I was taking a bath, and my son’s son suddenly broke into the door, saying that he would be my boyfriend

My name is Liu Qing.

It is an abandoned child.

At that time, I could remembers things vaguely.

I remember that morning, my mother wore new clothes and combed me with good -looking hairstyles.

After everything was ready, she looked at me for a long time.

It wasn’t until her eyes had tears and turned around before putting the comb.

That day my mother said that she would take me to go to relatives.

I also bought me the sugar gourds I love to eat on the way.

We took the car and walked again. Only the mountains and the mountains came to relatives.

After arriving at the relative’s house, my mother sat and chatted with relatives, and gave me a dollar for me to go to the small sales department in the village to buy sugar.

The little brother of the relative’s house was very enthusiastic, and he said he took me over.

That was the first time I took such a large amount of RMB, and in the past, it was one hairy.

With that money, I followed the brother carefully.

But I don’t know why, I always feel a little scared along the way.

So after buying sugar, I ran to my relatives’ house.

But when my relative’s house was discovered that my mother had gone.

I cried and shouted to find my mother, and the aunt of my relative’s house coaxed me with a loving look.

Later, that relative became my adoptive mother.

The adoptive mother is very good to me. I will buy me new clothes, I will buy me delicious, and I will tell me some stories of gods and ghosts.

My adoptive father was not good at saying, and always had a face, but people were extremely kind.

Life is like a spring breeze, but sometimes I still think of my mother.

When I was in the fourth grade of elementary school, I accidentally heard that my adoptive mother was pregnant.

That day I heard my adoptive mother told her adoptive father that there were two children in the family, and the days would be tightly. If one came again, I am afraid it would be even worse.

When I heard these words, I was suddenly scared.

If the three children must abandon one, anyone will abandon the child who is not biological.

I did n’t sleep well for several days, and I was scared every day. Even if I fell asleep, I dreamed that I was sleeping on the streets and was asking for food.

I was sick under extreme tension and anxiety.

Forty degrees of high fever continued.

The adoptive mother was worried that she was broken, and sat in my side to take care of me.

Later, I was sick, but my adoptive mother fell ill.

From then on, I changed my mouth to the mother and mother.

I used to call her aunt.

That’s my mother taught. Even if I knew that I was abandoned, I still didn’t want to change it.

It may be fantasies. I always feel that my aunt is called, and my mother will come to pick me up.

But since I knew that my adopted mother was pregnant, I was afraid that I would be abandoned again.

Of course, because the adoptive mother is really good to me, I don’t want to leave that home.

In fact, when I was not sick, I wanted to change my mouth many times, but children also have the stubbornness and tangling of children.

The adoptive mother was crying by my mother.

She hugged me to say a good child.

Later, my adoptive father told me, because I shouted my mother, my adopted mother’s body was mostly better.

I bowed my head happily and shyly.

Later, the adoptive father and adopted mother discussed for a long time, and finally decided to give birth to the child.

I was a little disappointed and scared.

In fact, I am not excluding that child, I just fear that my stable life will be broken again.

But the adoptive mother quickly saw my mind. She pulled me gently to her arms and said that even if a child was regenerated, she would be nice to me.

When the adoptive mother spoke, she kept looking at my eyes. She was sincere and her expression was serious. In the end, it was a child. My heart was soft instantly, and she nodded solemnly.

The child’s mind comes quickly.

After my adoptive mother told me, I returned to a happy state every day.

Sometimes my brother and I will sit together to discuss whether it is a boy or a girl in the adopted mother’s belly.

In the fifth grade in the autumn of the fifth grade, adoptive mother gave birth to a little boy.

I cheered and expressed my joy.

My joy originated from a child in the family, and the second was derived from that child was a younger brother, not a sister.

The adoptive father accepted the reality after seeing a boy stunned for a while.

In the end, it is old, and the heart is more happy.

Later, my brother and I often saw the adoptive father holding the child to raise the high.

Sometimes I am envious, because I almost don’t remember my dad.

Life is three happy, the cave house is a candle, the title of the gold list, and the blessing of Tianzi.

But the joy of our family has not been maintained for a long time.

Half a year later, my adoptive parents found that the younger brother seemed to be different from other children.

He won’t laugh, can’t sit, even his neck is softer than other children.

The face of adoptive parents gradually haze.

Some people in the village suggested that they take their children to a large hospital, but some people say that some children are developing slowly.

Later, a few months later, the younger brother was still like that.

My adoptive mother decided to take my younger brother to see.

I remember they went for four days at that time, and the adoptive mother’s eyes were swollen as walnuts when they returned.

Later, I learned that the adoptive mother took their younger brother to three hospitals. The diagnosis results were the same and cerebral palsy.

How can parents bear such a result.

After returning from the city, the adoptive mother did not eat or lie on the bed for three days.

Since then, my brother and I can still see the adoptive father holding the younger brother to hold high in the yard, but there is no joy on his face.

When I was in junior high school, my family had hollowed out all savings because of seeing a doctor.

When I graduated from junior high school, I had a lot of foreign debt at home. At that time, my brother had just risen three.

My grades of middle school entrance examinations can be used to make ordinary high schools, but I told my adoptive mother that I don’t want to study anymore.

The adoptive mother saw my mind, holding me crying and saying that they were sorry for me.

The adoptive mother said that day, when I was young, I asked me to have two people, one of them, and one in the city. I heard that there were no children.

At that time, my biological parents felt that no children would regenerate. I was afraid that it would be bad to me when I was so bad, so I gave me.

Listening to the mother -in -law said that the family without a child later adopted a boy, and then they found the famous doctors and did not give birth to their children.

So all the family’s love gave the adopted boy.

What adopted my mother said was that if I used to be in the past, I wouldn’t even learn it later.

I cried and said, that’s not her fault.

Later, I studied at the health school near home for several years.

After graduating from the health school, the adoptive father found someone to put me in a private hospital in the city as a nurse.

When I started to be a nurse, my brother was already able to make money by himself.

Our family was for the younger brother alone, and the days were suddenly easier.

Three years later, the foreign debt at home finally paid off.

My little brother has grown up a lot.

Because adoptive parents insist on taking him to see a doctor to recover, he is lucky to be a child palsy child. He can already eat and go to the toilet himself.

Seeing that the day was getting better day by day, I dared to talk to my adoptive parents that I wanted to resign from the hospital.

Raising my parents looked at me in surprise and asked why.

In the eyes of many parents, the most suitable job for girls is nothing more than teachers, nurses and doctors.

The adoptive parents felt that I was crazy before he would quit such a decent and stable job.

I said that I don’t like to be nurses at all. Since my department, I can always see some blurred scenes of flesh and blood.

Sometimes I get scared to sleep well for several days.

And it ’s really exhausted physically and mentally.

Most of the injured patients have a bad temper, and they will call for the nurse everywhere.

If you encounter unknown family members, you will be called like a servant.

The adoptive father was denied in one bite.

But the adoptive mother thought about it for a long time, and she wouldn’t do it if she didn’t want to do it.

With the support of the adoptive mother, I dared to resign from the hospital.

After resigning, I entered a beauty salon.

The interval is like separating the mountain, so everything must come again.

Fortunately, I was only 22 years old that year.

After finding a new job, I rented a house near the company.

The adoptive father did not agree with me alone to rent a house alone, and felt unsafe.

But the adoptive mother said that when the child is old, he will control it.

After get off work, I finally have an independent space. I can do what I want to do. I have been happy for several days.

The adoptive mother took my brother to look at me across the three forks, bringing me some delicious, and care about my new job.

Sometimes she talks a lot.

I feel a little noisy, but I feel very warm.

Sometimes she sitting in front of the window and watching said nothing.

After a while, she said that her most regrettable thing was that I did not let me go to high school and go to college.

This incident has always been the heart of her adopted mother, and she always feels that she delays me.

But in fact, this is life.

So every time I comfort her, even if I go to high school, I may not be able to go to college.

She would sigh while wiping tears.

In the second year of working in the beauty salon, I met Sister Wang.

She is actually about the same age as my adoptive mother, but she will maintain and dress up, so she looks much younger than my adopted mother.

Once she finished the maintenance, I just happened to get off work. After chatting a few words, I found out that we turned out to be neighbors.

It was just that she had been outside, so I haven’t seen it for two years.

Sister Wang is a particularly enthusiastic person. Since we know, she has brought me her homemade snack cake.

Once I came to see me, I just caught up with Sister Wang to give me cake.

At first sight, the two people left contact information when they were separated.

Later, every time my adoptive mother came to see me, Sister Wang took the lead than me.

In the third year I was working in the beauty salon, my relationship with Wang and I was very good. She also introduced me to many customers.

One day in June 2020, Sister Wang said that he would invite me to dinner.

I smiled and said that eating at home, why go outside.

It turned out that she knew it, and she also invited others.

It turned out that Sister Wang wanted to introduce me to me. What can I think, the boys in front of them are a little familiar.

I turned around several times before thinking that the boys in front of me were not others, and it was the son of Sister Wang.

After Sister Wang and her ex -husband divorced, her son Liu Ziqian lived with his ex -husband.

Sister Wang mentioned her son more than once.

Maybe it is because I have listened to Sister Wang too many times.

So Liu Ziqian and I were not too restrained, and the atmosphere was easy.

Liu Ziqian is a humble guy. He is very knowledgeable and talks about everything.

After a meal, I was particularly impressed by Liu Ziqian.

But I have never thought about falling in love.

After all, I graduated from 211, and my highest academic degree is a health school.

I heard Sister Wang said that Liu Ziqian was doing the financial industry. In 2018, she made more than one million.

And when I was the most month, I made 10,000 yuan.

Why is it too big than the gap between two people?

If you have a big belly, you eat and eat.

I have never thought that I can catch the golden turtle.

So even if I exchanged contact information with Liu Ziqian, I didn’t rush to talk to each other.

Sister Wang is a clever person who probably saw my mind, so there was no strong match.

It’s just that the snacks are occasionally let Liu Ziqian come.

Every time I look for education, I would be polite to stay with Liu Ziqian for a while.

But every time Liu Ziqian would sit politely for a long time, it wasn’t until I made an excuse that he had something to do before leaving.

In August 2020, Liu Ziqian had stayed in the small city for two months.

I asked him if he didn’t need to go to work.

He said lonely saying that there was a problem in his work, and he wanted to rest for the time being.

As an outsider, I do n’t ask much, so I said, or take a break.

Liu Ziqian was smiled by my perfunctory answer.

On August 15, 2020, the beauty salon opened a branch, and I went out at 8 am until 10 o’clock in the evening before returning home.

The feet of high heels were somewhat a little numb after wearing a heels.

When I got home, I just wanted to take a bath and sleep.

That night I slept very deeply and slept until 12 noon.

I went to take a bath to the mobile phone that has been exhausted.

I entertain myself in the bathroom, and the sound of the sound of the flowing water and the sound of the sound of the sound leads to me that I did not hear someone knocking on the door at all.

Just when I took off my clothes to prepare water, my door was hit.

Then I heard Liu Ziqian’s anxious cry.

I wrapped the bath towel out of the bathroom and looked at the bad door and the anxious Liu Ziqian’s face.

Liu Ziqian looked at me eagerly and asked me how to shut down the phone.

When he knew that I hadn’t laughed at noon, the phone hadn’t turned on.

I dressed up with Liu Ziqian and reluctantly settled the bad door.

When I was still thinking about explaining with the landlord, I just felt dark.

Then there is a heavy kiss.

Liu Ziqian’s kiss was a little overbearing, and after a while, I felt a little bit difficult to breathe.

I pushed him a few times and pushed him a few times before he stopped.

That day, Liu Ziqian said that Sister Wang asked him to give me food. As a result, he came over to knock on the door and found that there was no sound inside.

Then he called and found that he turned off.

Later, he called his mother to ask the beauty salon to call the beauty salon, but it turned out that I knew I took a vacation today.

He began to panic at that time.

He knocked on the door over and over again, just calling me, but no one responded.

He remembered that the news of a lone girl who saw a lone girl on her mobile phone was even more panicked.

He also took the tool to hit the door.

Fortunately, the landlord’s door was not strong, and he hit it twice.

When Liu Ziqian said these words, he couldn’t move on the wall, and his breath seemed to spray it on my face.

It’s like a small stick knocking on my atrium.

I was so shy that I blushed, but he just didn’t want to get up.

He said that he was not assured that I was my boyfriend.

My consciousness is already a little scattered, no matter what he said, I nodded.

In this way, I was Liu Ziqian’s girlfriend in extremely shy conditions.

It was later that I was still very shy that day.


After Liu Ziqian and I were together, he resigned from Shanghai’s job to start a business.

In fact, I disagree, after all, the income of the small city is not a star.

But Liu Ziqian said that in fact, he was already optimistic about the project before he was with me.

He also said that the competitive pressure in Shanghai was very tired. In fact, he had long been tired, but at that time, he could only persist without new goals.

I looked at Liu Ziqian as a look of concern to ask him if he said so to comfort me.

Liu Ziqian said with a smile, man Han Zhi in the Quartet, who said that only in big cities can live a lifetime.

He seriously said that everyone’s ambitions are different. He really likes the life of a small city.

I didn’t believe it before, but two years have passed, I believe it.

Liu Ziqian’s days in the small city are really leisurely. When they are at work, they are busy with work. When they do n’t work, they take my little brother to the mountains to play.

He did not climb the tree when he was a child, but now he learned to climb the tree.

Sister Wang, oh no, now it is Aunt Wang.

I have been happier every day since my son returns.

Under her leadership, my mother also learned to apply a mask for beauty.

After graduating from my brother, I went home for a civil servant after a few years outside after graduating.

Like Liu Ziqian, he prefers the life of a small city.

Now our family often gather together to eat and chat.

Sometimes I feel that the luck and misfortunes of life are really hard to say.

When I was a kid, I always felt that I was so unfortunate. Other people’s children were good. Why did I abandon?

Although adoptive parents were not bad to me, they were adopted by them after notes.

So when I get along with them, I will still be careful.

Later, it became big, had a lot of good relationship with parents. There were fewer mustard in my heart. As a result, I had a brother with cerebral palsy. At that time, I felt that I owed my parents, so I should make sacrifice.

It is still a bit sad when sacrificing.


This is also a kind of misfortune.

But who can know that later I would meet Liu Ziqian and Aunt Wang.

They are really nice to me.

Every New Year’s Eve, Aunt Wang will always buy a red envelope for jewelry.

And Liu Ziqian was often angry at this. He said that his mother always grabbed him in front of him, and he did not accept it.

So every festival he always gives me double gifts.

This year’s Valentine’s Day, Aunt Wang bought me a pair of pearl earrings, and Liu Ziqian bought me a whole set of gold jewelry and gave me a large bouquet of roses.

Now I feel how lucky I can meet the adoptive father, brother, brother, and aunt Liu Ziqian Wang.

In June this year, Liu Ziqian and I were going to have a wedding.

In fact, Liu Ziqian and I have received a certificate long ago, but it is always delayed for various reasons.

This year can finally do this.

Aunt Wang said that when she gave me a big red envelope at the wedding, I could change my mouth to be called her mother.

I smiled and said hello.

Although I am a daughter, my adoptive father and adoptive mother still prepared a lot of dowry for me.

But my brother has to look at the doctor. I didn’t accept those money.

What do I want so much money? With them, it is my greatest luck.

The stars are bright, and the future can be expected. The future will not necessarily go smoothly in the future, but it will not be as confused and at a loss as before.

I will respect my adoptive parents well, and I will run my little home well.

I think we will be happier and happier.

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