In 2010, a woman in Jiangsu became a vegetative in a car accident, and she was pregnant in a coma.

In 2013, a strange thing happened in Liyang County, Jiangsu Province.

A couple encountered a serious car accident, the wife’s brain was damaged, and unfortunately became a vegetative. However, two and a half years later, the wife woke up miraculously.It was not someone else to awaken her, it was her biological son.What is even more amazing is that this child was actually born after his wife was caught in a vegetative state.

The wife gave the child life in the chaos, and the child rescued the sleeping mother in turn. This peck had to make people sigh that everything in this world is so wonderful.

Today we will talk about this miracle.

On December 1, 2010, Gaodejin rode a tricycle and took his wife Zhang Rongxiang and his younger daughter to his father -in -law’s family.The three of them were driving from north to south. However, no one expected that the danger would be so incompetent.They collided with a car driving from east to the west when they approached a crossroad of a local industrial zone.

This sudden danger, the family was unprepared, and the huge impact fleeing Gao Degin and Zhang Rongxiang fiercely to the air, fell heavily on the ground, and the two fell into a coma on the spot.Mother’s love was great. At the moment Zhang Rongxiang landed, her eyes quickly threw her only two -year -old daughter into the grass on the roadside. The grass effectively absorbed the power, and her daughter was lucky to save her life.

When Gaodejin woke up again, he found that he was in a hospital.It turned out that after the car accident, Gaodeka and his wife were quickly taken to the hospital by the ambulance.After diagnosis of doctors, Gaodejin’s ribs, collarbone, and leg bones have different degrees of fractures, and the body is almost half -bone.

As the so -called injury to the bone for a hundred days, waiting for Gaodejin will be for a long time.Compared with Gaodekin, Zhang Rongxiang’s physical condition is much more serious, and she hurt her head when she landed.The brain is the most important organ of the human body. A small collision may cause huge disasters, not to mention such a serious impact.After a detailed examination, the doctor confirmed that the impact caused Zhang Rongxiang’s brain injury and craniocerebral injury.

Gao Degin understood the problem serious, but it was not clear to what extent. Under his questioning, the doctor gave a simple and easy -to -understand explanation, but this description caused him and his eldest daughter to fall into despair for an instant.

The doctor said that the probability of Zhang Rongxiang can survive is less than 10 %. If the vitality is stubborn for three months, he can survive with the situation of the vegetative situation.Heaven is lacking.After listening to the doctor, Gaodejin and her daughter couldn’t help crying. They did not expect that the best results were just plants. If they were a little careless, they possibly died.

There are two roads in front of Gaodejin. One is to give up treatment, and the other is a result that it is almost impossible to spend huge medical care.From a practical point of view, the first way is the best choice, but Gaodejin cannot accept his wife to leave himself. He chose the second one.

To make a choice, the first difficulty that must be paid in front of Gaodejin must be a high medical expenses.Gaodejin’s family conditions are average. The daily medical expenses of his wife are not small. It didn’t take long for the family to be hollowed out.He hoped that the accident identification issued by the Muyang County Traffic Police Brigade of Muyang County, which made his heart down halfway. The traffic police found that the two parties of the accident assumed the same responsibility because both parties were not parking at the crossroads.Looking at.Fortunately, for humanitarianism, after learning the encounter of the Gao family, the car driver still took out a part of the compensation, but the money was tantamount to the salary of water.

Seeing that the hospitalization fee was to be paid, in order to keep his wife, Gaodejin gritted his teeth and made an adventure decision.

He resolutely told the doctor that to abandon his treatment and leave all the savings to his wife.In fact, don’t look at Gaodejin wake up, but his injuries are not light at all. There are many fractures on his body. It is accompanied by severe edema. In the first few days of admission, the doctor could not even do it for him because of the serious edema.Operation.At this moment, he was still unbearable up and down. If there was no drug treatment, no one would cause complications in the future.

The doctor put the seriousness of abandoning the treatment in front of Gaodejin, but he did not shake the slightest. In his opinion, as long as he couldn’t die.In the next period of time, Gaodejin only received the minimum care in the hospital. All the rest of the projects were canceled, and all the money saved was invested in his wife.

Gaodejin’s love for his wife was moving, but the reality was always cruel. He paid wholeheartedly, in exchange for a notice of illness.In the most dangerous three months, Zhang Rongxiang was rescued several times by pushing the operating room several times. Each time he received a notice of illness, Gaodejin’s heart could not help shaking. He didn’t know if his wife could still be fierce this time.Even in this case, he still did not give up the treatment of his wife.

On this day, my brother -in -law pushed the stretcher to send Gaodejin to check his body. When he returned to the ward, Gao Degin proposed to see his wife.He lives in a surgery ward, and his wife Zhang Rongxiang lives in a neurological ward, and the two are separated by a building.My brother -in -law was worried about his body and insisted on not letting him go. Gaodejin said: You must push me over. If you don’t help me, I have to climb over.The brother -in -law helplessly pushed Gaodejin to Zhang Rongxiang’s hospital bed.

Gao Dejin looked at his wife’s eyes closed, his thin face was full of scars, and various tubes were inserted on his body, and tears flowed out.He grabbed his wife’s hand and called his wife’s name affectionately, but never received a response.In order to be able to look at his wife frequently, Gaodejin asked his brother -in -law to help buy a double crutch. Since then, he has stumbled to visit his wife every day.

At that time, his fractures had not been raised, and the medicine was stopped. This behavior was extremely risky. Maybe it would leave bad sequelae. Every time the doctor saw, Gaodejin was strictly stopped.Let the doctor lose his temper. Every time he got out of bed while the doctor was not, he spent half an hour to visit his wife in the Neuroral Hospital Building.There is no good bone, and it will come with unspeakable pain every further. Every time she arrives at the wife’s ward, she is always sweaty, as if she has just been caught from the water.

Perhaps in the meditation, Zhang Rongxiang felt the love of her husband. She was unwilling to disappoint her husband. She walked past the ghost door again and again, and lived stubbornly.Seeing that the dangerous period is about to pass. On the last day of the three months, Zhang Rongxiang’s condition suddenly deteriorated again. At this time, the doctor was helpless and could only carry out general rescue.Gaodejin had no desperation, and he firmly believed that his wife would survive the difficulty.Zhang Rongxiang did not disappoint her husband. In the end, after more than an hour of difficult rescue, she survived again.

On the second day when Zhang Rongxiang turned in danger, Gaodejin came to his wife’s ward early and waited for the doctor to check.At this moment, Gaodejin found that his wife’s stomach seemed to be larger than before, and he was still stiff. This discovery made him a bang, and his wife would not have a tumor.When the doctor came to the room, he hurriedly talked about his discovery. The doctor observed it and found that Zhang Rongxiang’s belly was really bulging. He suspected that he was urine. In order to confirm the situation, the doctor gave Zhang Rongxiang a B -ultrasound.

The result of the B -ultrasound is not the urine retention by the doctor, nor is it a tumor that is worried, but the result that no one has thought about.

Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant!

How can vegetable people get pregnant?After a detailed examination of doctors, they confirmed that shortly before Zhang Rongxiang was in the car accident, Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant with a child, but was just pregnant at that time, could not see it at all, and there was no adverse reaction.After the car accident, Zhang Rongxiang was sleeping, and others could not detect about pregnancy. Until three months, they slowly began to show their arms, and everyone found out that the existence of this little life.

The birth of new life is a great event for many families, but Gaodejin is not happy. This child is really not the time.Although Zhang Rongxiang has passed the dangerous period, it is unknown whether it can be woke up in the future. According to the precedent judgment, the situation is not optimistic.How can a vegetative, how to support the birth of October and give birth?

Moreover, in the future, Zhang Rongxiang has to receive treatment. In the process, a lot of drugs will not be available. Zhang Rongxiang is an adult. It doesn’t matter, but can the fetus be able to bear it?Will it cause malformations?No one said.More importantly, Zhang Rongxiang cannot eat independently and can only maintain her life through nutrient solution. These nutrients are only enough to use it by herself. If there is an extra child to grab nutrition, avoiding the burden on the body. In severe cases, it may endanger life.

Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, the doctor gives the advice to terminate the pregnancy and remove the child.However, after understanding the situation, the obstetrician and gynecologists resolutely denied the suggestion.The reason is that Zhang Rongxiang is an elderly pregnant woman, and is now in a state of plants, and the body is abnormal. Once the pregnancy is terminated, there will be various uncontrollable circumstances, which may also endanger life.

For a while, the big guy was in a dilemma.In the end, Gao Dijin’s eldest daughter Gao Yun made up his voice and decided to leave this little guy. After all, according to probability, this plan has a greater chance of making Zhang Rongxiang survive.

After making this difficult decision, Gaodekin also faces real problems, and the high treatment costs have squeezed all the savings of the family.Helplessly, Gaodejin had to go home with his pregnant wife to recuperate.At this time, the family happened to catch up with the demolition. This was a good thing, but it was still that sentence. It was not time to come. The family did not even have a place where he was, and he could only borrow it everywhere and was forced to live in the garage.

In the face of these difficulties, Gao Degin and Gao Yun’s father and daughter never complained and never thought of giving up. They watched Zhang Rongxiang’s belly getting bigger every day, and their hearts were full of relief.A few months later, Zhang Rongxiang had reached the delivery period, and Gaodejin sent his wife to the hospital.The obstetrician and gynecologists who received Zhang Rongxiang were surprised when they saw him, because it was very rare for vegetative pregnant women to be pregnant, and there were only two or three cases in the country. There was no experience to follow.

Fortunately, God is enough to give face. After more than an hour of surgery, Zhang Rongxiang’s next boy is safe.Gaodejin cried with his child with joy. At that moment, he felt that he was the happiest person in the world.After the birth of the new life, Gaodejin’s life was even more busy. Every day he took care of Zhang Rongxiang with his daughter, helped him to wipe his body and turn over.After taking care of the adults, there is also a little guy waiting for the little guy, and the young daughter of the Gao family is just a few years old. It is when it is naughty. It was unwilling to stop for a moment.

Especially Gao Yun, who is still less than 20 years old, in many families, children of this age are still in a state of care for their parents, but Gao Yun has taken the responsibility of taking care of his mother, sister, and brother.From morning to night, laundry and cooking are busy, and you must not be free for a moment.For such a life, she didn’t feel a little boredom. Looking at her brother and sister grew up day by day, she had only comfort and pride in her heart.

Before the discharge, the doctor had instructed Gao Dejin that the call of the family had a certain role in awakening the vegetative people. Although the hope was slim, Gao Dejin always remembered it in his heart.After returning, he and Gao Yun will always lie on Zhang Rongxiang and talk about Dongzhi, hoping to be effective.After the little guy was born, Gaodejin often hugged his son to talk to Zhang Rongxiang, and the little guy was also fun.

When Gao Yun took care of his younger brother, he always took the little guy to his mother’s bed and told his mother that this was her son.In this way, the time has flowed away for another two years. The little guy is two years old. Under Gaodejin’s education, he learned to call his mother and lay on Zhang Rongxiang’s pillow all day to tell his mother that he couldn’t understand.

No one expected that the miracle would come so obtrusive.On this day, Gaodejin finished the meal for his wife. As usual, he usually hugged his son to Zhang Rongxiang’s bed, teased the child and said to his wife: Children have gone, why are you still sleeping, you get up.

This sentence has said this countless times. He did not expect his wife to respond, but this time he responded.

"I’m ready…"

Although it is a vague sentence, it makes Gaodejin happier than all sweet words.At the time of discharge, the doctor felt that Zhang Rongxiang’s situation was not considerable, and according to the previous example, the longer the autonomy, the harder the vegetatives recovered.Under normal circumstances, the probability of half of adults reacts to the external stimulus within 6 months. The longer this time, the less instances in response.Zhang Rongxiang was able to be awakened to restore awareness two years later, which is a miracle.

And this miracle was created unremittingly by the Gaodejin family, and the little guy also contributed.

Zhang Rongxiang was created by the brain. Even if she woke up, she couldn’t get out of bed immediately. In fact, she could not return to the state of the accident before the accident.Perhaps speaking in the future will be vague, the response will be slow, and there will be other problems.

But this is no longer important. She is inconvenient to move, her family will be her legs; she is unclear, her family will be her voice.In the future, Zhang Rongxiang will not have any difficulties.

The biggest miracle in this world is love, love can melt and firm, and can change our fate. I hope that each of us can have this love, pass this love, create great miracles for the world, and create great miracles for the world.

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