If you are pregnant before you are unmarried, your boyfriend does not agree with your parents. What should I do if I want me?

I have known my boyfriend for a year. I accidentally got pregnant last month. I used to pay attention to contraception. Then my boyfriend and I were panicked. My boyfriend was 28 years old. I was 23 years old. He wanted this baby. I also wanted to leave him.After three days of consideration, I told my mother, but my parents did not agree with life. I had to kill me. My boyfriend came to my house twice and bought several boxes every time. But the first time I came to my parentsI just went out to ignore him, my boyfriend left, and my parents came out for the second time. After waiting for more than an hour, I scolded my boyfriend. No way, my boyfriend would let me panic. He dragged him.Relatives and friends came to my house to say, and then my parents did not agree because he had no house in the city, and his hometown was in the mountains, and his parents were older.

He started to buy a house in Zhang Luo these days, and asked his friends and acquaintances to ask. It took a lot of effort. He had a relative to know my neighbor. My neighbor served as a matchmaker to my house. My boyfriend also bought the matchmaker.Smoke and gift box, my boyfriend is very hard and advances, but the family is not very good. Now the boyfriend’s house has also been bought, but my mother is disliked to be the top floor. The boyfriend himself has more than 100,000 in his hand. When you buy a house, you can buy your own money.It ’s finished, the small property rights bought cheaper, small cities and small property rights house prices are not very high, but my parents still force me to kill my baby, saying that my boyfriend makes me pregnant.I want to marry a daughter -in -law, but my boyfriend said, no matter how difficult it is, he will marry me into the door to protect me and my baby. It is nothing more than these two or three years.Going to borrow, his brother and his relatives will help him, and he will make money to him.

My parents didn’t say how much gifts were, that is, no, I had to kill my baby, my mother cried every day, and I cried. I also distressed my parents. I know my parents are afraid of my hardships in the future. TheyI always say no. In the future, I will owe so much debt in the past. The house is still the top floor. How hot in the summer is not good. One is my boyfriend and baby, and the other is a parent who has raised me for more than 20 years. It is really difficult.

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