In 11 years, a vegetative belly of Jiangsu was bulging, and the doctor checked and found that he was pregnant. The husband insisted on giving birth.

In 2011, in a hospital in Muyang, Jiangsu, the doctor held the B -ultrasound in his hand and his eyebrows were locked.When Gaodejin’s heart was pounding, he had a strong premonition: the doctor would definitely be a big thing to tell him next.

Sure enough, the doctor looked at him and opened: "Your wife is pregnant."

When he heard this result, Gaodejin’s mouth didn’t close for a long time.

How could his wife get pregnant?Since three months ago, since his wife was hospitalized for a car accident, he had severe brain injuries and his whole body had not perceived his body.

Can "plant people" get pregnant?This sudden "little life" disrupted all Gaodejin’s plans.

Just a few days ago, Gaodejin helped Zhang Rongxiang, who was unconscious, wiped his body as usual, but found that the abdomen that should have been flat. At this moment, he seemed to be swollen, and he felt some hard feeling.

This scared him, thinking that his wife had deteriorated, and there was a tumor in his stomach.Gao Dejin quickly told the doctor about the changes in his wife. After the doctor noticed this situation, he immediately arranged for Zhang Rongxiang.

At the beginning, the doctor suspected that he was urinating, and then checked B -ultrasound.But when they put the B -ultrasound instrument, the doctor glanced at it, that is, Gaodejin found that the doctor’s face changed instantly.

Gaodejin knew in his heart that the situation in his wife’s belly was obviously not as simple as the urine stay that had been guessed before, and it must be a bad thing.But is it really bad?It doesn’t seem to be.

When the doctor told Gaodejin’s result of four months of pregnancy, he obviously couldn’t believe it. He asked the doctor several times successively: "Is this true?"

It is true that Zhang Rongxiang is really pregnant.Three months ago, when she was hospitalized for a car accident, she had been pregnant for about a month, but the pregnancy response was not obvious at the time, so she was not checked.

The fetus was also fate, and even if everyone didn’t know, it was tenacious for another three months.

At first, when I first knew the news, Gaodejin was very jumped in his heart, because Zhang Rongxiang had always wanted to regenerate the next boy before. They had given birth to a girl before, and now the wife’s belly may be a boy.What a thing.

However, this kind of joy will soon be replaced by anxiety.

Because the doctor explicitly told him, although the fetus is good in his wife’s belly, Zhang Rongxiang is now a "vegetative". How can she afford the nutrition needed for the growth of the fetus?She couldn’t even care about herself.

And during the hospitalization, in order to cure the disease, the doctor has used a lot of drugs to Zhang Rongxiang, which may have a bad impact on the development and growth of the fetus.

Combined with various situation analysis, the doctor finally gave the advice to terminate pregnancy. After all, the child was too risky to give birth to the child.

After listening to the doctor’s words, Gaodejin was silent for a long time.In his heart, he was also weighing and tangled.

On the one hand, I really want to want this child, which is also the wish of his wife; on the other hand, his actual conditions are not allowed. According to the physical conditions of his wife, whether it can be successfully produced is two said, plus himself himselfThe family is really sleepy now …

When it comes to the economic conditions of the Gaodejin family that is not wealthy, it is necessary to see the accident that occurred three months ago.

Three months ago, in December 2010, on this day, Gaodejin had to go to customers to pull the goods, and the transportation used by his daily delivery was a motorized tricycle.

When he was about to set off, his wife Zhang Rongxiang hugged their two -year -old daughter out. Zhang Rongxiang felt that there was nothing anyway. Just with her husband, the three were on the car.

However, the accident suddenly happened when a crossroads.A white car suddenly rushed over. Gaodejin could only see a shadow in the vagueness, and then he became unconscious and didn’t know anything.

When the accident happened, the wife was thrown out by the car and hit the head just to form a heavy brain injury.Their younger daughter was more lucky. The little girl hugged by her mother was thrown into the grass next to her arms and was not very harmful.

The worst injury was Zhang Rongxiang. She has never woke up since she was unconscious.

Gaodejin’s arm crushed fractures, but fortunately it was all trauma.

In this car accident, a family of three rides the tricycle was undoubtedly injured, and Zhao Gang (a pseudonym) who drove a white car was not injured, but his car was also very serious.Essence

In the first time he had a car accident, he quickly dialed 120 and sent a family of three injured to the hospital.

Later, Gaodejin woke up, but his wife Zhang Rongxiang had been in a coma and was rescued many times.

This time the car accident is tantamount to a devastating blow for their family. Originally, their family was not wealthy. His father died a few years ago. Zhang Rongxiang had no income at home to take care of his children.The money is intense.

After all, their houses were demolished, and they had to have demolition funds, but the resettlement houses had not been built, and their family could only live in the garage of other people’s houses.

Now that this kind of thing is encountered again, the wife’s hospitalization needs to spend money. They have asked relatives to borrow a lap of money. Gaodejin also stopped his treatment and allowed the hospital to save his wife. But the money was not enough.

At this time, Gaode Jin thought of Zhao Gang.In fact, it was not just thought of it. After all, just after the car accident happened, Gaodejin brought Zhao Gang and the insurance company where the car was insured to the court.

Because Gaodejin needs money, he sued Zhao Gang and hoped to get some compensation.Since the issue of compensation is involved, the division of the responsibility of the responsibility of the two parties in the process of the car accident is also very important.

According to Gaodejin, his car walked from south to north, and Zhao Gang drove from east to west. On the crossroads, the car drove quickly. He did not respond.Pocket collision vertical.

But half of Zhao Gang agreed with Gao Degin’s statement.

He believed that he was indeed driving quickly. At that time, he didn’t find a car in other directions until the car drove to the crossroads, but everything was too late.

Zhao Gang also said that he did not slow down, but Gaodejin’s motorized tricycles did not drive slowly, and even the speed was faster than him.

So why did the two cars have no intention of deceleration after passing through the crossroads?

Because this road has not been installed on the road, some cars are just horn when they pass.

In addition, there are many trees on both sides of the crossroads, which is easy to block the view, so it is more likely to occur in traffic accidents.

Finally, the traffic management department made the conclusion:

Because both parties did not stop watching, and the situation was taken in improper measures, the two sides had the same responsibility for the accident.

When Gaodejin told Zhao Gang to court for the first time, Zhao Gang still understood the difficulties of Gaodejin’s family.

After mediation, the two parties divided according to the liability of the accident. Zhao Gang and the Insurance Company took a total of more than 40,000 yuan to pay for the early medical expenses of Gaodejin and his wife Zhang Rongxiang.

This is the first mediation.

Later, after a few months, Gaodejin once again brought Zhao Gang to court.What is it because of this time?

Still because of money, Zhao Gang’s more than 40,000 yuan of medical expenses had been spent, and his wife Zhang Rongxiang still needed to continue treatment. In desperation, Gaodejin had to sue Zhao Gang to court again.

Zhao Gang still expressed his understanding on this prosecution of Gaodejin. After another mediation by the court, Gaodejin received another 10,000 yuan compensation.

This is the second mediation.

Then the third time Zhao Gang was brought to the court and had a lot to do with the child in his wife’s belly.

After careful consideration, Gaodejin still decided not to perform a pregnancy ending surgery for his wife. He wanted his wife to give birth to the child. He thought that his wife must have thought.

Fortunately, the wife living in the hospital gradually had some consciousness, which made Gaodejin see a hint of hope.

But they did not afford the expenses of continuing to be hospitalized. In the end, Gao Degin decided to take his wife home and take good care of it.

In July 2011, Zhang Rongxiang had the next baby boy in a cesarean section in the hospital. Gao Dejin named him "God". He believed that his son was a gift from God to him and his wife.

Although his wife gave birth to a child safely, her body still did not improve, she still needed care, and the child was so small. There were other people at home waiting for dinner. Their days were more difficult than before.

At this time, someone gave Gaodejin an idea and said that he could do disability identification for Zhang Rongxiang, so that he could ask his wife’s compensation and care.

Gaodejin was done.As a result of the identification, Zhang Rongxiang caused intellectual attenuation due to craniocerebral trauma. He was identified as a four -level disability in a traffic accident.

Holding this report, Gaodeka brought Zhao Gang to court again, but this time, he not only wanted his wife’s care fee, but also wanted to get his son -in -law’s support fee.

Who knows, Zhao Gang, who was very good to speak, did not do this time. He thought that at the beginning, no child appeared at the beginning. He had paid it before.It doesn’t make sense to bear the maintenance fee.

Furthermore, it was Gao Dejin’s danger of life regardless of his wife and life. They had to give birth to their children, and they could also choose not to do it.

Regarding Zhao Gang’s statement, Gaodejin disagreed. He believed that when the accident occurred, his wife was pregnant. No matter what he found, he already existed. This compensation Zhao Gang must pay.

Just as the two sides held their own words, the court made another mediation.

In the end, Zhao Gang once again expressed his understanding of Gao Degin, and this matter came to an end with Zhao Gang’s total payments of Gaodejin 530,000 yuan.Among them, 530,000 yuan includes all the costs before adults.

Fortunately, in May 2014, Zhang Rongxiang was completely awake.

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