I will share with you how to learn about the four -dimensional men’s treasure and share the symptoms of Huai Menbao.

Because my menstruation is not very accurate. So I heard that the male treasure upper body can not be verified as early as me.

Knowing that I am pregnant, I am still running every day at work.The mental state is good.No early pregnancy reaction.It is especially sleeping after dinner.

Diet: I don’t love sour.Just like the usual taste.But you ca n’t eat full. Just five are full. If you eat too much, you will feel uncomfortable: if you want to spit out, you are uncomfortable and uncomfortable.Fruits I like to eat in the middle of pregnancy do not like to eat.I want to eat who sees who eats in the circle of friends.And I usually don’t eat fat, I am particularly greedy now.

Fetal dream: Dreaming of two big pythons.Dreaming of two dragons fighting in the water.Dreaming of corn.Figs and cantaloupe.

In terms of sex: almost no desire.The desire was particularly strong when a child was.

Stomach type: tip.

Hair hanging needle: show boy.

Pregnant women show the boy in the lunar calendar month.

The face burst into acne, and his forehead cheeks were the most.It is not caused by constipation.His face became dark.Skin worse

The sweat on the stomach becomes more

At first I was pregnant and now I intuitively thought that the baby was in the stomach.

Neighbors said that I was not like a pregnant woman.My temperament is fast.

The fetal heart has a minimum of 136 on the fetal heart.This is not allowed.

I asked my nephew if my belly was my brother or sister. The answer may be my brother.Ask my daughter.She said she was a brother.This is accurate.

When doing four dimensions.The eldest doctor looking for relatives.Also instructed to help look at boys and girls.When lying on the bed, the doctor asked the first child.Daughter is still a son.Shipping or caesarean section. The instrument just put on the doctor and laughed and said: Well.After speaking, I know the boy and girl.Relatives were still talking to doctors.After watching it, I whispered to ask the boy or a girl.The doctor said: Didn’t you just tell you?boy.look.Then he moved the probe and showed her.Husband looked at Guang smirking.My heart is also very happy.Thanks for letting me make a good word too.I also wish you all the things that Bao Mom thought.

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