I was 45 years old and accidentally conceived my neighbor’s child. My husband recognized the truth?

I am pregnant.

The news spread on my 45th birthday.

I was sitting in the middle of the living room, holding my waist in one hand, and looking at the candle on the table blankly.

That night, I just felt that my body was a little strange, with a bad appetite and exhausted.I think this should be a precursor to menstruation.

But when I saw two bars in the test strip in the toilet, I was still stupid.

How can I get pregnant?My husband and I have been married for 20 years, and I never thought about regenerating a child.Moreover, I am a 45 -year -old woman!This child is mine, or is it–

I don’t have the courage to want to go on.

It wasn’t until my neighbor, a single man who had a good temper, and waited for me in front of my house to let me face reality.

I dare not tell my husband, dare not tell anyone, so I have to talk to this neighbor.

I told him that I was pregnant, and this child is likely to be him.

He froze for a while, then grabbed my hand and said, "Then this child is us. We can raise him together."

I don’t know how to answer him, so I have to listen to him quietly.

He told me that he never thought about getting married or had a child.However, when he knew that I was pregnant, he felt that the child was a part of his life, and he should be responsible for him.

I only felt that this neighbor was really kind.But I also know that he and my husband are absolutely impossible to get along well.Moreover, once my husband knows the truth, he will be very angry.

Sure enough, when I told my husband, his response far exceeded my expectations.

He yelled at me and even slapped me.He said that my unknown woman dared to go to bed with other men.He said that he never wanted to see me anymore, and let me roll out his sight.

I felt at the time that my marriage and me ended.

However, my neighbors did not leave me.He accompanied me to the hospital, bought pregnant women’s supplies, cooks me, and scrubbed my back.

He said, his child, he must protect it.In any case, he will not let me bear this responsibility alone.

And I started to enjoy this feeling of being loved slowly like a pregnant woman.Between my neighbors and I began to have deeper communication and tacit understanding.

In this way, we greeted the child’s birth together.

I know that my husband has signed in the office of the divorce lawyer.My life has undergone tremendous changes.

However, with my neighbors, I feel a kind of happiness and satisfaction that I have never had before.

This may not be a moral and correct thing, but I believe that life is to live free and happy.

This is my story and my real experience.I do n’t know. For readers, this ending is suitable, but what I want to say is that even if we face a huge turning point on life, we should work hard to discover our happiness.

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