If you want to enter the delivery room, you will find that you are pregnant?In addition to menopause, these major symptoms are prompting you

Xiaoli is usually fat in size. She has never conceived her child for a few years. She is usually inaccurate. I didn’t care about abdominal pain before. I found that my belly did not go in my heart when I was old.Well, it is normal to get fat until it is unbearable. I went to the hospital for examination and was told that she was pregnant and was about to produce. The whole family was shocked and happy.After being hospitalized, the mother and child were safe.

The usual routine of TV series is:

The hostess was eating happily, and suddenly a nausea, found pregnancy

The hostess stood and spoke well, and suddenly the sky turned over, and she was pregnant.

However, it is usually not so dramatic in reality, because everyone’s pregnancy symptoms are different. Some people have a particularly obvious response. Some people have no response. Some of them are discovered by six or seven months, and they will be discovered.

Discontinue menstruation

This is very distinguished for people who have always been accurate cycles. Some people have delayed a day to test their pregnancy. This is why many people find their pregnancy.But for people with inaccurate cycles, it is also one of the reasons for pregnancy.

Breast increase

The breasts of early pregnancy start to increase, and the congestion is obvious, and the more sensitive people will consciously swell the breasts.The isola color transforms, and there is a small bulge. When it is close to delivery, press the breast with colostrum.

Three nausea and vomiting and other digestive tract reactions

About half of the menstruation, about half of people will have nausea or vomiting at different degrees, which is more obvious when getting up in the morning.But this reaction varies from person to person, some reactions are great, and some are just slightly disgusting.

Frequent urine

In the early days, the increasing uterus compressed the bladder, which would cause frequent urination and usually improve after 12 weeks.

Five drowsiness is easy to fatigue

In the early pregnancy, when some mothers did not find that they were pregnant, they usually felt that they were more sleepy and more susceptible to fatigue than usual, and often needed to rest.

Six vaginal secretions increase, a little irregular bleeding

In the early stages of pregnancy, the number of vaginal falling cells increased, and the amount of secretions increased, and some would have a little irregular bleeding. Many people mistakenly thought that it was menstruation and ignored it.

Seven thoracic width

Some mothers will find that the underwear that they usually wear just wore a tightness without significantly increased, and the feeling of poorly breathing is poor.

Eight appetite changes

What I usually like to eat suddenly does not like to eat, but people who do not like to eat more likely.

Nine mood is easy to fluctuate

Usually, things that feel irrelevant, at this time, you can make you tears.

Ten abdomen’s tire movement appears

After the early pregnancy, the uterus rises, and the mother will obviously feel that her stomach has become bigger, and she will feel fetal movement in about 4 months.

In fact, there are quite a lot of symptoms of pregnancy. As long as you distinguish it carefully, you can notice it. Do not delay because of carelessness.

When did the mothers find that they were pregnant?Hurry up and leave a message to share.

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