If women have these 5 performances, they may be pregnant, but many women do not know

Giveting a child is a woman’s life. For women who are not ready to have children, they will suddenly get pregnant and be overwhelmed.

For women who want children and are not easy to get pregnant, to determine whether they are pregnant, they have to go to the hospital to detect the halo of pregnancy through B -ultrasound to determine whether they are pregnant to rest assured.

In fact, in addition to these inspections, if there are these 5 performances after the same room, it means that you may be pregnant. Be ready to be a mother.

Performance 1. The body temperature continues to be high

Normal people’s body temperature is generally maintained at about 37 degrees, but after pregnancy, the body temperature will continue to rise in a certain period of time, about 0.5 degrees high.(Some people will feel obvious, some people will feel that there is no difference, the specific situation varies from person to person)

The increase in body temperature is because after the ovarian ovulation of a woman, the follicles in the body will form a progesterone, which secretes the temperature of the body temperature regulating center. When the progesterone reaches a certain amount, it will cause body temperature height.

In popular terms, if a woman appears "high temperature" about 15-20 days in a row, and the menstruation does not come at this time, then it is possible to get pregnant.

Performance 2, changes in breasts

As soon as a woman is pregnant, the breast will develop secondary development, because the body is prepared for postpartum milk secretion.Therefore, some women will obviously feel that breasts and nipples will increase, areola deeper, and the veins under the breast skin will become obvious.

At the same time, there will be some small nodules around the nipples. At this time, women will slowly feel that the breasts become solid and heavy.

In addition, due to the effects of progesterone, breasts even have certain tingling, swelling, etc., which is also one of the signals of pregnancy.

Performance three, increase leucorrhea increase

When you are not pregnant before pregnancy, you can also know that you are pregnant when you observe your leucorrhea.

Under normal circumstances, after a woman’s pregnancy, the progesterone and estrogen in the body, as the number of days of pregnancy increases, will prompt the cervix and uterine membrane to secrete mucus (this is for the formation of the formation of uterine amniotic fluid)

Next, the blood flow and moisture of women’s vagina and cervix will gradually increase. At the same time, leucorrhea will increase accordingly.

Performance four, frequent urination

Some women will obviously feel that when drinking the same water every day, the number of times to the toilet is more frequent than before.

Why is this so?Because after pregnancy, the blood volume in the body will increase, and the uterus will gradually increase after the fetus has the fetus. It will slowly compress the bladder.

So women after pregnancy are easy to feel that they will go to the toilet when they are everywhere.This is also one of the signals to test whether you are pregnant.

Performance 5, menstruation stop, nausea and vomiting

Women in the same room before and after ovulation, when menstruation is not coming or late, must first consider whether she is pregnant.

Because there are no women in the palace cold and fallopian tubes, and there is no contraceptive measures before and after ovulation, they will basically get pregnant in the normal menstrual cycle.Soon after, nausea of pregnancy will also accompany (very few women are spitting after pregnancy)

In the next time, about half of the pregnant women’s pregnancy will be relieved during the second pregnancy, and some pregnant women may need a month to reduce the symptoms.

In summary, when they have these performances, women should pay attention to whether they are pregnant, make plans in time, and regular production inspections after pregnancy.

At the same time, I also told all parents that before they planned to ask their children, we must take contraceptive measures. If you are unfortunately pregnant, even if the conditions are not good or there are other disadvantages, it is best to give birth to the child, persist, and get tired and tired, and be tired and tired.Life will soon pass.

If it falls, the trauma of women’s body and mind will be very large. When you are pregnant again, there may be risks such as miscarriage, premature birth, and even infertility.

If you are going to have a child, I wish you a good pregnancy, and give birth to a noble child early.

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