If you are pregnant, you have to skin care?Precautions for skin care during pregnancy, do pregnant mothers understand clearly?

Girls will experience a hot moment on the road of pursuing beauty.

I was planted by the grass for a while, and the Amway, one for a while

Can it turn white?Buy it!Very moisturizing?Buy it!

Can acne?Can pores shrink?Can you repair it?Anti-Aging?

There is no need to discuss this matter, listen to me,

Buy and buy!

But as long as you are pregnant with your beloved little baby,

No matter how beautiful you are before pregnancy, Girl,

No matter how expensive skin care cosmetics,

For the health of the baby,

It can only be sealed for 10 months,

Or tolerate love to girlfriends,

Even throw away …

Why is it prone to skin itching during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the hormone level of pregnant women has changed, and skin problems are prone to occur.

Such as eczema, urticaria, I like to find you when you are pregnant.Especially in summer, sweating is more, it is easy to sully cause heat rashes.

If you are easily allergic, congratulations, the possibility of skin problems during pregnancy will be higher than others.

Well, these skin problems themselves will not cause any harm to the fetus.

The problem is that you can’t sleep every day by itching. If you can’t sleep well, the fetus must not be good; if it itchy, you can grab it.

Pregnant mothers go to see the dermatology department. The most questioned question is "Doctor, can I use hormones in this medicine?" Can I use it when I am pregnant? "

Keke, this younger sister.If the doctor knows that you are pregnant, and you will have hormonal medicine for you, then you must tell you that you can use it.

Because there are many types of hormone drugs, hormone drugs used for pregnant women must be applicable to pregnant women.

However, many pregnant mothers would rather believe that micro -business or Internet celebrity skin plaster with the words "herbal, no hormones" and other advertisements did not believe in doctors.

In fact, the three non -products in the circle of friends may contain more powerful hormones.Xiaobian expressed desperate for this …

There are also some pregnant mothers who have a big heart, and the skin itchy, so I went to the pharmacy to buy medicine cream, but many pregnant women on the market were disabled.

Western medicine ingredients, such as iodide, ethanol, organic mercury, vitamin A acid (including excess vitamin A), etc.;

Traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, such as cytotoxic drugs, ghost aquin toxins, stimulating musk, motherworts that promote blood circulation and blood stasis, and trauma.

Want to give up skin care?Don’t be stupid, pregnant women need skin care!And effective moisturizing during pregnancy can avoid most skin problems and reduce the use of ointment.

To this end, many pregnant mothers mentioned a widely circulated ancient prescription- "Doctor, I bought a good tea oil to care for skin care, and should not still produce rashes."

This tea oil meets the conditions of "pure natural no addition", and it sounds suitable for pregnant women. In fact, it is not good!

Plant oil structures are not the same as human skin. Doctors do not recommend to directly slap their faces, especially women with sensitive skin, and they will happen if they wipe more "disasters".

The correct way is to use low -sensitive medical skin care products, because such skin care products are designed to imitate human skin oil structure and can form a protective film on the skin.

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