In 19 years, the actress bleeds in July in July.

In 2019, in the obstetric ward of Xiangya Second Hospital of Zhongnan University in Hunan, Zeng Mi in July of pregnancy looked at the window in despair.

She was diagnosed with "threatened abortion", vaginal bleeding, and the whereabouts in the abdomen were unknown, but her in -laws abandoned her in the hospital, and her husband was unwilling to pay a penny.

Not long ago, Zeng Mi, who was pregnant with Liujia, also insisted on making money, but her husband was free to relieve his wife all day. Since marriage, he has spent nearly 200,000 wives.

Now that wife and children are in danger, her husband disappears for no reason and even threatened: "Her profession is too special!"

The newlywed couple should have a sweet honeymoon. Why is the husband so ruthless to his wife and children?What is the wife’s "special occupation"?

"The current diagnosis is the" threatened abortion ‘vaginal bleeding, please pay the fee as soon as possible to maintain treatment. "

Zeng Mi was sitting in the bed in a slim expression. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong. She was so cold by her in -laws, and the deciduous leaves floating outside the window perfectly interpreted the warmth of affection.

In order to keep the fetus in her abdomen, she once took her mother to find her mother -in -law. After she asked for many times, her mother -in -law "shook her" 5,000 yuan, but never went to the hospital to take care of it.

Zeng Mi had to call her husband for help, but what I heard is always: "The phone you dial has turned off …"

At this time, Zeng Mi was ranging, but her figure was still graceful. She had no adequate pregnancy in the pregnant woman.

At the age of 25, Zeng Mi has entered the entertainment industry for 7 years. He has participated in the shooting of TV series, and he also has a part -time plane model on weekdays.She is young and beautiful, and she can earn 1,2,000 yuan every time she appears, with a stable monthly income of about 20,000 yuan, up to 80,000 yuan.

Zeng Mi

He has also participated in well -known hot dramas such as "Our Ten Years" and "Autumn Harvest Uprising". In just several years, the road of performing arts has been among the famous actresses from the famous group performances.

However, because the actors need to maintain frequent maintenance, her income is mostly used for various famous brand cosmetics and photos. The rest were borrowed by her husband, so the deposit was almost 0.

As Zeng Mi was immersed in his star halo, a figure suddenly pushed in the door, breaking Zeng Mi’s lie.

It was Zeng Mi’s mother -in -law. Facing the accusations of daughter -in -law, her mother -in -law did not refute the slightest. She took care of Zeng Mi to clean up the ward, and her eyes showed a hint of hidden.

Faced with the repeated accusations of Zeng Mi and her pro -family, her mother -in -law did not explain too much. When she walked out of the ward straight, turning around was a sigh.

Mother -in -law said that since Zeng Mi was hospitalized, she and her son have been taking care of the hospital. At first, she was not willing to pay the medical expenses of daughter -in -law, but that she had a major illness in the past two years. The family was really economical.

Maximum twisted black and white, and how Zhang Yang’s house was abused everywhere, which led to the destruction of the mother -in -law who had been honest for a lifetime. Even when shopping, he was pointed out.

But her mother -in -law not only did not blame her, but bluntly said that her son Liu Zhiyi was not fighting. After marriage, she was still delicious and lazily. She mixed with fox friends and dog friends all day. His daughter -in -law fell to such a point.

But Liu Zhiyi, a "giant baby", obviously relied on his wife to help him all day.

After a few days of careful care after her mother -in -law, Zeng Mi’s body gradually improved, but she did not intend to "let go" her husband and return home with her mother -in -law.

At this time, her husband Liu Zhiyi just pushed in the door, and Zeng Mi used divorce to intimidate Liu Zhiyi, demanding that he owed nearly 200,000 yuan that owed him, and hired Yueyue to take care of their mother and son until Zeng Mi could re -perform the art to make money.

However, Liu Zhiyi was always silent, but her mother -in -law persuaded, hoping that the two could return to good. If they really divorced, the children in Zeng Mi’s belly were the biggest victims.

Seeing my mother -in -law’s sincere attitude, the anger in Zeng Mi’s heart gradually calmed down, and began to tell the "evil thing" that the husband had never known.

Because Liu Zhiyi did not have a job income, but he was addicted to drinking, and every time Zeng Mi couldn’t bear to give her husband money, he disappeared for several days, until he was not dignified when he returned home.

Later, when he couldn’t borrow money from his wife, Liu Zhiyi deliberately bit his mouth and deceived his mother for medical expenses, but in fact he was taken by him to drunk gold fans.

For these sons’ bad habits, her mother -in -law as a pro -mother knew nothing about her. Although she knew that her son was not doing business, she never thought that she had deceived herself, and it had even been for several years.

In the anger, she accused Liu Zhiyi with Zeng Mi. Although the words were full of resentment, they were all the normal performances of a mother "hate iron and not steel".

Seeing that his lies were pierced by his wife and mother ruthlessly, Liu Zhiyi began to blame his mother to "unable to experience his own feelings" and fell away.

Zeng Mi’s body was weak. She thought that her mother -in -law came forward to persuade her husband to regret it, but now it makes the family more and more broken.

At this moment, Liu Zhiyi suddenly smashed the door of the room, and he had to hit his wife with his fist. Zeng Mi hurriedly hid behind her mother -in -law. In the face of her mother’s obstruction, Liu Zhiyi slapped himself in anger and yelled, "Everything isIt was because of you! ", Then fell away again.

The mother -in -law looked at her daughter -in -law puzzled, but Zeng Mi suddenly silent.

After the husband rushed out of the door, he squatted in the corridor to smoke smoke. Every time he thought of his wife’s past, he was so angry that he was so angry.

On August 23, 2018, he introduced Zeng Mi by his person. After the two met several dinner, Liu Zhiyi had a good opinion of young and beautiful Zeng Mi and began to pursue crazy.

At that time, Zeng Mi Gang experienced the shadow of the last marriage, and the road of acting was frustrated. Liu Zhiyi, 7 years old, gave her warm care, and the two soon fell in love.

It is shocking that on December 12 of the same year, the two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage certificate, which was completely in the state of "flash marriage".

Although Liu Zhiyi’s mother was shocked, her son, who was over 30, finally became a family. As a mother, she naturally rejoiced and held a grand wedding for the two at the expense.

However, for various reasons, the husband and wife were unable to give birth smoothly, so they were so anxious that their mother -in -law was scorched. After inquiring about it, they learned that the "IVF" surgery was urged to go to the hospital.

In March 2019, Zeng Mi was pregnant smoothly through IVF. When a family was immersed in joy, a strange figure appeared in Zeng Mi’s room.

That night, Liu Zhiyi found a "male long hair" in bed, and Liu Zhiyi has been short hair in recent years. He questioned his wife, but only received perfunctory response.

Later, every time Liu Zhiyi returned, he found that a strange man came out of his home, and his face was almost different. However, he only asked his wife, only to get one sentence: "Oh, that’s my friend to discuss work."

Liu Zhiyi suspected his wife to derail, but told his mother that he would feel difficult to open up, so he looked at the above chat history and album while his wife fell asleep.

It was full of models of his wife, and he almost couldn’t see the greasy browsing, but Liu Zhiyi soon found a "lock" folder.

So he tried to cracked with his wife’s birthday, and the password opened smoothly, but the photos inside made him green.

I saw his wife’s thick makeup, wearing black silk, appeared in a high -end bar, and the shooting time of this photo turned out to be during pregnancy.

The staff of the bar are chaotic and ruthless, and the bars where Zeng Mi went to smoke has not been fully banned. The fluttering smoke is undoubtedly a huge harm to the fetus in the abdomen.

Since Zeng Mi was pregnant, she banned Liu Zhiyi from smoking in the house. The couple had quarreled because of this, but out of consideration of the child’s body, Liu Zhiyi had to smoke outside.

Therefore, Liu Zhiyi not only was angry with the pregnant wife, but she appeared in the bar with a glamorous appearance, and she was more angry with her irresponsibility of her child, which led to the increasingly broken relationship.

In addition, Liu Zhiyi also found a photo of his wife and his ex -husband. The red luxury car on the picture was owned by a husband, but when his wife posted on a social platform, he specially stood by the ex -husband who stood at the rear of the car.

And there is a house given by Zeng Mi’s name, but she never allows Liu Zhiyi to go, and she also hides the keys in other places.

Zeng Mi’s unknown secrets made Liu Zhiyi inevitably suspect that his wife’s "career" was special, so he also began to go to the bar and mixed with fox friends and dogs all day, and was unwilling to go out to work.

The expenses at home have increased, and all economic pressures have fallen on Zeng Mi.At that time, Zeng Mi, who had the peak of the acting career, had a lot of income, and he ignored the delicious laziness of her husband.

Facing the "scandal" of her husband today, is Zeng Mi really a woman who is not loving?

However, Zeng Mi just smiled indifferently: "The clear people are clear."

Yami Zeng Mi’s pregnancy in and out of the bar has become a fact. She did not refute this: "Because I was in a bad mood, I needed to vent."

Zeng Mi said that she was exhausted every day, but when she returned home, she saw her husband full of alcohol. She thought that she had worked hard to make money outside, and went to the bar to vent his anger.

Can I venting it?

No, aside from the health of children’s health, this unyielding behavior is the root cause of Liu Zhiyi’s anger. After all, the bar staff are mixed, and a woman is unsafe at night.

The grievances between husband and wife made her mother -in -law difficulty in being in the middle, but she knew that her son’s lack: "My son is kind, but he is not responsible. At the age of 31, he is like a child."

My mother -in -law said that the couple are now tit -for -tat, and she has already expected it.

Liu Zhiyi had two marriages, which was the beginning of tragedy.

In 2009, Liu Zhiyi married a local rural woman. The girl was simple and simple, and her housework never worried her mother -in -law.

But half a year later, Liu Zhiyi forced his mother to agree to divorce on the grounds that his wife was "bad". The mother had no choice but to send her back to her hometown for some money.

In 2011, Liu Zhiyi married a teacher’s daughter. At first, the two of them were still together, but because Liu Zhiyi was lazy to do it, the couple often quarreled disputes, and the second marriage also parted ways.

With the age of her son, the mother repeatedly asked someone to talk about the media. Eventually she fancy the young and beautiful Zeng Mi. The mother thought that her son would wake up.

Now that the third marriage is on the verge of rupture. The fundamental is that the mother just hates, and the doting and indulgence make the son a "giant baby".

But the urgent work is to keep the child in Zeng Mi’s belly and regulate the relationship between the couple.

Mother invited the president and husband and wife of the Changsha Marriage Regulatory Commissioner to negotiate the medical expenses and marriage issues required by Mimi.

In fact, there is no major contradiction between the husband and wife. The root cause is just the complaints and suspicion of each other. Liu Zhiyi did not fulfill his obligation to take care of his wife. It is normal for him to be cold.

As a wife, Zeng Mi went into the bar with the fetus in the abdomen, which also violated human morality. The effort to the family could not become a complete "shame", especially from the husband’s perspective, considering the proportion of interaction with the opposite sex.

Eventually, after the president’s repeated persuasion, the couple finally agreed to sign the "mediation agreement":

One: The two sides held a 3 -month calm period, and then discussed the marriage to leave the problem.

Two: Liu Zhiyi needs to bear the responsibility of her husband, make money to go out to work, and give Zeng Mi a living expense of 1,000 yuan per month within three months.

Three: Zeng Mi try to restrain his temper and raise his heart until the child was born.

Fourth: During Zeng Mi’s birth, Liu Zhiyi was responsible for taking care of his diet. If he was busy, he could ask his mother or Yueyue to work, but it was necessary to ensure that someone around Zeng Mi was taken care of.

The marriage between Zeng Mi and Liu Zhiyi was complicated. Both sides had experienced marriage and annihilation, but their minds were not completely mature. They lacked communication with each other. In the end, they made the most ordinary responsibilities and friendship of the husband and wife become restrained white paper black words.

In fact, the marriage problems they experience are a microcosm of the contradictions between countless couples in the society today. After years of training, the passion of the past has dispersed, and the real love has quietly appeared.

At this time, love can grow old, with each other about love and responsibility, and will help family and career in order to ensure the health of parents and their children’s beautiful childhood in their later years.

There is a contradiction between people. Choosing silence rather than communication will only make the generation gap grow larger until it cannot be recovered.


Author: Mu Yanfeng

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