If you want to get pregnant quickly, you must avoid these minefields

Due to Panzi, many pregnant couples want to get pregnant as soon as possible, try their best to find the so -called experience from some "coming people" and "good -hearted people".Why can’t I be pregnant?When looking at others for pregnancy, it feels as simple as eating and drinking water.Then I have to make people feel emotional, even anxious, how can I be so unfair?In fact, many times, it may be that you are "in a hurry to go to medical treatment", and you have stepped on the minefield of pregnancy, which delay the process of asking for the child.Director Zhang Yanjun, Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital, has been in clinical work for more than 30 years. It has been found that many patients have a common misunderstanding of pregnancy and sorted out:

1. The sooner the folic acid, the better

During pregnancy, some folic acid needs to be supplemented in an appropriate amount, but the best time to supplement folic acid is from 3 months to 3 months of pregnancy before pregnancy.-0.8 milligram of specifications is enough.

2. The same room for ovulation day is the easiest to get pregnant

The effect is the best during the next day when the female ovulation and the day of ovulation are the best.Because after the eggs are discharged, they can survive for one or two days in women’s genitals, and sperm can survive for two to three days after entering the female genitals. If you only have a room on the day of ovulation, the chance of conception is not high.The "play" of the two sides.

3. You can get pregnant quickly with more houses

"Every day, how can I still get rid of the sheets?" This is a question from many patients.They are superstitious about "strong miracles", and they mistakenly believe that increasing the frequency of the same room can increase the probability of pregnancy, but the result is contrary to their wishes.Because if more than 3 times in the same room in a week, the number and quality of sperm in semen will decrease significantly.In other words, although the number of times is raised, the sperm quality is greatly reduced, which affects pregnancy because of the low sperm quality.

4. Nample or ectopic pregnancy soon after pregnancy

Some husbands and wives are anxious to conceive shortly after abortion or ectopic pregnancy due to their sons. In fact, this is very dangerous, because at this time the fallopian tubes have not been dredged, and the endometrium is not completely cured. Once again, So you ca n’t eat hot tofu, waiting for your body to cure is the best preparation for your baby.

5. Wife is just preparing for pregnancy alone

Although the baby was born by the mother in the end, after all, pregnancy was a matter of two husbands and wives, and the prospective dad also needed to make psychological and physical preparations in advance.The prospective dad must also do a good pre -pregnancy examination to maintain the rules of schedules. Considering that the quality of tadpoles should not stay up late, it is very important to quit tobacco and alcohol.

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