In 2007, Sichuan 91 -year -old lady fell and was found to be pregnant at the hospital.

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"I have been medical for so many years. This is the first time I have encountered such a strange thing!"A few days ago, Director Liu of the Qingshen County Hospital stared at the B -ultrasound picture in his hands in doubt. He felt that the results of such inspections were too incredible.

He pointed at the image of the fetus and said, "This is pregnancy." The family members were reluctant to believe it and insisted that they wanted to check the doctor carefully.

In fact, it is not unusual for women to find pregnancy, but this is 91 years old. Is it really possible for the ninety old people to be pregnant?Who is this old lady?

● ○ Gossip in the village ○ ●

In a small mountain village in remote areas in Sichuan, there is a very "strange" old lady named Huang Yijun. The hard work of all day makes her almost thinner, but her belly is contrast.

Once the old people in the village, as soon as they saw the old lady with a big belly, they looked at them, and even pointed with their fingers.

Some people say that she was taken to the hospital because she had a stomachache, but her wife had been dead for many years. What is it called!

Some people have echoed. Didn’t you see her son who dare not see people every day now?It must also be shameful, and his old lady was still pregnant with a younger brother at this age.

There are more excessive vomiting directly to her. Look at her, they are so old that their son’s children are not small, how can you do that kind of thing!

More and more rumors made his son Luo Bingwen feel very wronged for his mother, and immediately took his mother to the county hospital for examination. He wanted to return his mother to a "innocence".

● ○ A shocking test results ○ ●

"Is this possible? My mother is 90 years old. Who will believe that when she is pregnant? It must be that your hospital has made it wrong." The Luo Bingwen couple took the test results and was very angry.

"I have been a doctor for more than 40 years, and I have never encountered this situation. It is really strange, but the data in my hand shows that your mother is really pregnant." Liu Anbin, director of the county hospital, took the B -ultrasound to checkThe result is said.

This is absolutely not possible. Luo Bingwen told the doctor that he wanted to take a good look at him again. If his mother fell down, he could fall out of a child?This does not conform to human common sense.

In fact, Director Liu’s heart was also lost by such "different things". He decided to make X -rays for the old lady and check it more detailed.

However, after the inspection report came out, various data showed that she did have a child in her belly.

When the Luo Bingwen heard this result, it was still unbelievable. Most people knew that the pregnant woman’s pregnancy time was about 10 months, but he thought that the old mother’s belly was so most for so many years. How could it be pregnant!

Besides, my mother usually has no abnormalities at home. I do n’t even say good health. Even the “parts” of all parts of the body have no major problems.

Even according to her daughter -in -law, since she got married into their family, she had never seen him who had been sick, and had very few colds.

The old and young people in the village also said that when I often saw that the old lady Huang could climb to the tree to get the wild fruit.In this physical condition, who can believe it in the state of pregnancy?

● ○ The secret of the long -sealing secret ○ ●

Huang Yijun saw that the two of his son -in -law and the doctor said more and more excitement. He was afraid that the matter was big.60 years. "

When the couple heard this, they started to doubt whether the mother accidentally touched her mind when she fell down. She was not normal. She started to talk nonsense, and even wanted to go to the neurology department to help her register.

Seeing that no one was willing to believe her, Huang Yijun began to explain the story deeply buried in her heart.

In the early years, when Luo Bingwen was only 5 years old, his mother was pregnant with her second child. When the family was looking forward to the arrival of this new life, the bad news came: Mother was surprised!

After Luo Bingwen played back with his friends at that time, he opened the door and wanted to ask his mother what to eat today, but the next scene surprised him.

The mother fell to the ground, covered her abdomen with both hands, curled up, her face was full of sweat, and she had no blood for a long time.

Because they live in particularly remote mountains, the conditions in all aspects are poor. The only way to come here is to take a boat, so he can only run outside and call the neighbors to lift the mother to the village’s self -made stretcher and go to the hospital to the hospital.Rush.

If you think about it, in this case, if you "toss" so, the child may not be able to keep it.

Sure enough, the results of the hospital’s examination said that the child has lost his life signs. From the current situation, it is best to clean up the dead tires in surgery, otherwise it will cause harm to the adult’s body.Essence

Originally, the family planned to let the doctor prepare for the surgery, but Huang Yijun, who was lying on the bed, heard that the cost of light was 120 yuan, and she immediately refused the operation and had to go home from the bed.

There may not be many people who don’t think it is 120 yuan. This is not very cheap. It is seen at today’s conditions and levels.

You should know that 100 yuan at that time can buy 135 pounds of pork, 10 bags and 50 pounds of white noodles. These things are enough for how long the family has eaten.

If it is not clear, just say that, the 100 yuan at that time was equal to the current 300,000 yuan. Carefully convert it, and the normal workers have to work hard to work for 20 to 30 years to earn so much money.

"How much money is this money? No, this operation can’t be done. Besides, he can’t succeed. If you don’t succeed, don’t you die here? Then I would rather die at home."

Huang Yijun pulled her husband out of the hospital and did not give others some room for refuting her.

● ○ The god of the god of "lucky" ○ ●

"I am afraid that she will die suddenly every day!" According to Huang Yijun’s husband, since he and his daughter -in -law returned from the hospital, he has never lived a good day.

Every time he is doing what he is doing, he will find a way to put down everything at hand and go home to see how his daughter -in -law is.

Just when everyone thinks that Huang Yijun will definitely happen, but it is so amazing: she is just like someone!

When she first came home, she thought that there was no way to do farm work in the abdominal pain, and even when she was serious, she couldn’t get out of bed, but after a few days, she obviously felt that her physical condition was gradually getting better.Even the physiological period is returning to normal.

But she still looked at this big belly that was different from ordinary people: "This is not a way. This child has always been, the stomach has been so big, and he has not been born.

Then you can only find a way to kill him!She suddenly thought that many women in the village had miscarriage because of various unexpected abortion. If she also followed them according to their "methods", it was not possible to solve this big problem.

So she began to find a wooden stick at home to knock on her belly, and then jumped down from the height and fell to the ground. It was really impossible to go to the village doctors in the village to get some fetal medicine.

But even though they were so tossing, the child was the same as recognizing her, that is, "don’t leave", and his belly became harder and harder.

Slowly, she chose to reconcile with herself. This money was definitely not willing to give the hospital.

But later, her husband’s body was getting worse and worse. She also suffered from cancer as soon as she went to the hospital for examination, and finally died.

For a while, the village’s controversy with the child in her belly was even greater. I felt that the child was a "evil species", and his father died. Huang Yijun also felt that he had brought his husband’s obscure to her husband.

Slowly, I wanted to bury it in my heart and do not want to mention it.

● ○ The truth is white ○ ●

"This is too rare. I have never seen this since the medical treatment."

He dare not believe that if a child is in general, if the child dies in his belly, he must immediately perform surgery to completely remove the child in the body, which will cause the pregnant woman’s coagulation function to be forced to be destroyed, which will easily lead to major bleeding. That is likely to be taken’s.

It should have been calm, but Huang Yi is not only not, but she "tosss" herself so after returning home. This child actually made her body better again. Except for the big belly, there was no discomfort!

With the support of a series of modern high -tech medical technology, this incident finally explained.

According to the doctor, the embryo should exist in the mother’s uterus under normal circumstances, but Huang Yijun’s child is in her abdominal cavity.

In fact, this situation is the ectopic pregnancy we have been talking about. Although the chance is particularly low, it is extremely dangerous to the mother and the fetus.

However, because Huang Yijun had an accident that year, the journey to the hospital was too bumpy, resulting in the rapid discharge of water in the uterus, and the fetus was tightly surrounded by the film outside, which became a "vacuum state" we all know.

In this case, the mother’s body will absorb various nutrients of the fetus in the abdomen, causing the mother’s body to gradually recover, and the remaining things that cannot be absorbed will slowly squeeze them together, the harder and harder, the harder and harder, the harder it becomes.Like a large stone.

Although this "big stone" coexists with the mother’s body, it does not cause any harm to the mother’s body.

Now because Mrs. Huang is also very old, if you have to take out this "big stone", the risk to bear is too large, and after the operation, the hospital cannot guarantee that her physical condition will be better than beforeAnd even more serious problems.

In this regard, his son expressed his understanding that he was willing to believe that the hospital’s decision was the best choice for his mother. At the same time, he also thanked the hospital for giving science and prove that his mother was not the kind of person in everyone’s mouth.

The news quickly passed to the ears of the villagers, and they said that they were all their faults before, and they would never talk anymore anymore. They also admired the greatness of Mrs. Huang very much and took too much for this family.

In fact, in other thoughts, Mrs. Huang was also very lucky. This dead child did not leave her, but instead changed her to accompany her. What a happy!

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