I was pregnant with Dasao at the same time, and my mother -in -law secretly gave me a tonic soup, and I cried when I heard that she had a conversation with Dasao.

After marrying my husband for a year, I finally had the good news of my baby.At the same time, Dasao also announced his pregnancy.It stands to reason that this should be the moment of double happiness, but I always feel that the joy of my husband and family has given Dasao, and I seem to have become a burden.

After Dasao was pregnant, her mother -in -law came to take care of her every day and gave her nutritional meals and soup.I couldn’t even see my personal shadow, and I took care of my own life.Although I am dissatisfied, I also understand that Dasao is the only daughter of her husband’s house.

One day, my mother -in -law secretly came to my house, holding a bowl of hot soup.She said that it was for me to make up for me, and let me drink a bowl every day.After I was shocked, I felt warm in my heart. It turned out that my mother -in -law still cared about me, but the way of expression was not very straightforward.I drank the soup made by my mother -in -law, and I felt that the taste was extremely beautiful. At that moment, I felt that my mother -in -law was my closest person.

A few days later, I accidentally heard the conversation between my mother -in -law and the grandmother.My mother -in -law said that the soup that I gave me that day was boiled for the elder sister. She just felt that I didn’t look nutritious and gave me a bowl.Dasao said, "Mom, you shouldn’t give her, she wants you to hurt her." These words made me feel chilling. It turned out that Dasao had been designing me in the framework, so that her mother -in -law would not take care of me.

I was crying in the room and felt so pitiful. I couldn’t even have the love of my in -laws. I was always waiting for the feelings I should get.I started missing my mother who gave birth to me. If she was still there, I would definitely hold me in my arms until I was full of joy.

Just when I was desolate, my mother -in -law came to knock on the door. She saw me crying and hurriedly asked what happened.I told her what I saw just now, but my mother -in -law also cried with me.She hugged me tightly and said, "My good child, you must believe that your mother -in -law hurts you the most. The words just now are the aunt for a moment, and I don’t want to ignore your feelings. Our family will treat you equally, you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and youChildren are our favorite people … "

The plums of my mother -in -law twice made me feel like I was lucky.It turned out that in this world, someone still chose to give me unconditional love.My mother -in -law asked me to feel the power of motherly love again, and felt the inclusion given by my family, which made me feel at ease and look forward to my baby’s arrival.

My mother -in -law’s hug dispersed all the haze and made me regain the warmth of my family.I know that as long as my mother -in -law is there, I am the happiest person in this family.This move will not forget for a lifetime.The power of the family, the baby was born quickly, and was a healthy male baby.My husband and mother -in -law are very happy. What makes me feel more comfortable is that my mother -in -law is equal to our children, and there is no difference from the children of the grandmother.

Baby nursery is a physical work, and I and my sister -in -law often help each other.On one occasion, the child took care of my child and asked me to sleep for a while.When I woke up, I saw Dasao hugging my child and humming the ballad. It looked like a very invested, and my heart couldn’t help but softened.

That night, Dasao came to my room to talk to me. She said that she has always been envious of my VIDA balance, has her favorite job, and gets the love of the whole family.She felt that her mother -in -law looked at both of us, but she just expressed different ways.She hopes that our sisters can talk deeper and become the best partner in life.

When I heard the words of Dasao, I felt like she had changed.It turned out that in her heart, I always possess her position.We decided to let go of prejudice and start again, to be the best audience and partner in life.Since that day, we have truly become a good sister who is talking about, spend many major events together, and raise children to grow up together.

My mother -in -law looked at our transformation happily, and she said that this was the situation she wanted to see most.It turned out that in her heart, we have always been the two most important girls. She just hopes that we can understand each other and spend the ups and downs of life.My mother -in -law asked us to learn tolerance and learn to choose understanding. This is her best gift to us.

Sometimes happiness is between thinking.I chose to open my heart, and the closest person was always around.Dasao taught me to be a more Soft person, and the moisture of my mother -in -law made me harvest all the joy and sorrow of life in my life.At the moment of choosing tolerance at each other, I know that I already have the most complete relying on happiness.

Choose to understand that there is sunlight in life.I have the best mother -in -law and sisters, and two healthy and lovely children.Who still feels that life is lonely and helpless? I have too many, and they are the best gifts for God.

Happiness is that person, choose you, choose to go with you for a lifetime.I have the most sincere family members, this is my most grateful life answer.Every encounter in my life is the most precious wealth in my life.Choose gratitude, life FQ becomes beautiful.This is my deepest experience in my life, and I also pay tribute to my most sincerity.

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