In 2001, the 11 -year -old girl was pregnant, and the 48 -year -old uncle was washed out after being arrested. Why was it sentenced to 5 years?

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The movie "Hunting" has such a line: "We always assume that children will not lie, but unfortunately, they often lie."

In cases of obscenity and sexual assault, as long as they are involved in minors, people often subconsciously believe that minors are victims and will easily believe in their words.

But is it true for children?A uncle in Heilongjiang was sentenced to five years in prison for a 11 -year -old girl’s lies more than ten years ago, and he was attacked by rumors.

On April 6, 2001, a special baby was born in a hospital in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province.

The child’s special thing is that his mother is only 11 years old. Because the mother is too young, the hospital takes a caesarean section.

The girl who is pregnant is Xiaomei, and Hutong, who lives in Suihua City, Heilongjiang.

Only her parents and aunt Zhu Honglian were accompanied by her to the hospital. As for the child’s "father", she had been caught at this time.

Xiaomei was born in 1990 and is the only child in the family.

Xiaomei’s parents made a living for selling steamed buns and sesame cakes. In the second grade of Xiaomei, she dropped out of school and returned home to help her parents do business.

However, Xiaomei dropped out of school because her parents did not allow her to go to school. On the contrary, Xiaomei’s parents spoiled her very much, and she was almost required to be in response to her.

Under the love of her parents, Xiaomei became a bit willful and rebellious.She didn’t fall in love with school, her parents couldn’t persuade her, so she had to let her drop out of school.

Compared with the surrounding children, Xiaomei looks very early.

Xiaomei, who loves snacks, is not only psychologically precocious, but also a lot more precocious than children of the same age.

In 2001, Xiaomei was 11 years old, and her figure began to become plump and round.Xiaomei’s parents watched her daughter fat every day, thinking that her daughter had caused obesity because she ate too much "junk food".

Just when she met Aunt Xiaomei Zhu Honglian, she came to the house as a guest. Xiaomei’s parents asked Zhu Honglian to take Xiaomei to the hospital.

Zhu Honglian almost didn’t recognize Xiaomei."I was still a slim girl when I came last time. This is …" Afraid of hurting the child’s self -esteem, Zhu Honglian didn’t say anything later.

Xiao Mei’s mother complained that some children were disobedient and worried about their children in the future. Zhu Honglian listened to her sister’s complaints.

She asked Xiaomei if she felt dizzy, physical uncomfortable, etc., and Xiaomei said no.

Zhu Honglian opened Xiaomei’s clothes, and the round belly under the clothes gave Zhu Honglian a bad guess.

When taking Xiaomei to the hospital for examination, Zhu Honglian asked the doctor to do a B -ultrasound for Xiaomei.

As a result of the inspection, Xiaomei did not have obesity, but was 7 months pregnant.

Zhu Honglian took the hospital’s inspection sheet and brought Xiaomei to home. After that, she called her sister and brother -in -law who was still in the alley.

"Xiao Mei has been pregnant for seven months." Zhu Honglian finished, Xiaomei’s parents didn’t seem to have responded yet. The couple opened their eyes and looked at Zhu Honglian together.

Zhu Honglian didn’t know what to say, so he had to put the hospital’s checklist in front of them.

"Which kills thousands of knives! Beasts! Beasts!" Xiaomei’s mother kneeled directly to the ground after reading the inspection form.

"Who …" Xiaomei’s mother wanted to ask who raped Xiaomei, but looking at her 11 -year -old daughter, she couldn’t say the word rape.

After considering the wording, Xiaomei’s mother asked again: "Xiaomei, you told your mother, did anyone touched you or take off your clothes before?"

Xiaomei looked at her mother innocently and said no one had touched her.

"How can you get pregnant without touching you!" Xiao Mei’s mother couldn’t control herself anymore, and yelled at her daughter.

Looking at the scary daughter, she began to regret that she was too fierce again, after all, her daughter was the victim.

Finally, under the inquiry of his mother’s hard and hard, Xiaomei said the name of the neighbor Shi Huiqing.

Shi Huiqing is an honest person that everyone knows, and the relationship between their family and Xiaomei family has always been very good.

Xiaomei’s parents suspected that the child said because of being too afraid, but the next thing Xiaomei’s words made Xiao Mei’s parents completely believe that the beast was Shi Huiqing.

"Last year, I watched TV at Da Bo (Shi Huiqing) at home, and then he suddenly came over and hugged me, bite me with his mouth. He took my clothes and took off his own, and then pressed it onI … Later, I told me again, if I told my mother, he killed me. "

Xiaomei cried and said, a few words choked for a long time to finish speaking.

"A little girl will never make a lie to harm him, and Xiaomei is so detailed, how could it be false." Zhu Honglian said resentfully after listening.

Xiaomei’s father was going to the Shihui Qing family to avenge his daughter on the spot, or Zhu Honglian held him and asked him to report to the police.

After that, Shi Hui was arrested by the police. Within a few days after the arrest, Shi Huiqing "pleaded guilty."

The matter of Shi Huiqing raped neighbor girls quickly spread in the Hutong of the Commission. Overnight, Shi Huiqing changed from the old man in everyone’s mouth to the object of everyone’s attack.

"Who thought he was the kind of person? Last year, I found him for help with a house in my house."

"Fortunately, my family is a little boy, otherwise I am afraid that he will be able to be poisoned."

"Too shameless, how can you do this kind of thing to a child." The neighbors discussed the geothermal heat, and the Qing family of Shihui was also hurt.

Shi Hui went out to work during the day. His daughter -in -law Shen Baohua sold porridge at the door of the house. They had a son of joining the army, and there was an 80 -year -old lady in the family.

After Shi Huiqing was arrested, he lost his job, and his daughter -in -law’s business could not do it anymore.

Everyone thinks that Shi Huiqing rapes Xiaomei, and he has "acknowledged", but the family of Shi Huiqing never believed that he would do such a thing.

One year after Xiaomei’s child was born, a youth named Chu Fei was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Beilin District Court of Suihua City and compensated Xiaomei 24,000 yuan.

Who is this Chu Fei, why did he compensate Xiaomei?

Chu Fei is also the neighbor of Xiao Mei’s family, more than ten years older than Xiaomei -the real father of Xiaomei children.

After Xiaomei’s child was born, Shi Huiqing put forward the request to do parent -child appraisal.

In May 2001, after being identified by the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department, Xiaomei’s child had no blood relationship with Shi Yingqing.This was originally a happy news, but Xiao Mei’s parents did not believe in the identification results and asked for a secondary identification.

Police attached great importance to cases about minors. After the second appraisal of Xiao Mei’s family, the local police entrusted the Ministry of Public Security to make a identification.

This appraisal still shows that History will have no relationship with Xiaomei’s children.Under the many inquiries of the police and his parents, in October 2001, Xiaomei said the truth.

Because Xiaomei was more mature, her young age and a neighbor’s elder brother Chu Fei talked about love.

Chu Feilian coaxed Xiaomei to bed, and then the two had repeatedly had a relationship.

After Xiaomei provided Chu Fei, Chu Fei had already fled.

After being arrested by the police, Chu Fei explained the matter between himself and Xiaomei, and acknowledged that he had had a relationship with Xiaomei.

The real rapist has been sentenced, and the unjust history will be released long ago, but not.

On September 20, 2002, the Linbei District Court of Suihua City was sentenced to 5 years in prison for rape.

It turned out that because Xiaomei had previously claimed that only one human sex had been sexually assaulted, but after the parent -child identification results came out, Xiaomei changed her mouth and said she was uncertain.

Xiaomei said that the child’s biological father was Chu Fei, and said that Shi Hui also violated her, so Shi Hui would have been detained or even sentenced after the parent -child identification.

From beginning to end, Shen Baohua believes that her husband has not done anything to Xiaomei.

She was so firm that she was not only because of understanding her husband, but also because she was selling porridge in front of the house, and she could see her yard when she turned around.

According to Xiaomei, it was summer when Shi Hui raped her when she raped her.

Because the weather is hot in summer, the windows and doors will open the windows and doors in the history of the Shihui Qing family.

When looking for someone to help his husband turning the case, Shen Baohua heard that Zhang Chengwei, a very powerful lawyer in Harbin.

In February 2002, Shen Baohua found lawyer Zhang Chengwei and told him the experience of his husband.

After listening to it, Mr. Zhang took this tricky case. If Shen Baohua said that it was true, then this would be not only a case of minor rape.

According to Shen Baohua, her husband was forced to confess.

After the husband was taken away by the police, Shen Baohua, who couldn’t rest assured, went to the detention center to see his husband.

Shen Baohua admits:

Because the rope was too tight, he was trapped in his meat.

Although Shi Huiqing was treated unfairly in the detention center, he did not admit that he had sexually assaulted his neighbor girl at the beginning.

The integrity History will even fight against the detention center’s illegal operation and show his determination for two days of hunger strike.

Shi Huiqing’s injury made everyone else holding together, and they gave him an idea to let him confess first.

It is recommended that he wait for the child to be born and then do a parent -child identification. At that time, the identification results will naturally prove that he is guilty.

"Stay in the mountains, don’t be afraid of burning without firewood. If you don’t confess anymore, you may not be able to support your child’s birth." At that time, it was just hearing these words, and Shihui Qingcai temporarily confessed the crime.

After seeing Shi Qingqing, Mr. Zhang believed Shen Baohua’s words.

The scars left on Shi Hui were still there, and his arm was indeed a problem, and he could no longer recover.

Attorney Zhang’s investigation found that the case was insufficient in evidence, and Xiao Mei’s words were also contradictory.

On December 6, 2002, the Suihua Intermediate People’s Court issued a case back to the trial.

"Mr. Zhang really thank you, thank you for getting this opportunity for our family."

Shen Baohua finally saw a little hope. She thanked Lawyer Zhang, but did not know that there would be a more difficult way to go in the future.

In October 2005, Shi Huiqing was sentenced to 5 years in prison again.

In March 2003, Shen Baohua reported to the court with the staff of Shihui Qing, and Lawyer Zhang also collected a lot of evidence.

However, in June of the same year, the Beilin District Court suddenly stopped the trial of Shihui Qing.

The trial was resumed in July, and the trial was stopped in September.The trial stopped in this case for a long time.

After the sentence was sentenced in October 2005, the Qing family’s family appealed again, and the case was re -issued back to the re -review. As a result, Shi Hui was still sentenced to 5 years.

Shihui Qing family did not give up and appealed again.

This time, the case was tried directly by the Suihua Intermediate People’s Court.

On September 4, 2006, the final judgment of the Suihua Intermediate People’s Court determined that the history would be innocent.

Shi Huiqing was finally proven to be innocent, and the Xiaomei family had moved long ago. The little boy of Xiaomei Sheng was said to be given away.

Shi Huiqing was 48 years old when he was arrested. Because of this case, he entered and exited from the Public Security Bureau for five years, and he was 53 years old when he came out.

In the past 5 years, Shi Huiqing’s 80 -year -old mother died of serious illness due to his injustice.

His son returned as a soldier was forced to break up with his girlfriend for public opinion.

In an interview, Shi Huiqing said that he did not hate Xiaomei, but he would always blame Xiaomei’s family.

"Children are ignorant, adults should always understand things. The results of parent -child identification are there. They also insisted that I raped their daughters. Our neighbors for decades, I really didn’t expect it."

Shi Huiqing said that if he found Xiaomei’s parents in the future, he must explain to them.

Because of the lawsuit and rumors, the Shihui Qing family had almost no income in recent years, and her life has always been very difficult.

Although Shi Huiqing was convicted, he had been guilty in some people.

Once the skeptical seeds are planted, they will take root.

Shi Huiqing has not only suffered physiological torture over the years, but also people’s condemnation.

The neighbors who walked around and helped each other had broken their contacts, and others watched him and his family wearing "colored glasses".

"The gun was rang. Do you see who fired? I can’t see clearly, he stands at the high point of moral system, he is under the sun."

This paragraph is also a classic line in the movie "Hunting".Some people believe in the results of the court trial, and some people believe in the results in their hearts.

Even if the court said that history would be innocent, some people would think: "How did he prove that he hadn’t done it. If he did nothing, why a child would identify him, not to say that it was others, and he was not good for him."

Why only Xiaomei knows clearly, but Xiaomei will not explain to everyone why she is lying. Even if she admits to lying, people will think that she is threatened because she is just a child.

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