If your husband and boyfriend always do not understand, do not support, do not cooperate with your work …

How to persuade my husband to accompany me to start a business?

How did I convince my husband with an annual salary of 2 million and give up his work and willingly accompany me to start a business as a translation.People like my husband are naturally confident to persuade. He believes that the ceiling of the financial industry is higher.So I mentioned with him for 6 years and let him resign, he refused to.Until one time, the two web products of the United States, the two in the United States, could not be passed by importing filing because of the temporary modification of component regulations.He solved it through his connections and methods to help the company avoid tens of millions of losses.He will find that, in fact, his value is far more than 2 million in his own company, and his thoughts have changed huge changes.

But this is a low -frequency event, which is not enough to stimulate his thoughts.Later, I often brought professional English translations to develop research and development with me in France, Rui X, and West × × × tooth.However, the professional English translation of skin care products involves ingredients, technology, and technology, and international GMP regulations, so it is very professional.However, he can only do things well in translation, and he doesn’t know enough about the culture and social methods of European and the United States.Many people have dealt with foreigners because they do not live overseas work and experience.My husband is a social bandit. He was studying and working abroad, so he basically talked about when he met for an hour. The follow -up work would be easier. Therefore, he could feel his unique value anytime, anywhere.

Another, the two people are particularly important.I am a very positive and optimistic, and I am a kind of radicals who belong to anyone and things, so I will get more opportunities.But at the same time, I often step on the pit.My husband is the opposite. He is extremely conservative, rigorous, and even a typical conservative, so the probability of getting the opportunity will be lower, but at the same time, the risk is lower.So the two of us can find a complementary place.

If the friends who have studied management science all understand that a company and a team must have a tiger responsible for leading the soldiers, that is.The panda is responsible for the camp, and the owl is responsible for controlling risks, which is calm enough.Peacocks need social and expression, and the chameleon needs to be randomly strained in any environment, so he feels that the company has the need for the role of the company.If your husband and boyfriend do not understand, do not support your work, don’t rush to convince him, but affect him through the participation and results of things.You can try this method.Sisters, remember to tell me the results.

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