I was pregnant after four months of marriage, so I have to keep my fetus at ease?

Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruohuan seem to live in the audience’s vision from love to getting married. Now the couple in the camera have been revealed, and Tang Yixin is suspected to be pregnant.

On October 22, some media photographed Tang Yixin appeared at the Shanghai High -speed Railway Station. On the same day, she was wearing a black loose sweater, a black baseball cap, a mask and sunglasses, covering herself very strictly.

Because of the loose clothes and slightly blessed, Tang Yixin was speculated that she was pregnant.From the photos, she is indeed a bit full than before.Putting on tight pants, the legs are a little thicker than before, and they are almost the same as the assistant legs next to the assistant.

Not only that, when I got out of the station, when I arrived at the parking lot to drive away, some media took her side photo, and the abdomen rose slightly.According to the news, Tang Yixin’s actions were also very slow that day, watching the whole person lazy when he got the way.

In addition, some media pointed out that Tang Yixin’s itinerary was from Shanghai to Beijing that day. Generally, this itinerary will choose aircraft for better privacy.More stable and lower risk?

Of course, all this is just guess, but afterwards, there were people familiar with the news that Tang Yixin was not suspected of getting pregnant, but was really pregnant!

Judging from the photos of Tang Yixin’s participation some time ago, her lower abdomen seemed to be slightly protruding, and she chose a puff skirt that day, and she didn’t know if she wanted to cover her pregnant belly.But if you are really pregnant, this state is still very good.

In fact, since the two have been married, there have been rumors that the two are actively preparing for pregnancy. Now they have been married for 4 months. If they are really pregnant, it is reasonable.

Seeing such a high -value pair, if the babies they were born, what would be a high -value baby?As soon as the news came out, many netizens and fans also expressed their blessings.

On August 2, 2017, the two announced their relationship on Weibo, but this was a secret of the entertainment industry.Zhang Ruohuan said, "Time gives me to stole your lover, and you give me time", and then Ate Tang Yixin.Tang Yixin also returned to "Time is reciprocating, love you as the beginning".

This pair has experienced long -term love long -distance running, and time has achieved them, and they have gained those good times.If you ca n’t even separate a pair of lovers, then how deep and good the love of this pair is, it is self -evident.

Two years after the announcement of the relationship, on June 27 this year, they finally announced their marriage.After seven years of itching, I walked through the high mountains and troughs, and the rest was to taste ordinary happiness.

The wedding of the two in Ireland is very romantic and dreamy.After the wedding was held, the two returned to their original low -key and rarely showed affection. Even the honeymoon was encountered by others and sent it to the Internet.

On July 13, after Tang Yixin officially became his wife, he first took a group photo of himself and her husband on the social network.In the photo, Tang Yixin showed a sweet and funny smile. Zhang Ruohuan stood behind him and kissed his wife. The two looked loving and sweet.

Others said that Tang Yixin was married. Zhang Ruohuan not only loved her, but his family was also very good. His father Zhang Jian was a big director and a rich man. He had assets, status, and insiders.

However, in July of this year, some netizens broke the news that Zhang Ruo’s father, Zhang Jian’s assets, was frozen. The reason for the freezing seemed that he did not return the money borrowed from Huazer Film and Television on time because he did not return it on time, so he was sued by Huazer Film and Television, which caused the asset to freeze.

At this time, Zhang Ruohuan and Tang Yixin were actively preparing for pregnancy, and Tang Yixin also reduced a lot of work.The couple did not seem to be affected by the news, and it was still the same.

Until August 24, when Zhang Ruohuan’s 31st birthday, the agent showed photos of the birthday party on Weibo and saw that the two were so loving and happy.

A literary youth, when he met a girl who loved laughter, the two collided with sparks.Therefore, Tang Yixin is willing to rename the "art" of the hecs, and the "Xin" next to the Japanese character. Zhang Ruoxuan also tattooed "Love You as Love Life" on his body. Love you like love.

Although the two have no official declaration of pregnancy, if you are really pregnant, it is also a happy event.I hope that everyone can find such a partner, but also a lover, and a family, who understands you and will accompany you, not just because it is suitable!

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