If these signals appear in the body, it is in the ovulation period, and at this time, it may be better conceived

When it comes to pregnancy, many couples usually have room during ovulation during pregnancy, because they can better conceive during this period, but every month, the stomach still has no movement, and there is still no arbitrarily. In fact, the error ovulation period is actually considered an ovulation period.Also a possibility.Calculate the ovulation period of women accurately and can do this.

Ovulation day detection method

1. Ovulation test strip

After menstruation, check it once a day.After the color is deepened, the test frequency is increased, and the strong yang is measured before and after ovulation.

2. Basic body temperature detection

After getting up every day, do not do anything in bed, including drinking water, measure the body temperature with the thermometer, and record it.Starting from the first day of the menstrual cycle, when the first day suddenly declined and suddenly rose the next day, it was basically ovulation day.This test basically takes 2 months or longer, because you need to know your basic body temperature first, and then judge what suddenly declines and rise according to the basic temperature.

3. Go to the hospital for examination

If you have been preparing for a long time and have not been pregnant, you need to go to the hospital to see if there are other problems.You can go to the hospital to check the ovulation situation and it is very accurate.

These signals will appear in women’s bodies in ovulation day

1. Women’s body temperature will rise

Under normal circumstances, a person’s body temperature is in a relatively balanced state.However, in the ovulation period, the temperature of women’s bodies will be slightly higher than usual, but the temperature is not very clear.For example, 36.4 is usually 36.7 after the body temperature rises.In this way, it usually increases by about 0.3 degrees, and it will not change much. It is difficult to feel if it is not a more sensitive woman.Pregnant women can use thermometer to test the temperature and record it.If you find that your body temperature drops first and then rises, it is usually the day of ovulation.

2. There is a little slight pain in the abdomen

Women have slight abdominal pain on the day of ovulation, because during ovulation, due to the rupture of follicular membranes and ovarian sacs, follicular fluids irritate to the nearby peritoneum can cause abdominal pain.Therefore, pain can appear alternately or appear on one side.However, some women think that this is a phenomenon of abdominal pain during menstruation, and there will be no pain after menstruation, so they are often ignored.If a woman finds a slight pain in the abdomen, it can consider whether the ovulation period has arrived or whether it has arrived.

3. Changes in body secretions

I believe that in daily life, female friends also know what the secretions of our bodies are like.When the ovulation day arrives, our body will be fully prepared before ovulation.Therefore, there will be some changes in the secretions at this time. The amount of leucorrhea will be more than usual, and it will be brushed in the egg white. It can be brushed for a long time.

In fact, frequency of frequency of the same house during ovulation may also reduce pregnancy success rates, because the production of sperm requires a process.If you are too frequent in the same room, you will reduce the sperm content in the semen, which will cause sperm concentration to be worse than the day, and get farther away from the goal of pregnancy.


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