If these two cases occur on the underwear during pregnancy, the pregnant mother will be happy, and the fetus develops very well.

After women are pregnant, as the level of hormone in the body changes, the body of the pregnant mother will change.It is particularly obvious that the belly, you can directly see that women are pregnant.At the same time, women also have some other reactions, such as pregnancy vomiting, waist and soreness, etc. These are normal.

For careful pregnant mothers, they also observe their underwear.Because the leucorrhea on women’s underwear can actually reflect some changes in the body during this time.Before pregnancy, some women will judge the health of their privacy through panties.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can also detect the development of the baby through the changes in underwear.

Pregnant mothers, if you find these two cases of underwear, don’t panic, it is a phenomenon of good fetal development.

1. There are many secretions on the underwear

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the hygiene of private places to avoid some potential hygiene problems due to the increase in secretions, which affects the development of the fetus.If the pregnant mother finds more secretions during pregnancy, don’t panic, this phenomenon is normal.Because the level of hormones in the body is great, the increase in secretions is a normal process.It shows that the body’s development is normal, and the fetal baby is developing very well.

2. Underwear secretions are colorless and tasteless

Women know that the most normal secretion is colorless and tasteless secretions.Because this phenomenon is a very healthy manifestation of the body, especially for women that women are not disturbed by gynecological inflammation.During pregnancy, due to physical changes, pregnant mothers are more sensitive during pregnancy and are vulnerable to the invasion of the wind and evil.

If you find that your secretion is color or odor during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must not care about it.This may be that you have some gynecological inflammation. At the same time, if the secretion is color, it may be a signal sent by the body. The pregnant mother must not be careless. It is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid the health of the fetus because of negligence.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother is in these two cases during pregnancy, then it ’s a stealing, indicating that there is no gynecological problem in the fetus. The baby grows up in such an environment. It must be very healthy.However, if there is any objection, the pregnant mother should also check it in time, usually the secretion can most illustrate the physical condition.Some pregnant mothers may affect the healthy development of the baby because of carelessness or embarrassment.

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