both sides

At more than 11 pm on October 27, Ms. Ou finally lived in the hospital for treatment.

Pregnant women’s hospitalization treatment (picture comes from the Internet)

Because Ms. Ou’s abdomen was kicked by Mrs. Wang and had not been treated in a timely manner, the third day after the incident, that is, at 9:30 am on October 30th, the hospital confirmed that Ms. Ou’s fetus had no fetal heart.

This also means that Ms. Ou’s children are gone. Ms. Ou on the bed was distraught after hearing the news. Thinking of her poor child has not seen this world, she suddenly cried.

At the same time, Ms. Ou believes that Mrs. Wang needs to be responsible for the death of the fetus, but the other party did not recognize it at this time!

Hospital diagnosis

In the eyes of everyone, the couple surnamed Wang’s punch and kicks on Ms. Ou, which caused the fetus in the belly of Ms. Ou, who was in love with the surname of Wang Wang.

But Mr. Wang said: The scene was very chaotic that day, and he did not see his wife kicking Ms. Ou’s abdomen.

Ms. Ou looked very angry when she faced the husband and wife of the Wang surname. Fortunately, she also expected that this situation happened, so she asked her husband Jiang to get the surveillance video of the parking lot.

Mr. Jiang

The couple surnamed Wang saw the vague surveillance videos, and they began to have fun inside. This was unknown that there was no evidence, but the two of them forgot to have the crowd on the spot and the police in charge of the matter.

They all said that "the eyes of the masses are bright", so their couples can’t get rid of their responsibilities. In addition, when Mr. Wang stuck Ms. Ou back to the police station, the guarantee signed by Mr. Wang was also a big evidence.

When everyone thought that the couple Wang could not escape their responsibility, they once again took out another excuse.

But the words of words were angry.

Parking lot surveillance video

At first Ms. Ou felt that everyone was an adult. The couple of Wang, the surname of Wang, would definitely be responsible for the fault that she made, but she did not expect that the other party would quit again.

The surname of Wang knew the seriousness of the matter, and beating the pregnant woman to cause the other fetus to be gone. Coupled with the compensation agreement signed, it would take a lot of money.

However, the two who did not want to be responsible, and the two who did not want to compensate for a professional lawyer. After understanding the original committee, the other party immediately gave an excuse for a perfect evasion of responsibility: the fetus in the abdomen was not life!

And this is clearly stipulated in the current laws in my country, and this has also become an excuse for the Wang surnamed couple.

The fetus in the abdomen (the picture comes from the Internet)

Indeed, in accordance with the law, even if Mrs. Wang beat Ms. Ou, the fetus had abortion, she did not need to be responsible for this matter, because before the fetus was born, he was not an independent individual and did not enjoy the right to life.

Although the surname Wang did not need to be responsible for the dead fetus, the fetus died in Ms. Ou’s belly, which caused Ms. Ou’s body and spirit to cause irreparable trauma.

Therefore, the surname Wang still needs to compensate Ms. Ou.

On November 2, 2003, accompanied by her husband, Mr. Jiang, came to the hospital for clearance surgery, and then a judicial disability identification.

Because the fetus in the abdomen has no signs of life, if it stays in the abdomen, it will have a bad impact on the mother’s body.

After the surgery was over, the judicial disability identification also made the identification results: According to the existing materials, the situation of Ms. Ou was initially determined that the situation of Ms. Ou constituted minor injuries.

Mr. Jiang

According to the legal level of my country, beating pregnant women constitutes a minor injury, which is a crime of intentional injury and should be held criminally responsible. In the end, Mrs. Wang paid the due price for her impulsive behavior.

The cause of the matter is a small parking space, but Mrs. Wang, the adult, did not control her words and deeds and hands and feet.

Ms. Ou, a pregnant woman, was beaten, and the fetus died. There was not only one case. In 2010, a lady named Guo in Shenzhen also stayed in the parking lot for a while.

Driven by the security guard, Ms. Guo, who was pregnant, first hit the security guard, but was kicked by the security guard.

Ms. Guo

And Ms. Guo’s husband, Mr. Gao, was on the side, and he was helping to change the tire for a passerby at the time and did not protect his wife in time.

So when Mr. Gao saw his wife treated like this, he had to go to the theory with the other party.

So what exactly is the truth of the matter?

Ms. Guo’s husband, Mr. Gao

It turned out that in addition to pushing the security guard at that time, Ms. Guo also scolded the other party to watch the dog. This made the man with a bloody man suddenly angry and eventually made irreparable consequences.

And at the time, the incident was just on the heat, coupled with the hot weather, the two sides began to fight, and the fetus in the belly of Ms. Guo was gone.

After the investigation was clear, the security guard was fired by the security company and detained by the police station, but the children in Ms. Guo could never return.

The causes of these two things are language abuse, and neither of the sides calm down in time, and they have become more and more evolved into physical conflicts.

And Mr. Wang knew that his wife’s violence was not right. Not only did he stop it in time, but he turned to a blind eye and helped the abuse. In the end, it was also self -eating.

Among these two things, Ms. Ou and Ms. Guo are already as mothers. They must consider everything from all aspects.

Especially Ms. Guo, in addition to being hit by people first, but also verbally abusing others, this should not be a behavior that expectant mothers can do.

The couple surnamed in the Eu Ou incident did not take into account Ms. Ou’s feelings in order to solve the matter.

In fact, when they should also let Ms. Ou take it into the hospital for timely treatment, then there will be no situation of abortion in the abdomen.

And no matter what the situation, it is not right to hit people, "Win, you go to jail; you lose, you are hospitalized." No matter what you think of any violence, it is an extremely cost -effective thing.

As the saying goes, "Forbearance is calm and calm, take a step back in the sea and the sky." Both sides can calm down in time. Perhaps Ms. Guo and Ms. Ou’s children are already a cute child.

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