If you accidentally get pregnant?4 reliable contraceptive measures for you to choose

Everyone’s views on contraception will be different. Some people think that taking contraceptive measures will affect the experience of sexual life, and some people think that contraceptive measures must be used, otherwise it will easily lead to accidental pregnancy.Although this is a personal choice, it is necessary to take contraceptive measures, which is also due to the protection of women’s bodies.There are many contraceptive measures on the market to choose from, but some are reliable and unreliable.What are the reliable contraceptive measures?Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Constitution

Constitution is the most common contraceptive measure, and its success rate can reach more than 90%.And using condoms for contraception can also prevent the spread of many sexually transmitted diseases, which really achieves "safe".When buying condoms, pay attention to the size of the condom. Do not buy too much or too small, otherwise it can easily lead to contraceptive failure.Do not choose ultra -thin condoms. If the action is too intense, it will easily damage the condom.In addition, before using a condom, be sure to see if the condom expires, and see if the outer packaging of the condom is damaged.

2. Short -acting oral contraceptives

Contraceptives are divided into long -acting contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives, and emergency contraceptives. Among them, short -acting oral contraceptives are the safer and effective.Short -active oral contraceptives are not only convenient to use, but also improve dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, anemia, and can also play a role in preventing ovarian and endometrial cancer.However, there is a bad thing that short -acting oral contraceptives must be taken every day. For some people with poor memory, it is really not easy to operate. At this timeTake the medicine so that you will not forget.

3. Breakfast ring

Placing a birthplace in women is also a contraceptive measure that people are often selected, especially when married women choose more.Putting the birthplace in the body to ensure the safety of sexual life for a long time. There are 5 years of birth ring and a 10 -year birth ring.To go to a regular place to place the birthplace, this is also for its own health.If women have a plan to get pregnant and take out the nursery ring, they can restore fertility. It is a reversible contraceptive measure. You can use it with confidence.

4, sterilization

Both men and women can do sterilization, and this method of contraceptive measures is once and for all.If there is no plan to give birth in the future, you can indeed be sterilized. If you have planning to have fertility in the future, do not adopt this contraceptive method.Male ligation can be recovered in the future. There is no way to recover after single women’s ligation. Careful consideration should be considered before sterilization surgery.

The above 4 contraceptive measures are relatively safer and effective contraceptive measures. You can choose your favorite to use in it.Such as safety during safety, in vitro ejaculation, etc. are not reliable enough, and it is easy to fail. Don’t choose.

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