I want to give birth to pregnancy, my boyfriend said that marriage and child are very far away for him, asking me to kill

My boyfriend is younger than me.I am now 26, he 22.I am studying in the United States (graduated in May this year), and he is studying in the West.We met the summer school before.I fell in love with him at first sight, but the three little girls in the class liked him at the time, and my big sister could only secretly look at him silently.Unexpectedly, one day he took the initiative to add my WeChat, asked me to watch a movie, and then we got better that day.

At that time, I was so insecure about this relationship. I thought that the two of the summer schools may be inlaid.However, after returning to the United States, no matter how busy he was, he flew at least once a month. He had no class on Monday and Friday, so he went back on Friday to Monday.Thanksgiving time for spring vacation is different, sometimes I go to him, sometimes he come to see me; we also travel together for Christmas summer vacation.We have been together for two years.Although it is a long -distance relationship, I really feel happy.I think I will get a certificate next year. After telling him my thoughts, he said that he was unwilling to end so early, saying that marriage and child are very far away for him.

He had said before he finished his research.But then I was 29 at that time, and I had to have a child at the age of 30.Speaking of children, I am really sad.Last time I was pregnant, he flew over with me, and he must be killed.I want to be born, he must be killed.I cried for several days.My parents are now opposed to us.They knew that I was very unhappy with a boyfriend who was smaller than myself. They knew that the fetus knew that I wanted me to wait until the age of 29. They were mad.My parents think that my boyfriend does not want to stay with me for a long time. He feels that he does not cherish me consumption of me.

His parents learned that he found one of the one that was so much larger than him two years ago, and he also strongly opposed it (they have never seen me), saying that he wants to break his living expenses (say so, has not been broken …)He broke up with me.He was a little afraid of his parents, and he did not talk about this question every time he talked to his parents.When I was with him, I really felt so happy (my girlfriend said I was stupid).But when he fell to get married, he was too heartbroken when he was married.1 .If he really wants to marry me, he has to end early and late. Why should he wait so long? Is he really wanting to pick like my parents said?2 .Isn’t my sister love really good?I can persuade my parents to accept here, but how can I pass his parents?

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