I was beaten ten times in six months of pregnancy. I want to leave this home after giving birth to a child

Talkman: Xiaoyu

Last night, my husband pulled my hair and hit the wall madly, hitting my eyes dark, my ears were buzzing, and I lay down for more than half an hour before I slowly recovered.

This is the tenth time that I hit me for my tenth time, and it was the most severe.The reason was just because I refused to drink the coffee he bought.

After dinner, he bought two cups of coffee from the outside, one of them had to let me drink.When I got pregnant now, I couldn’t sleep when I was drinking coffee at night, so I refused to drink.

He suddenly became angry and felt that he was so good to me. He went to buy coffee for me, and I didn’t appreciate it.I refuted a few sentences, but he was beaten by him.

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The reason why I used to hit me was similar. It was a very small and detailed contradiction, and some I couldn’t remember.

Every time he finishes it, he will throw me down, and he will calm down alone.In front of the empty house, I often cried for a night. I was tired and slept, waking up and continued to cry.

I didn’t dare to tell my parents that when I was in love with my husband, they were very opposed.I am a college degree, but my husband has only a high degree of education, and his work is unstable. I have changed several. Now I have been helping what little brother is busy and do some foreign trade business.

Everyone thinks that our gap is too big, but I just want to follow him. Probably because I am Yan Kong, my husband belongs to a tall and handsome type.

At the end of last year, I was pregnant unexpectedly, and my parents had no room for opposition. The two of us hurriedly held the wedding.

Although her husband did not have much income, the conditions at home were good. Parents opened a small supermarket and had several houses.We lived to one of them.

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In fact, my father -in -law was very good to me and really treated me as my daughter, but after marriage, the inferiority of her husband was exposed.

He particularly likes to play games, playing upside down day and night, and often play in the early morning.I had a great reaction to pregnancy. He was like this. I had a bad rest at all.

He told him a few times. He took care of me and changed to playing mobile games. Sometimes he even played until 5 or 6 am, and then fell asleep. At this time, I would get up to work.

He didn’t do everything in the family. The mother -in -law paid for the clock to find the clock, and helped us clean up the house every day.My husband thinks that this money is spent, because there is me, I can cook rice to clean, and for the first time for this matter.

After the first time, I ignored him for two whole days. He knelt in front of me and asked for mercy. I later forgive him to see the child in my stomach.

Unexpectedly, he later became intensified and hit me again and again.

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I also thought about calling the police, but he was very clever when he hit me. He hits the soft tissue on me with his fist, and he can tell me proudly after he finished playing.Well, I can’t do this.

Therefore, his injuries were not obvious. I was afraid of calling the police and the police couldn’t control it.

However, I told my mother -in -law that my mother -in -law advised me for a long time and only said that let me go out and she would persuade her son.However, it is useless at all, and her husband keeps her husband kept at all.

I also know that my family is ugly, and I have nowhere to go.But I think it is good. When the child is born, I will leave this purgatory, not that I throw away my child. If I stay with my husband again, I am afraid that one day, I will jump off the building with the child.

As for the child, I believe that the in -laws will raise her, so be without my cowardly and incompetent mother!

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