If you want to know if your baby is healthy in the early pregnancy, don’t miss it for 8 weeks of B -ultrasound. It is very important

From the beginning of pregnancy, the mother’s heart is like a glass. The doctor’s eyes, a shaking head, and an uncertainty, which moves the mother’s heart in minutes, fearing that the baby has problems.

Especially for B -ultrasound, mother is looking forward to and scared.It is expected that every time B -ultrasound can hear the baby’s heart beating, fear is that the B -ultrasound will find problems.

And each time B-ultrasound is a relatively important check, the first B-ultrasound is 7-8 weeks of pregnancy.

Xiaoxiao went to the hospital today for a birth checkup. According to your own calculation, it was exactly 8 weeks. Today, I will do a B -ultrasound to listen to the baby’s fetal heart and see the fetal buds.

Because I had a pregnancy experience before, but there was no fetal heart and fetal buds in 8 weeks. I still did not wait until 10 weeks, and finally performed the curettage surgery.

So I came to the hospital today, and I was particularly embarrassed in a smile, fearing that "history repeats again."

When lying down on the bed, hearing the sound of fetal heartbeat, smiling and tears couldn’t stop flowing.I finally didn’t let myself disappointed.

The doctor had seen the results of the examination and said with a smile: Rest assured, the baby develops very well, and the fetal heart and fetal buds are normal.Go home and take a good rest.

① Ectopic pregnancy

Many Baoma pregnancy was tested by her home test strip. For the first time, B -ultrasound can determine the position of fertilized eggs.

Even if the number of weeks is relatively small, there is no other manifestation, and the pregnancy should be ended as soon as possible to suffer from the trouble.

② Pregnancy sac

The combined fertilized eggs are in bed in the uterus. The first form of development is the gestational sac, and then the yolk sac.

Judging the length and size of the pregnancy sac through B -ultrasound to judge the number of pregnancy weeks.The gestational sac generally appears in about 5 weeks.

The gestational sac is the basis of the development of the fetus in the future. Five internal organs slowly developed internally. The foreign ministers out of their limbs and heads to form a fetus.

The pregnancy sac and yolk can not be sure that the fetus must be developed normally.It is a life to wait until 7-8 weeks of fetal heart buds.

③ fetal buds

The fetal buds appear first, and the fetal buds appear after the yolk cylinder.It’s like a small tree starts to germinate, and it also indicates the beginning of a life.

④ fetal heart

The fetal heart appears in 7-8 weeks, but some Baoma will be postponed because of the inaccurate menstruation time.If there is no fetal heart in 10 weeks, there is a possibility of stopping tires.

The number of heartbeats of the fetus is much higher than adults. The fetal heartbeat of 6-7 weeks can reach 90-100 times/minute.The appearance of fetal hearts also represents the official start of fetal development, which is a lively life.

Under normal pregnancy, a B-ultrasound is performed in 6-8 weeks, and the next time to 12 weeks, the NT examination will be conducted for B-ultrasound.

When pregnant mothers raise their tires at home, they can determine whether the fetus development is normal through physical performance. If the following situations occur during this period, the pregnant mother must pay attention.

① Stop pregnancy vomiting

Pregnancy vomiting is also a sign of pregnancy. Most Baoma will have a pregnancy reaction, but it is light and heavy.

If my mother has always had a pregnancy reaction in the first three months of pregnancy, but suddenly stopped pregnancy, it must be paid attention to.

Pregnancy reactions and post -pregnancy hormones, that is, the HCG value that the doctor said, has a direct relationship.In the early pregnancy, the HCG value doubled every day, so as to ensure that the fetal development is healthy.

If the value is not doubled or doubled, there is a possibility of aura abortion.

② Blood and abdominal pain

The color of the bleeding is bright red and the amount of bleeding is more. At the same time, it is accompanied by abdominal pain. Be sure to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.It may be an ectopic pregnancy or a threatened abortion.

【Mom Sending】

The mother’s heart is not stable, and the baby needs to face more new problems when the baby is born.Although the road to raising a baby is dense, the child smiles, and the happiness given to the mother is unattended.

【Topic today】

Are you touched when you hear your child’s fetal heart?

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