I want to divorce when my husband derailed, but found that he was pregnant (it’s over)

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The day of the pet show was the weekend. My husband asked me in the morning, what arrangements are there today.

I wrote a job email at the computer blandly.

"Wait for the younger brother to go out."

"School brother?"

"Huh? Didn’t I tell you before? Today, my school brother asked me to watch the pet exhibition together."

I looked up and looked at my husband ignorant.

"Ah! I really haven’t told you? God, my husband, I actually forgot you, then I won’t go, I will accompany you at home, where do you want to play today?"

My cute husband was anxious and said busy.

"No need, I don’t want to go today, I want to play the game at home. You go to see your pet show and play with it."

I laughed, and my eyes flashed.

Today is the big scene of rape in bed. I will definitely play very happily.

At 11 noon, Li Qiang, the green, met at the door of the community. The happier Li Qiang smiled, the more environmentally friendly I saw his head.

His car just drove out 2 kilometers, and I suddenly called.

"Ah Li Qiang, have you brought the charging treasure?"

Li Qiang glanced at me.

"My sister, you can really dare to come out of 1% of the electricity!"

"I’m sorry, please go back, I’ll get the charging treasure."

The car just turned around, and I cried again.

"Li Qiang, look at my head, I didn’t bring my key. My husband went overtime today. Do you have a charging treasure in your family? You borrow me one."

Li Qiang jumped into the pit that I dug.

I watched the scenery outside the window, covering my chest, where it was 咚, and it was as encouraged as thunder.

I told my heart that you are already a mature little heart. The beating amplitude is normal. Don’t jump out. I am afraid there will be more exciting pictures.

Li Qiang’s car slowly slid down his unit building garage, the elevator opened the door bite, and the hinge rolled up, making the rumbling sound of fate gears friction.

Many years later, I can still remember every detail of this day.

How did Li Qiang insert the keyhole into the lock, rotating, entering the door, and harsh screams erupted in the room.

At this moment, I followed Li Qiang into the house with my back, and I poured out a strong disgusting feeling.

The dog girl Xiaoli lay on there, and her husband didn’t dare to move on her.

My husband looked at me for a long time. For a long time, he got up as quickly as he was scalded, hid behind the sofa, and pulled me away while wearing clothes.

"Go out, go out, let’s go home and say."

Seriously, before I saw this scene, I was a little fantasy, but when life was really torn away by my own hands, and the blood was dripping down in the place, which made me dazzling. I want to scream.Beat!

A slap was thrown on her husband’s face fiercely.


I’m like a desperate mother beast, my roar is crying.

At this time, I believed a little about blood relationships. Why?

Because I lost my mind, I looked like my drunk dad.

After my husband pulled me out of the house, I held the wall and knelt down to vomit. When I vomited all the yellow water, when my husband and Li Qiang were carried and sent to the hospital, I prayed desperately.Eating a bad belly …

But fate really gave me a huge, big, no, comparison, joke.

Damn, I was pregnant at this time.


Her husband knelt on the ground, leaning on the bed, he kept taking his head to the bed frame, and I was vomiting.

I glanced at him in vain.

When my husband saw me turned his head, just like the lottery, the dog raised his head.

"Pingping, have you forgive me?"

"You fart," I started scolding swearing, "You are not worthy."

"and you……"

"I told you not to shake me, I want to vomit!"

"oh oh."

Her husband lowered her head again and continued to kneel in the posture standard. My mother -in -law glanced at me, and her expression was a little difficult, but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

What about this, I understand, after all, it is my son, the flesh on the tip of my heart.

No matter how wrong the son has made, it can be forgiven. After all, the daughter -in -law is an outsider. I do n’t look at the monk to look at the Buddha?


I don’t watch it at all!

I have worked hard for so many years, so it is easy to climb to a position that will not be ridiculed. I am better than all of your brains, but have you respect my wisdom?God’s fucking irony, if I didn’t conceive, my husband would kneel?Will it seem to know "he’s wrong"?

I am ah!

He was not admitting his mistake, he bowed his head to the uterus!

I lived in the courtyard for 2 days because of the fetal movement, and I swear that this is the most people in my life in my life.I move, my husband is afraid of me tired, I sleep, my husband is afraid of me.

The whole family operates with my belly as the core. I think the post -uterus simply renamed the sun.

In order to let me get angry, my mother -in -law conducted a series of funerals and humiliated countries, and she was asking for mercy.

First, in front of me, she pumped her husband two with a ruler weightlifting, and asked her husband to write a thousand -character review letter to ensure that the future thought was united around me as the center.

Second, the four -ring house is transferred to me.

Third, when the child is born, I will go to work when I want to play. I want to play what I want to play.

I was still lying on the bed, with a hanging needle in my arms, showing a pale laughed, and I went back with my mother -in -law one by one.

It is estimated that her mother -in -law did not expect that the tongue of a pregnant woman who died halfway on the bed actually made a sharp teeth like a light, making the atmosphere embarrassed for a while.

I said.

"First, the derailment is only for the first time and countless times. What can I do if he really derailed the second time? Do I hold the guarantee posted on his forehead? Let me believe that he doesn’t believe himStealing, unless he chemically castrated, "I looked at my husband," Are you willing to chemically castrate? "

"Second, I don’t want a house, mother -in -law, this is a nonsense. Don’t take millions of things to buy this disgusting in my heart. He is not worthy. I don’t match your insult."

"Third, if there is a child, that is also my own, because this is my child, not yours."

After the three are finished, her husband didn’t breathe, and no one dared to breathe. Everyone looked at the hospital’s floor sincerely, as if she drew a treasure map on her head.

Husband called my mother to persuade me.

This is even more humorous

My mother wants to depend on my protection. What can she do to convince me?In a few words, mom went out with tears.

Faced to the door, the husband who looked forward to shook his head.

"The flat mouth is too poisonous, I say a word back ten words. Don’t be embarrassed, you two couples, you think about it, anyway, you remember that you live up to Pingping.You have to suffer much gas. "

I held my stomach and looked out the window every day, with a face tolerance and humiliation. My husband asked me what he wanted to do, and I didn’t speak, but just crying silently and seemed to have depression.

Such a spiritual torture, almost going to the husband’s grass building.

I know that they have done this, and they ca n’t make it. Life still has to continue.

After all, children are innocent.

I and I talked back to the home of the Sihuan. I sleeping in the bedroom and sleeping in the bedroom, each of the sky.

Slowly, we will also take a walk in the community trail, walking before and after, there is no word, as if we are the most familiar strangers.

The only sense we are together is to not let the children face a broken family as soon as they are born.

Seriously, I run a lifetime, ruthless to myself, and to the people around me. I did not expect that in the end I was defeated on this small embryo.

I put down all pride and willing to be a little slave in TA. I want to tie the earth on the ribbon and send it to my little cute.

After TA moved, I was so excited and happy. I walked around at home to call and told my mother the whole situation of the baby in my belly.

And the husband was talking beside him. He raised his head occasionally, and wanted to insert a word cheerfully. I immediately brushed like a curtain -sinking my face, hanging up the phone, bypassing him, walking into his ownbedroom.

The air seemed to be transmitted from Antarctic.

To tell the truth, I don’t know what I am angry.

Later, calm down and think about it, it is probably an unclean feeling.

For example, it is like digging someone else’s nose with your own hands.

The dog girl Xiaoli and my green schoolmate broke up long ago, and the schoolmate moved out the night when she was in bed.

However, Xiaoli is very strong and insists on paying more than 8,000 rent per month, but she refuses to move away from our community.

The cost of this wild little three is really high.

Occasionally, we will encounter when walking.

Meeting on the narrow road, Xiaoli looked at me expressionlessly, with an inexplicable Buddha nature.She held her loyal dog Labrado, and a big black dog of more than a hundred pounds was still scary. I don’t know what she was thinking. Will the dog bite me in the next second?

I didn’t think much about it, and felt that she would move away if she couldn’t afford the rent.

During this time, my stomach was larger. My husband was a good man, and he did not pull me to accompany me once. Every day, I thought about the method to toss the new dish for me.

Maybe, if he persists for a while, time will dilute everything, and I will forget something that happened along the way.Like all ordinary women, I will use "people without people" to persuade myself.


My husband and I have set up each other’s avatars as unlocking code.

After derailment, I checked my husband’s mobile phone many times, clean, and there was no record of chat.

That day he went to take a shower. I was watching TV, and when I rang the phone, I didn’t care.

But the information came in crackling, Ding Ding Ding seemed to be exploded at the same time at the same time, isn’t it for me to watch?

I can watch it.

I am happy at first glance, what’s the matter, why did my hand dig into someone else’s nostril again?IntersectionIntersection

The dog girl Xiaoli obviously changed her account, but she didn’t have any eggs. Her greasy crooked appearance could show her breath.

——Is, I miss you;

——Ind the baby today with a horrible woman to talk to you?I feel sorry for you;

——In listening to what the horrible woman does, I am so scared.


Drum, my husband is a bit clever, and now I will delete the chat history. No wonder I can’t catch his handle.

Okay, the derailed iron certificate is sent to the door, and the divorce division property can be used.

I took a screenshot of the chat history, sent it to myself, and then learned him, deleted things, and got up and walked back to my bedroom.

That night, I was as deep as the sea, and I listened to the cicada on the tree, and I didn’t know why it was choking.

I took a deep breath and said to myself.

"Even if everyone lies you, you can’t give up yourself. In this life, people are always worth it."

I touched my bigger and bigger belly, told TA, sorry, the baby, the mother worked hard, but you still have to face a broken home.

My husband does not learn well, then I will teach him how to be a person.

A paper was anonymous to her husband partner. The partner was furious after checking the account. He ordered his husband to come out in 3 days and punished him for another 1 million as a compensation for him to engage in illegal activities.

Otherwise, he will sue him for fake accounts. It is not a dream for ten or eight years.

My husband asked me to ask me for money, and I blinked and said.

"I have forgotten to invest in immigration, my husband, since you derailed, I don’t care about anything, my family is gone, and what else do you want to immigrate."

Husband was shocked, and his expression had a premonition of calculation.

"You call, how much can 6 million be recovered?"

I took out the preparations in advance, and a black intermediary phone that had been banned was called. Someone would pick up a ghost.

Then he looked at him innocently.

"It seems that people are running."

This time, my husband was really scared, and wanted to scold me again, and dare not move.

"— Pingping, tell me honestly, what’s going on. You have lived savvy and calculated in your life. How can you give 6 million to others?"

"——It take out the money, I won’t care about you."

"— Otherwise, I will go in, you are not finished."

He looked at me and leaned towards me step by step. His eyes were two deep holes in black, and I couldn’t see emotions.

I subconsciously covered my stomach and retreated, and I felt that I seemed to be wrong. Like the glutinous rice dumplings, my husband, how could I be fierce to me …

Between the electric light, I understand.

Dog Girl Xiaoli’s provocation.

I don’t know how many times I cried and how many times. At this moment, I closed my eyes again, feeling that my eyes had a familiar soreness, my nose was soaked by tears, which was a bit of pain.

I bite my lips fiercely to prevent tears from falling.

I suddenly opened the door and ran out of the corridor. Without the elevator, I jumped and ran down the stairs.

I want to leave here, I can’t be with such a man.

Nihong is not mine at all.

I am afraid.

In front of me is the familiar trail in the community, and behind my husband Jiao anxiously calls me back.

Suddenly I saw that there were two green eyes at the end of the trail. Mu Ran looked at me. Xiaoli held her loyal dog Labrador and stood in the moonlight.

An unknown hunch instantly took the whole heart, and I fled back when I pulled my legs.

But my belly was too heavy, and the balance was not good at running.

Just when I was stuck by a protruding stone, and my legs were soft, Labrador also rushed from behind me to knock my whole person to the ground.

I was hit by this 100 -pound giant dog, facing down, back facing up, and my stomach hit the cold gravel ground fiercely.The big dog’s palm stepped on my hair, and a stinky heat was sprayed out of the beast’s mouth …

Just blow on my ears.


Her husband screamed, rushed over to drive the dog, and yelled at Xiaoli.

Xiaoli cried, Xiaoli said it was her deliberate anger.

Fortunately, there is something in the world called monitoring. With that roll of rolls, I successfully sent her to prison, sued her to destroy the family, and used the dog to hurt my personal safety, which made her sit for five years.

I heard that Xiao San was inside, and would not get any kindness, I wish her good luck.


Is there a winner in the story of my ex -husband?


Real estate intermediary company.

You can earn 2 points of intermediary fees in and out of a house. The agent guy who helped me sell the house made a year’s salary in one order. I admire him quite.

When I was delivered, I came to the fourth ring, my former home.

I touched the nail holes on the wall, thinking -oh, there used to be our wedding photos here;

There is a hole in the cave;

Oh, we assembled IKEA furniture together that year. The ex -husband accidentally smashed the hammer on the wall that I was brushed by my new fans. The distress was so distressed … I thought this pit was 50 yuan.

As a result, the pit was still there, but the distress was gone.

When did people become hard cocoons, not touching memories, and tolerance for pain habits?

I thought for a long time, and I didn’t want to understand what the truth was.

Life is still continuing and still coming out.Despite my tricks, I am not afraid.

As for the 6 million, I don’t want to get dirty anyway, I do n’t want to be dirty, so I will negotiate directly with Huye. If you want to get 6 million, take it out

4 million exchange with me.He was helpless about my face, or it may be because I was pregnant with his young three, or I felt that 4 million was changed to 6 million and didn’t lose.

Holding his parents’ 4 million to replace a account password.

As for the 2 million of that more, he might think he made it at first, but how could that be?On the divorce lawsuit, his wife who is about to work and is almost killed by her husband’s little three is almost killed. What will the judge think of the derailed and golden husband?

Leather Bao Company was scattered, and he was fired by his parent company. If I was good, I became a infamous liar in the industry. They were mixed in the industry, and no one dared to hire him anymore.

Hu Ti dare not confess to my parents so far. What role I played in 6 million, otherwise I would involve that night, Xiaoli put a dog bite me, and I almost died of blood.

He held the only hundreds of thousands of stocks left in his hand to turn over, and he happened to encounter a monopoly mechanism. The stock market played from 6000 points to 2,000 points. His leverage warehouse was flatter than the aircraft runway.

Some stools, he eats himself, deserves it.

But, if you ask me to love nonsense?Of course I love.

But love and marriage are different. Love is innocent, loves fearless, loves fresh, loves enthusiastically.Marriage is the merger of the company, giving two shareholders’ sense of security.

What I want was a solid chest that I told me that with him, I want to tell me a pair of capable hands, a lot of money.

Later, I returned to my hometown alone with my son alone.

Of course, with 10 million selling houses, and 2 million that should have belonged to "I".

The woman who brought her son with her son was a group of idle people who wanted to come and she wanted to mess with. Are you worried about me?But no!

Wow, what made me look at is that the atmosphere of my hometown has opened up.This year, the divorce does not matter at all, not to mention that I am still a little rich woman who is worthless and less than 30 years old.

In order to settle down, I bought 3 houses on the side of the river, thinking about 1 settlement and 2 rents.

As a result, the real estate rotation effect took our housing prices of our third -tier town all the way. I originally wanted to spend 3 million, and the result made me earn 3 million.

Why is this truth, I thought for a long time, and I didn’t want to understand.

I watched my son’s white pink face in the bright spring, and hugged him cheerfully, teased him in the large flat layer of Jiang Jing, and watched the free flying birds in the distance.

When my son laughed, he shed a lot of saliva, but I was willing to be his old mother, but I was so happy.

Probably you are my little wealth god, little lucky, and happy fruit?

Everything is good in my hometown, but the air is not good.

This is my only pain point.

Thinking of the millions of hometown fathers, I still breathe the smell of stinky eggs every day, I felt that I should do something.


The air purifier of the domestic first brand originated in my hometown.

The purpose of my first air purifier is very simple, that is, I want everyone to use cheap, good quality, and air purifiers.

Now that I can’t change the environment, let the fellow villagers try to breathe a bit as much as possible in their small home.

I hired my childhood playmates to work in the factory. I told them that my company recruited people and did not look at their academic qualifications nor experienced experience. If you do it, you will come.

If you can talk, then do sales, and every one I give 100 commissions.

If you don’t like to talk like me, go to the pipeline in the factory, work for eight hours a day, and give an hour of overtime salary over an hour.

I do n’t go public, and I do n’t play marketing. I have counted for a lifetime, and I have been tired of those flowers.

In fact, life is a constant process.This disappears, and this profit will lose.

If you calculate, you will always be calculated, or be brave and strong, work down and down.

In this case, everyone I encountered made me down -to -earth, and every penny I earned was spent.

When I went to Geneva for a product promotion conference, in a small corner of the stage, I seemed to see my ex -husband.

The ex -husband made a photographer reporter. He brought big black -frame glasses and his hair was half white.I thought it was a booing, and it was clear that I had no thirty as me, and it had already revealed a look of mulberry.

I almost didn’t recognize him.

I have put down the past grievances and walked down to talk to him happily.

The reporters next to them were startled, thinking how the female entrepreneur would know a downfall photographer.

I don’t care what others think at all. I sat on a half -person tall speaker, and the two feet under the skirt dangled, gossiping with him.

Just as when we were still in college, I was used to waiting for him at the stone pier at the door of the student union.He would invite me to drink milk tea, and I would thanks him to him.

At that time, he loved to talk about the sky. I love to laugh.

Half -life camp service, the position is replaced. Now I am struggling for the country on the stage. He shoots my heroic posture on the stage.

Can you say, can you understand life?

When he was young, people were always pursuing shortcuts in life, hoping to find a way that could fight less for decades.

But I ca n’t find anyway. I ca n’t find my 98% elite than 98% of the people in the country. If you can find it, please do n’t tell me.

I met and I was satisfied.

After my ex -husband and I had a good -looking son, I left.

It is impossible for a person to step into the same river twice.

I only hope that later young people can cherish the people in front of them, life cannot look back, and cross the rest of their lives with sincerity.


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